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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

PPA numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Brian Abbott (PPA0046)

2Simon Abbott (PPA0135)

3Jason Adams (PPA0223)

4Mr Nigel Ainsworth-Barnes (PPA0145)

5Mrs Lisa Ainsworth-Barnes (PPA0201)

6Colin Aldworth (PPA0017)

7Miss Ann Allen (PPA0066)

8Alliance of British Drivers (PPA0185)

9Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society (PPA0397)

10Mark Annand (PPA0003)

11Anonymous - written evidence (PPA0429)

12J Ardron (PPA0056)

13Ms Helen Armitage (PPA0246)

14Automobile Association (PPA0340)

15Mr William Baer (PPA0016)

16Mrs Alison Baldock (PPA0202)

17Mr Andrew Barclay (PPA0341)

18Mr Chris Barker (PPA0083)

19Mrs Kim Barnetson (PPA0073)

20Katharine Barnett (PPA0209)

21Mrs Lorraine Barter (PPA0047)

22Mr David Beacham (PPA0094)

23Mr Philip Benstead (PPA0067)

24Mrs Amie Berkovitch (PPA0240)

25Ms Henrietta Bewley (PPA0119)

26Ms Frances Bibby (PPA0019)

27Mr Paul Biggs (PPA0273)

28Birmingham and Black Country Sight Loss Councils (PPA0318)

29Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Police (PPA0424)

30Mr Paul Blomfield (PPA0248)

31Mr Harry Bloomfield (PPA0090)

32Mr Christopher Bloor (PPA0107)

33Crispin Blunt MP (PPA0276)

34Ian Bonner (PPA0225)

35Miss Lisa Boocock (PPA0021)

36Mr Graham Bounds (PPA0287)

37Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (PPA0235)

38Mr Colin Bousfield (PPA0425)

39Mr William Bramhill (PPA0258)

40Mr R Bravery (PPA0250)

41Ms Alison Brice (PPA0302)

42Grant Bright (PPA0109)

43Brighton & Hove City Council (PPA0278)

44Bristol Walking Alliance (PPA0060)

45British Parking Association (PPA0374)

46British Polio Fellowship (PPA0434)

47Mr Mark Brough (PPA0242)

48Mia Buckley (PPA0035)

49Mr Malcolm Buller (PPA0289)

50Mr Julian Burke (PPA0363)

51J Burtenshaw (PPA0355)

52Mr James Burton (PPA0177)

53Mr Daniel Cahoon (PPA0259)

54Cambridgeshire County Council (PPA0285)

55Camcycle (PPA0262)

56Campaign for Better Transport West & North Yorkshire Branch (PPA0263)

57Mr Douglas Campbell (PPA0402)

58Emily Carey (PPA0381)

59Claire Castell (PPA0383)

60Peter Caunter (PPA0204)

61Centara Neighbourhood Association (PPA0409)

62Mr Matt Chambers (PPA0392)

63Anthony Chapman (PPA0167)

64Mr Nick Chapman (PPA0027)

65Charnwood Borough Council (PPA0282)

66Chaseley Trust (PPA0426)

67CIHT (PPA0387)

68City of York Council (PPA0182)

69Mr Eddie Clark (PPA0269)

70Mr Philip Cleverley (PPA0428) and (PPA0441)

71Cllr Jack Cousens and Cllr Michael Westbrook (PPA0227)

72Mr John Clunan (PPA0150)

73Mr David Cockayne (PPA0367)

74Ms Georgina Collins (PPA0099)

75Confederation of Passenger Transport (PPA0413)

76Congleton Town Council (PPA0358)

77Mr Graham Cook (PPA0096)

78Mr Jonathan Coombs (PPA0139)

79Patrick Corden (PPA0401)

80Ms Alison Crampin (PPA0442)

81Mrs Sandra Crawford (PPA0023)

82CrossGates Watch Residents Association (PPA0256)

83Mr Richard Crowe (PPA0191)

84Mr Jerry Cullum (PPA0134)

85Cumbria County Council (PPA0156)

86Cycle Basingstoke (PPA0370)

