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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

CHI numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

11966 Juliet Chalk (CHI0046)

23mxchildcare Ltd (CHI0017)

3A M LEWIS (CHI0099)

4Alive to the World UK Louise Kirk (CHI0059)

5All Souls CE Primary (CHI0076)

6Barbara Riddell (CHI0064)

7Bradford Metropolitan District Council (CHI0088)

8Bright Sparks Preschool (CHI0057)

9Brighton & Hove City Council (CHI0067)

10British Au Pair Agencies Association (CHI0010)

11British Chambers of Commerce (CHI0105)

12Bushy Leaze Early Years Centre (CHI0053)

13Cambridge Day Nursery (CHI0014)

14Cambridge Day Nursery (CHI0023)

15Ceeda Research Limited (CHI0098)

16Childcare Voucher Providers Association (CHI0077)

17David Whiscombe (CHI0097)

18Dr Maria Lyons (CHI0070)

19Early Education (CHI0054)

20ELBA A Tapia (CHI0042)

21Ellen Bartoloni (CHI0022)

22Employers For Childcare (CHI0009)

23Family and Childcare Trust (CHI0075)

24Fideliti Limited (CHI0013)

25Fiveways Playcentre (CHI0091)

26Funcare Ltd (CHI0007)

27Heather Mills (CHI0036)

28Helen Bilton (CHI0019)

29Helen Wyrill (CHI0043)

30HM Treasury (CHI0107)

31HMRC (CHI0106)

32Humpty Dumpty Day Nurseries Ltd (CHI0096)

33Kate O’Farrell (CHI0068)

34Killik & Co LLP (CHI0092)

35Local Government Association (CHI0049)

36London Councils (CHI0093)

37Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (CHI0100)

38Miss Terri-Anne creasser (CHI0008)

39mothers at home matter (CHI0044)

40Mr Andrew Shimmin (CHI0006)

41Mr Douglas Leckie (CHI0029)

42Mr John O’Neill (CHI0002)

43Mr Nick Leake (CHI0039)

44Mrs Alison Jones (CHI0073)

45Mrs Alison Kavanagh (CHI0065)

46Mrs Amanda D’Oyly (CHI0089)

47Mrs Anne Fennell (CHI0060)

48Mrs Becky Irving (CHI0087)

49Mrs Claire Green (CHI0041)

50Mrs Claire Paye (CHI0030)

51Mrs Elizabeth Sydenham (CHI0032)

52Mrs Evelyn Williams (CHI0094)

53Mrs Genevieve Jordan (CHI0085)

54Mrs Jeanette Dobson (CHI0048)

55Mrs Katherine McGuinness (CHI0103)

56Mrs Kim Barnetson (CHI0012)

57Mrs Lydia Keyte (CHI0004)

58Mrs Lynne Burnham (CHI0021)

59Mrs Lynsey Kelleher (CHI0011)

60Mrs Naomi Stadlen (CHI0047)

61Mrs Rachel Brooker (CHI0102)

62Mrs Rebecca Nuttall (CHI0027)

63Mrs Ruth Thomas (CHI0069)

64Mrs Stella Tidman (CHI0003)

65Mrs Susan Alexander-Barnes (CHI0031)

66Mrs Susan Sugden (CHI0040)

67Mrs Tara Easton (CHI0018)

68Mrs Victoria Begbie (CHI0063)

69Mrs Zoe Williams (CHI0005)

70Ms Carys Dorritt (CHI0056)

71Ms Christine Green (CHI0038)

72Ms Diana Dean (CHI0050)

73Ms Julie Morris (CHI0026)

74Ms Kathryn Kelly (CHI0055)

75Ms lynn thompson (CHI0045)

76Ms Melodie Hannon (CHI0035)

77National Day Nurseries Association (CHI0095)

78New View Nursery (CHI0025)

79Oaklands Nursery (CHI0033)

80PATA (UK) (CHI0082)

81Patricia Dudley (CHI0037)

82Peter Mills (CHI0034)

83Potley Hill Community Preschool (CHI0061)

84Pre-school Learning Alliance (CHI0066)

85Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) (CHI0084)

86Professor Eva Lloyd (CHI0071)

87Prospect (CHI0024)

88Save the Children (CHI0090)

89Suffolk County Council (CHI0079)

90The Children’s Garden (CHI0020)

91The Heathers Nursery (CHI0015)

92University of Essex and other universities (CHI0081)

93Willaston Pre-school (CHI0062)

94Women’s Equality Party (CHI0101)

95Working Families (CHI0086)

25 March 2018