Local Enterprise Partnerships: progress review Contents

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

All publications from the Committee are available on the publications page of the Committee’s website. The reference number of the Government’s response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2017–19

First Report

Tackling online VAT fraud and error

HC 312
(Cm 9549)

Second Report

Brexit and the future of Customs

HC 401
(Cm 9565)

Third Report

Hinkley Point C

HC 393
(Cm 9565)

Fourth Report

Clinical correspondence handling at NHS Shared Business Services

HC 396
(Cm 9575)

Fifth Report

Managing the costs of clinical negligence in hospital trusts

HC 397
(Cm 9575)

Sixth Report

The growing threat of online fraud

HC 399
(Cm 9575)

Seventh Report

Brexit and the UK border

HC 558
(Cm 9575)

Eighth Report

Mental health in prisons

HC 400
(Cm 9575)
(Cm 9596)

Ninth Report

Sheffield to Rotherham tram-trains

HC 453
(Cm 9575)

Tenth Report

High Speed 2 Annual Report and Accounts

HC 454
(Cm 9575)

Eleventh Report

Homeless households

HC 462
(Cm 9575)
(Cm 9618)

Twelfth Report

HMRC’s Performance in 2016–17

HC 456
(Cm 9596)

Thirteenth Report

NHS continuing healthcare funding

HC 455
(Cm 9596)

Fourteenth Report

Delivering Carrier Strike

HC 394
(Cm 9596)

Fifteenth Report

Offender-monitoring tags

HC 458
(Cm 9596)

Sixteenth Report

Government borrowing and the Whole of Government Accounts

HC 463
(Cm 9596)

Seventeenth Report

Retaining and developing the teaching workforce

HC 460
(Cm 9596)

Eighteenth Report

Exiting the European Union

HC 467
(Cm 9596)

Nineteenth Report

Excess Votes 2016–17

HC 806
(Cm 9596)

Twentieth Report

Update on the Thameslink Programme

HC 466
(Cm 9618)

Twenty-First Report

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s Magnox

HC 461
(Cm 9618)

Twenty-Second Report

The monitoring, inspection and funding of Learndirect Ltd.

HC 875
(Cm 9618)

Twenty-Third Report

Alternative Higher Education Providers

HC 736
(Cm 9618)

Twenty-Fourth Report

Care Quality Commission: regulating health and social care

HC 468
(Cm 9618)

Twenty-Fifth Report

The sale of the Green Investment Bank

HC 468
(Cm 9618)

Twenty-Sixth Report

Governance and departmental oversight of the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership

HC 896
(Cm 9618)

Twenty-Seventh Report

Government contracts for Community Rehabilitation Companies

HC 897
(Cm 9618)

Twenty-Eighth Report

Ministry of Defence: Acquisition and support of defence equipment

HC 724
(Cm 9618)

Twenty-Ninth Report

Sustainability and transformation in the NHS

HC 793
(Cm 9618)

Thirtieth Report

Academy schools’ finances

HC 760
(Cm 9618)

Thirty-First Report

The future of the National Lottery

HC 898
(Cm 9643)

Thirty-Second Report

Cyber-attack on the NHS

HC 787
(Cm 9643)

Thirty-Third Report

Research and Development funding across government

HC 668
(Cm 9643)

Thirty-Fourth Report

Exiting the European Union: The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

HC 687
(Cm 9643)

Thirty-Fifth Report

Rail franchising in the UK

HC 689
(Cm 9643)

Thirty-Sixth Report

Reducing modern slavery

HC 886
(Cm 9643)

Thirty-Seventh Report

Exiting the European Union: The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and the Department for International Trade

HC 699
(Cm 9643)

Thirty-Eighth Report

The adult social care workforce in England

HC 690
(Cm 9667)

Thirty-Ninth Report

The Defence Equipment Plan 2017–2027

HC 880
(Cm 9667)

Fortieth Report

Renewable Heat Incentive in Great Britain

HC 696
(Cm 9667)

Forty-First Report

Government risk assessments relating to Carillion

HC 1045
(Cm 9667)

Forty-Second Report

Modernising the Disclosure and Barring Service

HC 695
(Cm 9667)

Forty-Third Report

Clinical correspondence handling in the NHS

HC 929

(Cm 9702)

Forty-Fourth Report

Reducing emergency admissions

HC 795 (Cm 9702)

Forty-Fifth Report

The higher education market

HC 693 (Cm 9702)

Forty-Sixth Report

Private Finance Initiatives

HC 894

(Cm 9702)

Forty-Seventh Report

Delivering STEM skills for the economy

HC 691 (Cm 9702)

Forty-Eighth Report

Exiting the EU: The financial settlement

HC 973 (Cm 9702)

Forty-Ninth Report

Progress in tackling online VAT fraud

HC 1304 (Cm 9702)

Fiftieth Report

Financial sustainability of local authorities

HC 970 (Cm 9702)

Fifty-First Report

BBC commercial activities

HC 670 (Cm 9702)

Fifty-Second Report

Converting schools to academies

HC 697 (Cm 9702)