87CycleSheffield (PPA0077)

88Cyclox, the voice of cycling in Oxford (PPA0329)

89Matthew Davies (PPA0054)

90Mrs Gail Davies (PPA0175)

91Stephen Davies (PPA0124)

92Simon Daws (PPA0218)

93Mrs EJ De Villiers (PPA0398)

94Daniel Demmel (PPA0009)

95Mr Karl Denning (PPA0388)

96Department for Transport (PPA0233)

97Mr Jeff Derham (PPA0122)

98Devon County Council (PPA0234)

99Mr Paul Dick (PPA0076)

100Dr J P Dickinson (PPA0160)

101Mr Ian Dinwiddie (PPA0146)

102Disability Sheffield (PPA0315)

103Disabled Motoring UK (PPA0277)

104Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC) (PPA0333)

105Dr Philip Dixon-Phillips (PPA0174)

106Paul Docherty (PPA0152)

107Robert Dodgson (PPA0444)

108Mr Thomas Donoghue (PPA0058)

109Kevin Doyle (PPA0292)

110Dr Tim Jones, Oxford Brookes University (PPA0245)

111Paul Drake-Davis (PPA0079)

112Mr Roy Driver (PPA0008)

113Mr Christopher Dubois (PPA0029)

114Mrs Helen Dudden (PPA0171)

115Mrs Heidi Duffy MBE (PPA0343)

116Clive Durdle (PPA0199)

117Durham County Council (PPA0261)

118East Hampshire District Council (PPA0032)

119The East Riding of Yorkshire Council (PPA0069)

120Mr S.J. Eastwood Snr (PPA0351)

121Mr David Eldridge (PPA0115)

122Mr Geoffrey Entwistle (PPA0283)

123Mr Joaquin Espasandin (PPA0249)

124Dr Martin Evans (PPA0022)

125Mr John Evans (PPA0130)

126Eynsford Parish Council (PPA0417)

127Mr James Filmer (PPA0219)

128Mr Stephen Filson (PPA0361)

129Mr Brian Finney (PPA0180)

130Mr Andrew Fisher (PPA0317)

131Terence Fleming (PPA0041)

132Vicky Ford MP (PPA0443)

133Neil Fortescue (PPA0020)

134Mr David Fossey (PPA0143)

135Andrew Foxcroft (PPA0274)

136Mrs Claire Franklin (PPA0070)

137Ms Christine Franklin (PPA0108)

138Professor Keith Frayn (PPA0178)

139Freight Transport Association (PPA0190)

140Cllr Leigh Frost (PPA0430)

141Jack Frost (PPA0378)

142Mr Ajay Gandhi (PPA0157)

143Chris Garbett (PPA0051)

144Professor Ann Gates (PPA0264)

145Gatley Runners (PPA0050)

146Mr Stuart Gee (PPA0049)

147Stephen George (PPA0215)

148Mike Gibson (PPA0013)

149Steven Gibson (PPA0052)

150Mr James Gilbert (PPA0314)

151Mr Ian Gill (PPA0393)

152Mrs Joanna Gilmour (PPA0421)

153Mr Richard Gilyead (PPA0005)

154Peter Gleaves (PPA0004)

155Paul Gordon (PPA0095)

156Mrs Georgina Grant (PPA0053)

157Dr Edward Gray (PPA0088)

158Green Councillors’ Group, Bristol City Council (PPA0220)

159Mr Roger Grosvenor (PPA0187)

160Mr Gordon Guest (PPA0404)

161Guide Dogs (PPA0350)

162Richard Gutteridge MSc (PPA0039)

163Mr Stephen Hackney (PPA0104)

164Mr Peter Hall (PPA0253)

165Mr Paul Hamblin (PPA0075)

166Mr Steve Hamilton (PPA0337)

167David Hancock (PPA0380)

168Mr Toby Harling (PPA0208)

169Kevin Harper (PPA0210)

170Mr Charles Harper (PPA0339)

171Nichola Harrison (PPA0270)

172Mrs Julia Harvey (PPA0217)

173Mr Gordon Hathaway (PPA0420)

