Older people and employment Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

OPE numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1A member of the public (OPE0008)

2Age UK (OPE0036)

3Arthritis Research UK (OPE0041)

4Business in the Community (OPE0030)

5Carers UK (OPE0040)

6Centre for Ageing Better (OPE0039)

7Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (OPE0032)

8Chartered Management Institute (CMI) (OPE0043)

9Dr Airey and Professor Loretto (OPE0027)

10Dr Kath Atkinson (OPE0038)

11Dr Vanessa Beck (OPE0024)

12Employment Related Services Association (OPE0026)

13Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (OPE0004)

14Fawcett Society (OPE0029)

15HM Government (OPE0034)

16Joan Lardy (OPE0002)

17Later Life Ambitions (OPE0045)

18Letitia Davis (OPE0031)

19Mercer (OPE0049)

20Miss Gill Kennett (OPE0010)

21Miss Julie Gardiner (OPE0011)

22Mr Michael Connolly (OPE0018)

23Mrs Baddams (OPE0007)

24Mrs Carol Swain (OPE0009)

25Mrs Catherine Coe (OPE0019)

26Mrs Chris Kemp-Philp (OPE0012)

27Mrs Dot Holden (OPE0003)

28Mrs Elizabeth Arbon-Stuckle (OPE0013)

29Mrs Elspeth Waterworth (OPE0001)

30Mrs Lynn Beddoe (OPE0006)

31Ms Brigid Finlayson (OPE0005)

32Ms Penelope Young (OPE0015)

33New Middle Age (OPE0025)

34Nottingham Civic Exchange (OPE0037)

35PPMA & Jobsgopublic (OPE0028)

36Professer Manfredi and Professor Vickers (OPE0020)

37Professor Carol Atkinson (OPE0046)

38Professor Sarah Vickerstaff (OPE0023)

39Recruitment and Employment Confederation (OPE0042, OPE0047)

40Steve Beesley (OPE0048)

41Trades Union Congress (OPE0035)

42Unum (OPE0021)

43VMG Associates (OPE0022)

44Wilf Foster (OPE0044)

45Wote Street People (OPE0014)

46Zurich Insurance PLC (OPE0033)

Published: 17 July 2018