Evidence-based early years intervention Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

EYI numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Adoption UK (EYI0072)

2ALDCS (EYI0105)

3Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMAH) (EYI0070)

4Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP) (EYI0042)

5Association of Directors of Public Health (EYI0031)

6Barnardo’s (EYI0037)

7Best Beginnings (EYI0073)

8Better Start Bradford (EYI0113)

9Big Lottery Fund (EYI0091)

10Bonin et al, PSSRU, LSE (EYI0081)

11British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (EYI0085)

12Bulwell Community Toy Library Limited (EYI0016)

13Cardiff University (EYI0014)

14Centre for Evidence Based EArly Intervention (EYI0029)

15Centre for Longitudinal Studies, University College London (EYI0075)

16Centre for Mental Health (EYI0050)

17Children And Parents Service (CAPS) Early Intervention (EYI0004)

18Children First (EYI0102)

19Children’s Commissioner’s Office (EYI0063)

20CLOSER (EYI0020)

21CSJ (EYI0059)

22Department for Education (EYI0053)

23Department of Health and Social Care and Department for Education (EYI0109)

24Dr Adam Burley (EYI0017)

25Dr Elizabeth Gregory (EYI0024)

26Dr Gill Main (EYI0049)

27Dr Michelle Kelly-Irving (EYI0008)

28Dr Sarah Starkey (EYI0062)

29Dr Sebastian Kraemer (EYI0089)

30Dr Sue Gerhardt (EYI0065)

31Dr Warren Larkin (EYI0015)

32Early Intervention Foundation (EYI0061), (EYI0111), (EYI0112)

33EasyPeasy (EYI0046), (EYI0100)

34Emerita professor Hilary Rose (EYI0095)

35Family Drug & Alcohol Court National Unit (EYI0003)

36First Step, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust (EYI0023)

37Foundation Years Trust (EYI0060)

38George Smith, Kathy Sylva, Teresa Smith, Pam Sammons and James Hall, University of Oxford (EYI0110)

39Greater Manchester Combined Authority (EYI0047)

40Home Start Kirklees (EYI0019)

41Home-Start UK (EYI0036)

42Institute of Health Visiting (EYI0107)

43International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health (EYI0043)

44Kidstime Foundation and The Children’s Society (EYI0082)

45Kingston University London (EYI0044)

46Knapp et al, PSSRU, LSE (EYI0079)

47Louise Arseneault (EYI0083)

48Manchester City Council (EYI0011)

49Mark Wheeler (EYI0088)

50Marriage Foundation (EYI0052)

51Mental Health Foundation (EYI0087)

52Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust (EYI0074)

53Mr Graham Allen (EYI0090)

54MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit (EYI0021)

55Mrs Barbara Bryant (EYI0010)

56Mrs Lynne MacKinnon (EYI0045)

57Mrs Margaret Ellis (EYI0080)

58Mrs Susan Korda (EYI0067)

59Ms Ann Murdoch (EYI0001)

60National Association for Therapeutic Education (EYI0094), (EYI0101)

61Newcastle University (EYI0007)

62NHS Health Scotland (EYI0035)

63NSPCC (EYI0034)

64OXPIP (EYI0068)

65Paul Milton (EYI0098)

66Penelope Leach (EYI0027)

67PIP UK (EYI0005)

68Professor Christine Power (EYI0056)

69Professor Peter Fonagy (EYI0097)

70Professor Sarah L Halligan, Dr Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis, and Dr Rachel M Hiller (EYI0057)

71Public Health England (EYI0033), (EYI0104), (EYI0108)

72Public Health Institute, Liverpool John Moores University (EYI0032)

73Public Health Wales (EYI0051)

74Roots of Empathy (EYI0077)

75Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (EYI0054)

76Rt Hon Frank Field MP (EYI0106)

77Safe Families for Children (EYI0066)

78Sheffield’s Children & Young People’s Public Health Team (EYI0064)

79Sheila Croney (EYI0099)

80Sue Gerrard (EYI0025)

81TACTYC (EYI0103)

82Tavistock Relationships (EYI0012)

83The Academy of Medical Sciences (EYI0028)

84The Bowlby Centre (EYI0002)

85The British Psychological Society (EYI0069)

86The Challenging Behaviour Foundation (EYI0030)

87The Communication Trust (EYI0071)

88The Nurture Group Network (EYI0018)

89The Open University (EYI0022)

90The Stefanou Foundation (EYI0076)

91The Wensum Trust (EYI0096)

92ThinkForward (EYI0048)

93Thrive FTC (EYI0040)

94Transforming Lives for Good (EYI0038), (EYI0092)

95Trauma Recovery Centre (EYI0026)

96Triple P (EYI0093)

97Understanding Society, Institute for Social and Economic Research (EYI0055)

98Universities of Kent, Southampton, Sheffield, Westminster and Nottingham (EYI0039)

99University of Bristol (EYI0086)

100University of Reading (EYI0058)

101University of Southampton (EYI0041)

102Victim Focus Jessica Eaton (EYI0006)

103WAVE Trust (EYI0078)

104Young Adults Matter (EYI0114), (EYI0115)

105YoungMinds (EYI0013)

Published: 14 November 2018