Crypto-assets Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

DGC numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Adrian Markey Ltd (DGC0006)

2Bank of England (DGC0055)

3Bank of England (DGC0063)

4Barclays (DGC0023)

5Baton Systems (DGC0050)

6Blockchain Training (DGC0029)

7BSI (DGC0018)

8Chaintech PLC (DGC0045)

9Charities Aid Foundation (DGC0030)

10City of London Corporation (DGC0051)

11Clearmatics (DGC0049)

12Coinfloor Limited (DGC0032)

13Coinfloor PLC (DGC0062)

14ConsenSys (DGC0039)

15Creative Investment Research (DGC0010)

16Cryptonomy (DGC0011)

17CryptoUK (DGC0031)

18CryptoUK (DGC0061)

19David Gerard (DGC0052)

20Digital Currency Foundation (DGC0046)

21Digital Currency Initiative, MIT Media Lab (DGC0058)

22Dr Alison Lui (DGC0016)

23Dr Andres Guadamuz (DGC0013)

24Dr Grammateia Kotsialou and Dr Luke Riley (DGC0035)

25Electronic Money Association (DGC0056)

26Everledger (DGC0033)

27Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP (DGC0020)

28Financial Conduct Authority (DGC0028)

29Financial Reporting Council (DGC0022)

30Henry Jackson Society (DGC0057)

31Izabella Kaminska and Martin Walker (DGC0034)

32Mastercard (DGC0048)

33Miss Ilaria Zavoli (DGC0012)

34Mr Adam Kershaw (DGC0007)

35Mr Alfio Puglisi (DGC0025)

36Mr Andrew Britto (DGC0009)

37Mr David Prais (DGC0008)

38Mr Reece Procter (DGC0002)

39Mr Sam Hodge (DGC0005)

40NAC Foundation (DGC0026)

41NCC Group (DGC0043)

42Newgate Communications (DGC0036)

43Outlier Ventures (DGC0059)

44Positive Money (DGC0024)

45Positive Money (DGC0027)

46Professor Jorge Stolfi (DGC0054)

47Professor Ross Anderson (DGC0047)

48Pundi X Labs Pte (DGC0041)

49R3 (DGC0044)

50Ripple (DGC0060)

51Solicitors Regulation Authority (DGC0017)

52Susan Hedley (DGC0042)

53The Poseidon Foundation (DGC0021)

Published: 19 September 2018