Brexit, science and innovation Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

BIS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ABPI & BIA (BSI0075)

2Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (BSI0035)

3Academy of Medical Sciences (BSI0043)

4Academy of Social Sciences (BSI0048)

5ADS Group (BSI0006)

6Agricultural Biotechnology Council (BSI0015)

7AIRTO, Association of Innovation, Research & Technology Organisations (BSI0045)

8Alzheimer’s Research UK (BSI0038)

9AsSIST-UK (BSI0017)

10Association of British Healthcare Industries (BSI0058)

11Association of Medical Research Charities (BSI0032)

12Brexit Health Alliance (BSI0030)

13British Academy (BSI0069)

14British Geological Survey (BSI0027)

15British Heart Foundation (BSI0013)

16British Pharmacological Society (BSI0007)

17British Society for Immunology (BSI0059)

18Campaign for Science and Engineering (BSI0076)

19Cancer Research UK (BSI0023)

20CBI (BSI0042)

21Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) (BSI0065)

22Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BSI0086)

23Dr Celia Medupin, University of Manchester and Dr Erinma Ochu, University of Salford (BSI0063)

24Duchenne UK (BSI0033)


26EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute (BSI0061)

27Federation of Small Businesses (BSI0081)

28Fresh Produce Consortium (BSI0051)

29GARNet (BSI0066)

30Genetic Alliance UK (BSI0049)

31Imperial College London (BSI0068)

32Institute of Food Science & Technology (BSI0078)

33Institute of Physics (BSI0082)

34Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (BSI0021)

35Institution of Environmental Sciences (BSI0044)

36James Hutton Institute (BSI0084)

37John Innes Centre (BSI0020)

38Johnson Matthey PLC (BSI0079)

39Lancaster University (BSI0074)

40LGC (National Measurement Laboratory) (BSI0003)

41Lilly UK (BSI0041)

42Martin Yuille, The University of Manchester (BSI0029)

43Microbiology Society (BSI0039)

44Microbiology Society (BSI0087)

45Miss Tessa Burrington (BSI0026)

46MSD (BSI0055)

47National Heritage Science Forum (BSI0072)

48National Physical Laboratory (BSI0057)

49Nesta (BSI0067)

50Newcastle University (BSI0034)

51NIAB (BSI0014)

52Odgers Berndtson (BSI0011)

53Professor John Hardy, UCL (BSI0002)

54Prospect (BSI0018)

55Roche Products Limited (BSI0024)

56Royal Academy of Engineering (BSI0056)

57Royal Astronomical Society (BSI0053)

58Royal Pharmaceutical Society (BSI0010)

59Royal Society of Biology (BSI0080)

60Royal Society of Chemistry (BSI0062)

61Russell Group (BSI0077)

62Samsung UK and Ireland (BSI0064)

63SCI (BSI0083)

64Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (BSI0008)

65Sir Paul Nurse (BSI0009)

66Society for Applied Microbiology (BSI0037)

67Spanish Researchers in the UK (SRUK) (BSI0028)

68Syngenta (BSI0012)

69The Geological Society (BSI0036)

70The National Oceanography Centre (BSI0025)

71The Physiological Society (BSI0016)

72The Royal Society (BSI0073)

73The Royal Society of Edinburgh (BSI0031)

74The University of Edinburgh (BSI0004)

75Transcript of the Science and Technology Committee Summit on 22 February 2018 (BSI0085)

76UCL (BSI0060)

77UK Deans of Science (BSI0040)

78UKAEA (BSI0070)

79Universities Scotland (BSI0054)

80Universities UK (BSI0019)

81University of Bristol (BSI0050)

82University of Exeter (BSI0071)

83University of Manchester (BSI0046)

84University of Oxford (BSI0047)

85Wellcome Sanger Institute (BSI0005)

Published: 21 March 2018