Autumn Budget 2017: Government and Office for Budget Responsibility responses to the Treasury Committee’s Fifth Report Contents


Third Special Report

Appendix A: Government Response

The Economy: Productivity

The Economy: OBR forecasting alternative scenarios

The fiscal rules

Government spending on preparation for Brexit, and the financial settlement with the European Union

Stamp Duty and housing measures

Distributional analysis

Equality impact assessment of the Budget

Business Rates and the so-called ‘staircase tax’

Social care funding

Universal Credit

Assessment of the tax measures in the Autumn Statement

Appendix B: Office for Budget Responsibility Response

Trade intensity and productivity

Basing forecasts on current Government policy

Reassessing the impact of the vote to leave

Transitional arrangements after Brexit

Basing a forecast on the full Withdrawal Agreement

The EU financial settlement

Stamp duty land tax relief for first-time buyers

20 March 2018