174Mr Steve Hatton (PPA0065)

175Dr Damien Herron (PPA0312)

176Hertfordshire County Council (PPA0321)

177JE Hewitt (PPA0238)

178Bob Hey (PPA0037)

179Mr Geoff Heyes (PPA0138)

180Mr Malcolm Heymer (PPA0188)

181Mr Roger Hinton (PPA0100)

182Dr Alan Hobson (PPA0195)

183Mr Guy Hodgson (PPA0026)

184Mr Guy Hodgson (PPA0141)

185Mr John Hogg (PPA0299)

186Mr George Hogman (PPA0078)

187Dr Frank Holland (PPA0091)

188Tony Holmes (PPA0158)

189Holy Trinity Amenity Group (PPA0382)

190Dr Emma Hooper (PPA0110)

191Horton Parish Council (PPA0440)

192Mr Paul Hudson (PPA0236)

193Hull Access Improvement Group (PPA0328)

194Mr Peter Hutchinson (PPA0268)

195IAM RoadSmart (PPA0320)

196Mrs Ann Illingworth (PPA0125)

197Mr Richard Ingham (PPA0213)

198Institute of Highway Engineers (PPA0303)

199Mrs Terry Jackson (PPA0414)

200Anne Jarvis (PPA0148)

201Tom Jeffs (PPA0001)

202Miss Sandra Jell (PPA0390)

203Mrs Stephanie Jenkins (PPA0030)

204Mr Andrew Johnson (PPA0102)

205Mr Julian Jones (PPA0356)

206Tim Kasoar (PPA0271)

207Mr Gavin Keir (PPA0012)

208Mr Mark Kemp (PPA0306)

209Mr Robin Kenworthy (PPA0375) and (PPA0437)

210Mr Iain Kernaghan (PPA0345)

211Gary Kingsbury (PPA0241)

212Mr John Kirk (PPA0011)

213Mike Knight (PPA0006)

214Knighton Access Group (PPA0298)

215Jennifer Kosarew (PPA0068)

216Dr Stefan Kruczkowski (PPA0410)

217L Brown Associates Ltd (PPA0025)

218L Brown Associates Ltd (PPA0116)

219Ms R Lack (PPA0113)

220Ms Susan Langford (PPA0207)

221Mrs Anna Langley (PPA0028)

222Mr Clifford Lantaff (PPA0371)

223Larcombe, Ward Councillor Ewan (PPA0327)

224Eleanor’s Story Neild Larry (PPA0291)

225Mr Clifford Lee (PPA0062)

226John Leech (PPA0040)

227Mrs Hilary Leeves (PPA0394)

228Leicester Disabled People’s Access Group (PPA0364)

229Mr Robert C Leigh (PPA0097)

230Dr Nick Leimu-Brown (PPA0112)

231Jamie Lenton (PPA0300)

232Miss Linette Leslie (PPA0057)

233Lewisham Living Streets Group (PPA0377)

234Lincolnshire County Council (PPA0304)

235Garin Linnington (PPA0154)

236Mr Steve Little (PPA0064)

237Liverpool City Council (PPA0309)

238Living Streets (PPA0399)

239Living Streets-additional written evidence (PPA0438)

240Daniel Lodge (PPA0325)

241Daniel Lodge (PPA0368)

242London Councils (PPA0427)

243London TravelWatch (PPA0131)

244Dr Barbara Lucas (PPA0103)

245Helen Lynn (PPA0260)

246Mrs Susan Lyons (PPA0048)

247M, Mr D (PPA0132)

248Tom MacFaul (PPA0071)

249Mrs Janet Macintosh (PPA0129)

250Mr Ben Magee (PPA0120)

251Mr Robert Maggs (PPA0176)

252Manor Park & Hempstead Fields Residents’ Association (PPA0183)

253Dr Paul Marchant (PPA0272)

254Mr Barry Marchant (PPA0117)

255Marden Parish Council (PPA0265)

256Mrs Gia Margolis (PPA0330)

257Mr Pete Marks (PPA0205)

258Mr Anthony Keith Marquis (PPA0127)

259Fred Mason (PPA0092)

