Capita’s contracts with the Ministry of Defence Contents


In 2012, the Army sought to reform its approach to recruitment. It established the Recruiting Partnering Project and committed £1.3 billion over ten years. The Project’s aim is to recruit the quantity and quality of soldiers that the Army requires each year (including officers and other ranks, regulars and reserves) and save money. As part of this, it entered into a ten year, £495 million contract with Capita Business Services Ltd (Capita) to bring in its expertise in recruitment and marketing. However, Capita has missed the Army’s annual targets for recruiting regulars and reserves every year since 2013 – with a shortfall that ranged from 21% to 45% of the Army’s recruitment requirement.. The size of the shortfall has increased over the last three years and in 2017–18 Capita recruited 7,000 fewer regular and reserve soldiers and officers than was required. It expects to be 40% below target in 2018–19. The Army originally forecast the Programme would achieve savings of £267 million by 2022 but has now reduced this to £180 million.

Published: 1 March 2019