Work of the Committee since the 2017 General Election Contents


1.This Report briefly highlights the main themes and focus of the work of the Public Administrational and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) since the 2017 General Election. The Committee has completed over 20 reports during this time, covering the full range of areas within PACAC’s remit. This report will highlight areas of particular importance within this work.

2.The Committee also has two uncompleted inquiries - on Managing Major Projects and Electoral Law Reform at the time of writing of this report. The Committee will continue and report on these inquiries separately if time allows.

3.We thank all of those who have helped with our work during this Parliament, including those who have given written and oral evidence to the Committee, participants in informal seminars and those who have provided briefing to the Committee in private. We extend particular thanks to the Committee’s advisers and staff for their devotion to the quality of our considerable work.

Published: 8 October 2019