260Arabella Maude (PPA0405)

261Chris Maxim (PPA0419)

262Mayor of Greater Manchester and Greater Manchester Cycling and Walking Commissioner (PPA0418)

263Mr Terry Mcardle (PPA0010)

264Mr Donald McArthur (PPA0106)

265Mrs Maureen McBain (PPA0411)

266Mr Chris McGrath (PPA0059)

267Mr William McKinnon (PPA0372)

268Mr Neil Meadows (PPA0149)

269Pieter Meiring (PPA0310)

270Mr James Metcalfe (PPA0407)

271Mid Sussex District Council (PPA0395)

272Miss Rosy Moore (PPA0128)

273Mr Peter Moore (PPA0322)

274Mr Wayne Moore (PPA0014)

275Michael Moorhouse (PPA0137)

276Mrs Alison Morgan (PPA0211)

277Ms Emily Wolfe and Simon Margetts (PPA0173)

278Paul Murphy (PPA0085)

279Alan Myers (PPA0038)

280National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (PPA0280)

281Neighbourhood Watch-Buckinghamshire (PPA0224)

282Mr Graham Newman (PPA0159)

283NFBUK (PPA0359)

284John Nock (PPA0203)

285Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council (PPA0353)

286North Essex Parking Partnership - Colchester Borough Council (PPA0222)

287Northumberland County Council (PPA0348)

288Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner (PPA0389)

289Connor O’Dana (PPA0036)

290Mr Keith O’Leary (PPA0184)

291Donald O’Neal (PPA0168)

292Older People’s Advisory Group, Ageing Better in Camden (PPA0406)

293Ms Jayn Oliff (PPA0170)

294Oxford Pedestrians Association (PPA0200)

295Oxfordshire County Council Public Health (PPA0346)

296Mr Neil Oxley (PPA0214)

297P Whitfield Consulting (PPA0212)

298Mr William Pannell (PPA0121)

299Mr Mike Parker (PPA0114)

300John Parkin (PPA0074)

301Dr Martin Parretti (PPA0396)

302PATROL (Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London) (PPA0334)

303PATROL-additional written evidence (PPA0439)

304Mr Dudley Peacham (PPA0379)

305Pedestrian Liberation (PPA0061)

306Nicola Pemberton (PPA0391)

307Pembrokeshire Access Group (PPA0018)

308Mr Leslie Phillips (PPA0087)

309Mr Tim Pickering (PPA0386)

310Mr Tad Piesakowski (PPA0257)

311Mrs Laurence Pinturault (PPA0251)

312David Pitman (PPA0033)

313Mr Andrew Plumridge (PPA0098)

314Mr Matthew Polaine (PPA0400)

315Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall (PPA0422)

316Joseph Pontin (PPA0007)

317Robin Potter (PPA0408)

318Susan Potter (PPA0055)

319Dr Georgia Powell (PPA0031)

320RAC Motoring Services (PPA0243)

321Martin Rathfelder (PPA0080)

322Mr Anthony Reed (PPA0081)

323Fiona Reid (PPA0166)

324Mr Stefan Resner (PPA0105)

325Mrs Tina Riches (PPA0193)

326Gillian Risbridger (PPA0164)

327Mr Simon Roberts (PPA0186)

328Mrs Amanda Robertson (PPA0319)

329Ms Janice Robertson (PPA0247)

330Rollercoaster Records (PPA0140)

331The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) (PPA0226)

332Mr Robert Rudd (PPA0198)

333Reverend Andy Salmon (PPA0313)

334Mr Malcolm Savage (PPA0123)

335Keith Searing (PPA0284)

336Sheffield City Council (PPA0349)

337Mr Alan Shepherd (PPA0216)

338Cllr Mandie Shilton Godwin (PPA0089)

339Oliver Shipp (PPA0376)

340Mr David Short (PPA0084)

341Cllr Margaret Smidowicz (PPA0301)

342Mr David Smith (PPA0181)

343Peter Smith (PPA0286)

344Dr Mark Smithson (PPA0161)

345Southend-on-Sea Borough Council (PPA0338)

