Department for Transport's implementation of Brexit Contents


The Department is responsible for preparing the transport system for when the UK leaves the EU (including maintaining transport connectivity between the UK and the EU). The Department’s responsibilities cover areas of vital importance to citizens and business spanning, for example, road, rail, maritime and air access routes to Europe. The Department reports on 17 EU Exit work streams (which largely overlap with 28 internal Departmental projects), out of more than 300 being delivered across government. The 17 work streams involve projects to deliver the changes required to the transport system to enable the UK’s exit from the EU. They range, for example, from managing the transport consequences of potential disruption at ports, the permit and licensing regimes that will be in force once the UK leaves the EU through to making plans for setting new car emissions targets. The Department spent £1.6 million on EU Exit work in 2016–17 and £5 million in 2017–18. It has an allocation of £75.8 million in 2018–19 and plans to spend an additional £30-£35 million on Project Brock. The Department aims to pass 66 Statutory Instruments (SIs) through Parliament by 29 March 2019, of which it regards 61 as essential. At the time we took evidence on 24 October 2018, 19 had been laid in the House.

Published: 28 November 2018