Evidence-based early years intervention


Terms of reference


1 Introduction


Our inquiry

2 The evidence behind early intervention

Adverse childhood experiences

Correlation versus causation

The ‘ACE Framework’

Early intervention

Evidence for early intervention

Research priorities

3 The current state of early intervention in England

Early intervention in England

Local and national policy

Monitoring the provision of early intervention

The current state of early intervention services

National Programmes

The Healthy Child Programme

The Family Nurse Partnership

Sure Start children’s centres

The children and young people’s mental health green paper

Other programmes

4 Key Challenges to Delivering Early Intervention


Data collection and analysis

Obstacles to collecting and using data

Workforce training and capacity

5 A new national strategy

Better use of data

Training and assessing the early years workforce

The Apprenticeship Levy

Implementation science

Support for local authorities

Early Intervention Places


Using technology to reduce costs

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 14 November 2018