Student Loans Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

STL numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Ajepco Ltd (STL0019)

2Allied Health Professions Federation (STL0045)

3Association of Colleges (STL0014)

4Birkbeck, University of London (STL0024)

5Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (STL0039)

6College of Podiatry (STL0017)

7Dr Adele Langlois (STL0041)

8ELATT (STL0025)

9Estelle Clarke (STL0009)

10Estelle Clarke (STL0011)

11Harriet Alexander and Kate Tullberg (STL0010)

12Iain Clarke-Coast (STL0016)

13Institute for Fiscal Studies (STL0013)

14Leeds University Union (STL0049)

15London South Bank University (STL0020)

16MillionPlus (STL0018)

17Miss Abbie Pickering (STL0008)

18Miss Sophie Roberts (STL0044)

19Money Advice Service (STL0042)

20MoneySavingExpert (STL0046)

21Mr Alan Capps (STL0036)

22Mr Andrew Ritchie (STL0021)

23Mr Owen Clemett (STL0006)

24Mr Paul Moore (STL0002)

25Mr Raj Sankreacha (STL0015)

26Ms Isobel Bochel (STL0030)

27National Union of Students (STL0029)

28Nelson College London (STL0012)

29Nicholas Bridal (STL0005)

30Office for National Statistics (STL0048)

31Open University (STL0032)

32Professor Andy Green and Professor Geoff Mason (STL0031)

33Professor Michael Larkin (STL0007)

34Royal Statistical Society (STL0047)

35Rt Hon. Prof John Denham (STL0028)

36Russell Group (STL0038)

37Sam Brook (STL0023)

38Sutton Trust (STL0033)

39UK Statistics Authority / Office for National Statistics (STL0027)

40Universities UK (STL0026)

41University and College Union (STL0043)

42University of Central Lancashire (STL0040)

43University of Derby (STL0037)

15 February 2018