HMRC’s Performance in 2016–17 Contents


HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is undertaking 15 major transformation programmes. With Brexit, it faces additional pressures and is having to consider how to change priorities. It needs to be clear about what it will do differently, or not do, and what the impact will be on customer service.

Together with HM Treasury , HMRC has to make tough decisions on how it allocates limited resources to its operations to increase tax revenues, protect performance levels, prioritise its transformation and estate programmes, and invest in measures to tackle tax evasion, fraud and error. We are particularly concerned about the impacts on the ordinary taxpayer from the growing challenges facing HMRC, and whether HMRC is doing enough to support vulnerable Tax Credits recipients, especially as they transfer to Universal Credit.

There is a lack of incentive for HMRC to reduce Tax Credits fraud and error in the transition period to Universal Credit.

We remain concerned about the estate rationalisation and the lack of flexibility available as a result of decisions made.

10 January 2017