Childcare Contents



1 The economic impact of childcare

Impact of childcare policy on productivity

Does childcare support increase employment rates?

Gender pay gap

Alternative policies to increase supply of parents in the labour market

The economic contribution of stay-at-home parents

2 The design of Government’s childcare schemes

Summary of Government childcare schemes and aims

Conflict between policy objectives

Universal credit, tax credits, and the Government’s policy objectives

Gaps in the Government’s childcare schemes

Access to childcare support while in training

Support for those not yet in employment

3 Identified problems within childcare policy implementation

Tax-Free Childcare low level of take up

Lack of awareness and perception of costs

The childcare services website and inadequate guidance tools

Difficulties in choosing the right scheme

4 Funding of 30-hours free childcare

Level of funding provided

Shortcomings of data used to support level of funding

Is there a funding shortfall?

Potential unintended consequences

Administrative issues faced by providers as a result of 30-hours scheme

5 Tax-Free Childcare replacing childcare vouchers

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

25 March 2018