Consumers’ access to financial services Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

CAF numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

138 Degrees (CAF0073)

2Age UK (CAF0067)

3AJ Bell (CAF0032)

4AllClear (CAF0039)

5Allison, Mr David (CAF0006)

6Alzheimer's Society (CAF0028)

7AMI (CAF0071)

8Association of British Insurers (CAF0030)

9Association of Convenience Stores (CAF0049)

10AXA UK (CAF0058)

11Barclays Bank PLC (CAF0023)

12British Insurance Brokers' Association (CAF0013)

13Building Societies Association (CAF0022)

14Campbell, Mr Alan (CAF0007)

15Cardtronics (CAF0026)

16Citizens Advice (CAF0009)

17Citizens Advice (CAF0041)

18CLIC Sargent (CAF0024)

19The Co-Operative Bank (CAF0059)

20The Consumer Council (CAF0064)

21The Consumer Council (CAF0076)

22Consumer Credit Association (CAF0075)

23Debt Hacker (CAF0074)

24EDEN City Outreach (CAF0029)

25Equality Advisory Support Service (CAF0085)

26Equifax Limited (CAF0043)

27Fair By Design (CAF0050)

28Finance & Leasing Association (CAF0063)

29The Finance Foundation (CAF0008)

30Financial Conduct Authority (CAF0069)

31Financial Conduct Authority (CAF0081)

32Financial Conduct Authority (CAF0087)

33The Financial Inclusion Commission (CAF0052)

34Financial Ombudsman Service (CAF0048)

35Financial Services Consumer Panel (CAF0060)

36Habito (CAF0078)

37Hargreaves Lansdown (CAF0021)

38Independent Age (CAF0070)

39Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (CAF0033)

40Investment & Life Assurance Group (CAF0046)

41Lane, Mrs Hannah (CAF0010)

42Later Life Ambitions (CAF0066)

43Lending Standards Board (CAF0034)

44LINK Consumer Council (CAF0025)

45LINK Scheme (CAF0012)

46Lloyds Banking Group (CAF0031)

47Lovell, Elaine (CAF0072)

48The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (CAF0018)

49LQID Bank (CAF0035)

50LV= (CAF0054)

51Macmillan Cancer Support (CAF0037)

52Money Advice Service (CAF0062)

53Money Advice Trust (CAF0027)

54Money and Mental Health Policy Institute (CAF0047)

55Morses Club PLC (CAF0015)

56NAT (National AIDS Trust) (CAF0051)

57National Pawnbrokers Association (CAF0080)

58Open Banking (CAF0055)

59Office of the Public Guardian (CAF0089)

60PayPoint (CAF0020)

61The Pensions Advisory Service (CAF0057)

62PIMFA (CAF0016)

63Positive Money (CAF0061)

64Post Office (CAF0068)

65Post Office (CAF0079)

66Quilter plc (CAF0017)

67Responsible Finance (CAF0056)

68The RSA (CAF0040)

69Scope (CAF0038)

70Stanley, Mr Terry (CAF0001)

71StepChange Debt Charity (CAF0019)

72tifgroup (CAF0045)

73TISA (CAF0014)

74Treasury Committee (CAF0082)

75Treasury Committee (CAF0083)

76UK Finance (CAF0044)

77Unite the union (CAF0042)

78Which? (CAF0065)

79Williams, Mrs Annette (CAF0002)

Published: 13 May 2019