Proxy voting and parental absence Contents

4Implementation and review

90.The implementation of proxy voting will require a number of Standing Order changes. Our recommended draft of these changes is annexed.54 We recommend that changes to Standing Orders be put to the House for decision at the same time as this report is debated.

91.A proposed scheme for the detailed operation of the proxy voting system is annexed to this report.55 Should the House agree with our Report, and agree to make the necessary changes to Standing Orders, we recommend that the scheme be brought into force with immediate effect, to operate under the Speaker’s authority.56 Changes to the scheme ought to be agreed by the House.

92.We recognise that there is pressure in the House for an early decision. We therefore intend to review any arrangements introduced and to report on them within 12 months of their introduction.

54 Annex 1

55 Annex 2

56 A draft resolution to achieve this is set out in Annex 3

Published: 15 May 2018