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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

BEC numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Billanie, Mr Paul (BEC0016)

2Birmingham City Council (BEC0047)

3Brighton and Hove City Council (BEC0021)

4Cambridge Council (BEC0034)

5Carmarthenshire County Council (BEC0041)

6Chartered Institute of Housing (BEC0025)

7Child Poverty Action Group (BEC0022)

8Child Poverty Action Group (BEC0039)

9Colchester Borough Council (BEC0042)

10Cornwall Housing Limited (BEC0002)

11Craven District Council (BEC0036)

12Ctizens Advice Scotland (BEC0007)

13Department for Work and Pensions (BEC0023)

14Durham County Council (BEC0019)

15Forrest, Ms Diana E (BEC0011)

16Gingerbread (BEC0012)

17Gwent Welfare Reform Partnership (GWRP) (BEC0003)

18Kingston Upon Thames (BEC0043)

19Liverpool City Council (BEC0044)

20The Local Government Association (BEC0026)

21London Councils (BEC0018)

22Manchester City Council (BEC0035)

23Mansfield District Council (BEC0031)

24Name Withheld (BEC0005)

25Name Withheld (BEC0009)

26Name Withheld (BEC0010)

27Newcastle City Council (BEC0032)

28Newcastle City Council and Your Homes Newcastle (BEC0020)

29Oxford City Council (BEC0040)

30Policy in Practice (BEC0006)

31Policy in Practice (BEC0029)

32Refugee Council (BEC0008)

33Residential Landlords Association (BEC0028)

34Ryedale District Council (BEC0038)

35Shelter (BEC0024)

36Shelter Scotland (BEC0013)

37South Staffordshire Council (BEC0033)

38Spelthorne Borough Council (BEC0045)

39Stonewater (BEC0014)

40Sunderland City Council (BEC0046)

41Waverley Borough Council (BEC0037)

42Welfare Rights and Money Advice Service (WRAMAS) - Bristol City Council (BEC0015)

43Wirral Council (BEC0030)

44Women’s Aid Federation of England (BEC0017)

45Zacchaeeus 2000 Trust (BEC0027)

Published: 12 March 2019