Sexual harassment in the workplace Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

SHW numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Anya Proops QC, Aileen McColgan, Natalie Connor and Jennifer Robinson (SHW0059)

238 Degrees (SHW0025)

3A member of the public (SHW0009)

4A member of the public (SHW0012)

5A member of the public (SHW0015)

6A member of the public (SHW0043)

7A member of the public (SHW0046)

8A member of the public (SHW0075)

9A member of the public (SHW0078)

10A member of the public (SHW0079)

11A member of the public (SHW0081)

12A member of the public (SHW0083)

13A member of the public (SHW0090)

14A member of the public (SHW0007)

15A member of the public (SHW0004)

16Acas (SHW0056, SHW0067)

17Andrew Shepherd (SHW0074)

18Anonymous (SHW0013)

19CARE International UK (SHW0001)

20CBI (SHW0064)

21Centre for Gender and Violence Research, University of Bristol (SHW0089)

22Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (SHW0033)

23Civil Mediation Council (SHW0087)

24Close the Gap (SHW0040)

25CM Murray LLP (SHW0019)

26Dr Afroditi Pina (SHW0034)

27Dr James Hand (SHW0084)

28Dr James Hand and Dr Panos Kapotas (SHW0085)

29Dr Julia Shaw, Rashid Minhas and Camilla Elphick (SHW0037)

30Dr Sandra Fielden (SHW0068, SHW0071)

31EEF (SHW0048)

32Equality and Human Rights Commission (SHW0057, SHW0069, SHW0088, SHW0091)

33Federation of Small Business (SHW0073)

34Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) (SHW0016)

35Free Representation Unit (SHW0072)

36Government Equalities Office (SHW0050)

37Health and Safety Executive (SHW0077)

38House of Commons (SHW0070)

39Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) (SHW0027)

40Institute of Directors (SHW0086)

41Law Society of Scotland (SHW0039)

42Michelle Russell (SHW0063)

43Mr Danny Hardie (SHW0002)

44Mr Mark Gilligan (SHW0006)

45Mrs Kirsten Burnett (SHW0003)

46Ms Kim Weeks (SHW0028)

47Ms Roseanne Russell (SHW0011)

48NASUWT (SHW0054)

49National Education Union (NEU) (SHW0022)

50National Union of Journalists (SHW0029)

51NGO Safe Space (SHW0038)

52Ofsted (SHW0076)

53Professor Clare McGlynn (SHW0008)

54Professor Lizzie Barmes (SHW0053)

55Professor Richard Moorhead (SHW0062)

56ProtectED (SHW0041)

57Rape Crisis England and Wales (SHW0045)

58Recruitment and Employment Confederation (SHW0055)

59Rose McGowan (SHW0065)

60Safely Spoken (SHW0023)

61Solicitors Regulation Authority (SHW0021)

62Stonewall (SHW0020)

63The Bar Council (SHW0061)

64The Bar Standards Board (SHW0044)

65The Everyday Sexism Project (SHW0051)

66The Fawcett Society (SHW0030)

67The Law Society (SHW0042)

68Tradesecrets UK (SHW0032)

69TUC (SHW0031)

70Unite the union (SHW0035)

71Vault (Vault Platform Ltd) (SHW0024)

72Victim Support (SHW0036)

73YESS Law (SHW0049)

74Young Women’s Trust (SHW0010)

75Zelda Perkins (SHW0052, SHW0058)

Published: 25 July 2018