Consumers’ access to financial services Contents



The inquiry

16 October 2018: Consumer bodies

14 November 2018: Charities

11 December 2018: Members of the House of Lords

5 January 2019: Financial services providers

27 February 2019: Statutory bodies

1 The importance of financial inclusion

2 Increasing financial inclusion

Basic bank accounts

The role of consumer education

Self-exclusion spending and lending blocks

Delegated authority and power of attorney

3 Do vulnerable consumers pay more?

The relationship between vulnerability and financial distress

Access to insurance

The loyalty penalty

4 Bank branch closures

The Post Office network

Use of cash and the impact of ATM closures

5 The Equality Act and the provision of reasonable adjustments

Compliance and enforcement of the Equality Act

Reasonable adjustments

Use of interpreters and sign language

Physically accessible infrastructure

Accessible communications

Use of plain English to simplify communications

6 Defining vulnerability

Disclosing vulnerabilities

Training staff to understand consumer vulnerability

Duty of care

7 Access to lower-cost credit

Treatment from enforcement agents

Treatment of consumers with problem debt

Creditworthiness Assessment Bill



Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 13 May 2019