PHSO Annual Scrutiny 2016–17 Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

PHS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1A. Kampalis (PHS0037)

2A1 (PHS0044)

3Carole Bailes (PHS0047)

4Daphne Havercroft (PHS0040)

5Dr David Drew (PHS0036)

6Dr Derek Whitmell (PHS0020)

7Dr Kenneth Nicholson (PHS0032)

8Dr Philip Howard (PHS0042)

9Electrosensitivity UK (PHS0017)

10Fiona Watts (PHS0016)

11Jill Mizen (PHS0021)

12Maggie and Janet Brooks (PHS0046)

13Miss Elise Holton (PHS0025)

14Miss Peggy Banks (PHS0003)

15Mr Alan Reid (PHS0010)

16Mr Andrew Creek (PHS0048)

17Mr Barry Toogood (PHS0012)

18Mr Colin Rock (PHS0043)

19Mr Julian Stell (PHS0015)

20Mr Richard von Abendorff (PHS0026)

21Mr Richard von Abendorff (PHS0028)

22Mr Robert Bird (PHS0002)

23Mr William David Griffiths (PHS0035)

24Mrs Alice Gilbert Scott (PHS0004)

25Mrs Anne Brown (PHS0006)

26Mrs Brenda Prentice (PHS0011)

27Mrs Christine Smith (PHS0009)

28Mrs Dee Speers (PHS0014)

29Mrs Sharon Lamerton (PHS0038)

30Mrs Teresa Steele (PHS0008)

31Ms Keyna Doran (PHS0034)

32Nicholas Gould (PHS0045)

33Nicholas Wheatley (PHS0029)

34Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHS0049)

35Paul Roditelev (PHS0022)

36phsothefacts (PHS0013)

37Rosemary Cantwell (PHS0033)

38Vanessa Wood (PHS0030)

39W J Morris (PHS0019)

24 April 2018