Brexit and the UK border: further progress review Contents


8.Departments have responded to the pressure to prepare for a no-deal Brexit by resorting to taking action which is far from business-as-usual. Whether a deal is reached with the EU or not, this pressure will eventually ease. We make the following recommendations on the areas where Government should learn from the experience.

  1. Government must not allow the risky and rushed activity undertaken by departments arising from the pressure to prepare for a no deal Brexit to become business-as-usual.
  2. Government must ensure that the lack of transparency surrounding departments’ preparations for Brexit, which impedes proper scrutiny by Parliament and the public, does not continue into the longer term and we believe much of it is unnecessary even in the light of Brexit.
  3. If a deal is reached with the EU, then government should ensure that the time, money and effort which has gone into planning for a potential no deal is used to learn lessons and deliver longer-term improvements to how departments operate.
  4. Government needs to be realistic about what freight capacity it will have available for priority supplies and how it would manage that capacity should it be needed. In doing so, it must understand the likely needs of individual departments and the potential users of such capacity, and any interdependencies between them and how it might manage the demand for those priority supplies.

Published: 12 March 2019