346Mr Graham Southern (PPA0101)

347Miss Victoria Sowter (PPA0244)

348SPACE for Gosforth (PPA0255)

349Mr Robbie Spence (PPA0266)

350St Helens Council (PPA0342)

351Dr Eleanor Standen (PPA0147)

352Staplehurst Parish Council (PPA0144)

353Mrs Emily Steadman (PPA0323)

354Mr Morris Steel (PPA0142)

355Mr Dene Stevens (PPA0352)

356Mrs Liz Straw (PPA0093)

357Ms Lynne Strutt (PPA0189)

358Mr Martin Stubbs (PPA0086)

359Mrs Jacqueline Stubbs (PPA0415)

360Surrey County Council (PPA0347)

361Sustainable Uttlesford (PPA0111)

362Sustrans (PPA0311)

363Sustrans / Bexhill Wheelers (PPA0403)

364Ms Susan Tanner (PPA0151)

365Sam Tate (PPA0369)

366Mrs Petrina Tatnall (PPA0163)

367Telford & Wrekin Council (PPA0281)

368Lee Tempest (PPA0043)

369Andrew Tett (PPA0290)

370The Thaxted Society (PPA0423)

371Stephen Thomas (PPA0335)

372Ms Angela Thomson (PPA0373)

373Mr John Tilly (PPA0432)

374Mr David Tingay (PPA0305)

375Professor Christopher Todd (PPA0288)

376Mr Frank Tompson (PPA0169)

377Mr Richard Toulson (PPA0044)

378Graham Turnbull (PPA0082)

379Peter Turner (PPA0118)

380Tyne and Wear Public Transport Users Group (PPA0326)

381UKactive/Champion for Physical Activity for Birmingham (PPA0192)

382Mr Jeremy Varns (PPA0412)

383Ms Marie Veron Armitage (PPA0162)

384Mrs Anne Vladar (PPA0360)

385W, J Ms (PPA0072)

386Walk Ride Heatons (PPA0294)

387Walking and Cycling Alliance (PPA0332)

388WalkRide Chorlton (PPA0206)

389WalkRide GM (PPA0252)

390Arthur Ward (PPA0357)

391WaterColour Management Company Ltd. (PPA0228)

392Ms Deborah Watson (PPA0362)

393West Midlands Combined Authority (Transport for West Midlands) (PPA0336)

394The West of England Centre for Inclusive Living (WECIL) (PPA0275)

395Ms Susan Westlake (PPA0179)

396Professor John Whitelegg (PPA0196)

397Whittaker Lane Residents Group (PPA0279)

398Mr Nickoli Wilde (PPA0165)

399Adrian Wilkinson (PPA0063)

400Clive Wilkinson (PPA0155)

401Charlie Williams (PPA0015)

402Mr Owen Williams (PPA0197)

403Mr Richard Williams (PPA0237)

404Mr Martin Williamson (PPA0002)

405Matthew Wilson (PPA0254)

406Wirral Council (PPA0344)

407Wirral Pedestrians Association (PPA0293)

408Jamie Wood (PPA0194)

409Lesley Wood (PPA0042)

410Alan Woodard (PPA0045)

411Woolmer Green Parish Council (PPA0230)

412Worthing Green Party (PPA0308)

413Wraysbury Parish Council (PPA0324)

414Jim Wren (PPA0136)

415Janet Wright (PPA0232)

416Mr Simon Yapp (PPA0126)

417John Yardley (PPA0221)

418Mr Wolf Simpson (PPA0331)

419Chris Owen (PPA0384)

420Ms Ann-Marie Cousins (PPA0445)

421Mr Callum McFadzean Hassall (PPA0446)

422Mr Geoff Pullin (PPA0447)

423PATROL and Traffic Penalty Tribunal (PPA0448)

424Cllr Mike Taylor (PPA0450)

425Mrs Andrea Stoddart (PPA0451)

426Mr Stuart O’Dell (PPA0452)

427Gareth Lloyd (PPA0453)

428Mythchett, Frimley Green & Deepcut Society (PPA0454)

Published: 9 September 2019