Fifty-Third Report

Ministry of Defence’s contract with Annington Property Limited

HC 974 (Cm 9702)

Fifty-Fourth Report

Visit to Washington DC

HC 1404 (Cm 9702)

Fifty-Fifth Report

Employment and Support Allowance

HC 975 (Cm 9702)

Fifty-Sixth Report

Transforming courts and tribunals

HC 976 (Cm 9702)

Fifty-Seventh Report

Supporting Primary Care Services: NHS England’s contract with Capita

HC 698 (Cm 9702)

Fifty-Eighth Report

Strategic Suppliers

HC 1031 (Cm 9702)

Fifty-Ninth Report

Skill shortages in the Armed Forces

HC 1027 (9740)

Sixtieth Report

Ofsted’s inspection of schools

HC1029 (Cm 9740)

Sixty-First Report

Ministry of Defence nuclear programme

HC 1028 (Cm 9740)

Sixty-Second Report

Price increases for generic medications

HC 1184 (Cm 9740)

Sixty-Third Report

Interface between health and social care

HC 1376 (Cm 9740)

Sixty-Fourth Report

Universal Credit

HC 1375 (Cp 18)

Sixty-Fifth Report

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

HC 1375 (Cp 18)

Sixty-Sixth Report

HMRC’s performance in 2017–18

HC 1526 (Cp 18)

Sixty-Seventh Report

Financial Sustainability of police forces in England and Wales

HC 1513 (Cp 18)

Sixty-Eighth Report

Defra’s progress towards Brexit

HC 1514 (CP 18)

Sixty-Ninth Report

Sale of student loans

HC 1527 (Cp 56)

Seventieth Report

Department for Transport’s implementation of Brexit

HC 1657 (Cp 56)

Seventy-First Report

Department for Health and Social Care accounts

HC 1515 (Cp 56)

Seventy-Second Report

Mental health services for children and young people

HC 1593 (Cp 79)

Seventy-Third Report

Academy accounts and performance

HC 1597 (Cp 79)

Seventy-Fourth Report

Whole of Government accounts

HC 464 (Cp 79)

Seventy-Fifth Report

Pre-appointment hearing: preferred candidate for Comptroller and Auditor General

HC 1883 (Cp 79)

Seventy-Sixth Report

Local Government Spending

HC 1775 (Cp 79)

Seventy-Seventh Report

Defence Equipment Plan 2018–28

HC 1519 (Cp 79)

Seventy-Eighth Report

Improving Government planning and spending

HC 1596 (Cp 97)

Seventy-Ninth Report

Excess Votes 2017–18

HC 1931 (Cp 97)

Eightieth Report

Capita’s contracts with the Ministry of Defence

HC 1736 (Cp 97)

Eighty-First Report

Rail management and timetabling

HC 1793 (Cp 97)

Eighty-Second Report

Windrush generation and the Home Office

HC 1518 (Cp 113)

Eighty-Third Report

Clinical Commissioning Groups

HC 1740 (Cp 97)

Eighty-Fourth Report

Bank of England’s central services

HC 1739 (Cp 97)

Eighty-Fifth Report

Auditing local government

HC 1738 (Cp 97)

Eighty-Sixth Report

Brexit and the UK border: further progress review

HC 1942 (Cp 113)

Eighty-Seventh Report

Renewing the EastEnders set

HC 1737 (Cp 113)

Eighty-Eighth Report

Transforming children’s services

HC 1741 (Cp 113)

Eighty-Ninth Report

Public cost of decommissioning oil and gas infrastructure

HC 1742 (Cp 113)

Ninetieth Report

BBC and personal service companies

HC 1522 (Cp 113)

Ninety-First Report

NHS financial sustainability: progress review

HC 1743 (Cp 113)

Ninety-Second Report

Crossrail: progress review

HC 2004 (Cp 113)

Ninety-Third Report

Disclosure and Barring Service: progress review

HC 2006

Ninety-Fourth Report

Transforming rehabilitation: progress review

HC 1747

Ninety-Fifth Report

Accessing public services through the Government’s Verify digital system

HC 1748

Ninety-Sixth Report

Adult health screening

HC 1746

Ninety-Seventh Report

Local Government Governance and Accountability

HC 2077

Ninety-Eighth Report

The apprenticeships programme: progress review

HC 1749

Ninety-Ninth Report

Cyber security in the UK

HC 1745

One-Hundredth Report

NHS waiting times for elective and cancer treatment

HC 1750

One Hundred and First Report

Submarine defueling and dismantling

HC 2041

One Hundred and Second Report

Military Homes

HC 2136

One Hundred and Third Report

Planning and the broken housing market

HC 1744

One Hundred and Fourth Report

Transport infrastructure in the South West

HC 1753

First Special Report

Chair of the Public Accounts Committee’s Second Annual Report

HC 347

Second Special Report

Third Annual Report of the Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts

HC 1399

Third Special Report

Fourth Annual Report of the Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts

HC 2370

Published: 5 July 2019