10th Report - Local roads funding and maintenance: filling the gap Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

LRF numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) (LRF0044)

2Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) (LRF0046)

3Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) (LRF0028)

4Automobile Association (LRF0045)

5Balfour Beatty (LRF0076)

6Mr Frank Bedford (LRF0087)

7Mr Frank Bedford (LRF0091)

8The Bluebell Christian Spiritual Church (LRF0066)

9British Ports Association (BPA) (LRF0073)

10Bury Council (LRF0057)

11Campaign for Better Transport (LRF0033)

12Mr Chris Capps (LRF0017)

13Cheshire East Council (LRF0070)

14CIHT (LRF0025)

15Coventry City Council (LRF0021)

16Cycling UK (LRF0064)

17Department for Transport (LRF0035)

18Devon County Council (LRF0031)

19Mr Keith Dixon (LRF0071)

20East Riding of Yorkshire Council (LRF0060)

21Dr Bill Edwards (LRF0005)

22Mr Roger Elphick (LRF0034)

23Federation of Small Businesses (LRF0054)

24Freight Transport Association (LRF0078)

25Gaist (LRF0042)

26Gaist (LRF0096)

27Mr Dave Gaster (LRF0032)

28Gateshead Council (LRF0075)

29Mr Andy Graham (LRF0002)

30Hampshire County Council (LRF0041)

31Herefordshire Council (LRF0055)

32Mr Ian Hollidge (LRF0048)

33IAM RoadSmart (LRF0022)

34Institute for Transport Studies and measure2improve (LRF0067)

35Institute for Transport Studies and measure2improve (LRF0089)

36Institute of Highway Engineers (LRF0020)

37ITS United Kingdom (LRF0088)

38Jacobs & Volterra (LRF0085)

39Mr C Jones (LRF0084)

40Mr Nigel Jones (LRF0006)

41JPCS Ltd (LRF0016)

42Kent County Council (LRF0068)

43Leicestershire County Council (LRF0058)

44Lincolnshire County Council (LRF0077)

45Linhay Consultancy Ltd (LRF0014)

46Liverpool City Council (LRF0050)

47Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LRF0072)

48Living Streets (LRF0047)

49Local Government Association (LRF0053)

50Local Government Technical Advisors Group (LGTAG) (LRF0023)

51London Borough of Islington (LRF0059)

52London Councils (LRF0079)

53Luton Borough Council (LRF0036)

54Metis Consultants Ltd. (LRF0024)

55Midland Service Improvement Group (LRF0063)

56Mr Patrick Moore (LRF0090)

57Mr Mark Morrell (LRF0026)

58Norfolk County Council (LRF0056)

59North East Combined Authority (LRF0049)

60Northumberland County Council (LRF0040)

61Oxfordshire County Council (LRF0038)

62Mrs Kay Parton (LRF0009)

63RAC Foundation (LRF0037)

64RAC Motoring Services (LRF0018)

65RCMG-supplementary written evidence (LRF0092)

66Suzy Richards (LRF0019)

67Ringway Infrastructure Services Ltd (LRF0095)

68Road Condition Management Group (subgroup of the UK Roads Board) (LRF0051)

69Road Haulage Association Ltd (LRF0027)

70Road Safety Markings Association (LRF0082)

71Road Safety Markings Association (LRF0093)

72The Road Surface Treatments Association (LRF0008)

73Rochdale Borough Council (LRF0043)

74Mr David Snow (LRF0003)

75South West Highway Alliance (LRF0080)

76Mr John Stillman (LRF0004)

77Street Works UK (LRF0081)

78Suffolk County Council (LRF0029)

79Surrey County Council (LRF0062)

80Sustrans (LRF0010)

81Tarmac (LRF0083)

82Christopher and Nicole Taylor (LRF0011)

83Christopher and Nicole Taylor (LRF0097)

84Thurrock Council (LRF0012)

85Transport for London (LRF0086)

86Transport for the North (LRF0039)

87Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) (LRF0074)

88Urban Transport Group (LRF0013)

89W.D.M Limited (LRF0094)

90West Yorkshire Highway Authorities (LRF0030)

91Zurich Insurance Plc (LRF0052)

Published: 1 July 2019