Welfare safety net Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

WSN numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1A Menu for Change (WSN0091)

2Adrian Venditti (WSN0008)

3Advice NI (WSN0007)

4Advice Nottingham (WSN0069)

5Association of Pensions & Benefits Claimants CIC (WSN0027)

6Banburyshire Advice Centre (WSN0013)

7Bangor University (WSN0004)

8Bright Blue (WSN0126)

9British Red Cross (WSN0123)

10Cathedral Food Bank, Bangor (WSN0040)

11Centre for Cities (WSN0122)

12Centrepoint (WSN0058)

13Changing Lives (WSN0043)

14Chartered Institute of Housing (WSN0078)

15Child Poverty Action Group (WSN0116)

16Christine Williams (WSN0020)

17Church of England’s Mission & Public Affairs Council and The Children’s Society (WSN0046)

18Citizens Advice (WSN0114)

19Citizens Advice Newcastle (WSN0079)

20Citizens Advice Swansea Neath Port Talbot (WSN0052)

21Citizen’s Basic Income Trust (WSN0037)

22Community Links (WSN0076)

23Crisis (WSN0099)

24Daylight Centre Fellowship (WSN0014)

25Dean Hawkins (WSN0022)

26Department for Work and Pensions (WSN0108)

27Depaul UK (WSN0089)

28Derby County Council (WSN0119)

29Disability Rights UK (WSN0083)

30End Hunger UK (WSN0088)

31Equality and Human Rights Commission (WSN0111)

32Equality and Human Rights Commission (WSN0124)

33Homeless Link (WSN0067)

34Humans of the Streets (WSN0098)

35Inclusion London (WSN0053)

36individual terence jolley (WSN0031)

37I-SPHERE (WSN0112)

38Joseph Rowntree Foundation (WSN0077)

39Just Fair (WSN0042)

40Leonard Cheshire (WSN0072)

41Liverpool City Council (WSN0100)

42Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales (WSN0101)

43London Child Poverty Alliance (WSN0065)

44London Plus (WSN0096)

45London School of Economics (WSN0109)

46Medact (WSN0104)

47Mind (WSN0095)

48MND Association (WSN0055)

49Mr Joel Halligan (WSN0081)

50Mrs Jan Thomas (WSN0030)

51Mrs Marjorie Bahhaj (WSN0026)

52Ms Kate R (WSN0023)

53MS Society (WSN0082)

54Mulberry Community Project (WSN0003)

55Name Withheld (WSN0005)

56Name Withheld (WSN0006)

57Name Withheld (WSN0010)

58Name Withheld (WSN0016)

59Name Withheld (WSN0017)

60Name Withheld (WSN0018)

61Name Withheld (WSN0025)

62Name Withheld (WSN0028)

63Name Withheld (WSN0029)

64Name Withheld (WSN0036)

65Name Withheld (WSN0056)

66Name Withheld (WSN0062)

67Name Withheld (WSN0120)

68NAWRA (WSN0121)

69Newcastle City Council and Your Homes Newcastle (WSN0092)

70NHS Health Scotland (WSN0074)

71Nordic Model Now (WSN0064)

72Norton Outreach Centre (part of Stockton and Billingham Foodbank) (WSN0033)

73Nottingham Trent University (WSN0102)

74Nottingham Trent University (WSN0125)

75Parkinson’s UK (WSN0106)

76Peabody (WSN0066)

77Public and Commercial Services Union (WSN0063)

78Refuge (WSN0086)

79Refugee Council (WSN0050)

80Reverend Paul Nicolson (WSN0044)

81Scope (WSN0054)

82Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (WSN0057)

83Scottish Government (WSN0080)

84Scottish Unemployed Workers’ Network (WSN0038)

85SHAL Housing (WSN0048)

86Shelter (WSN0107)

87Shelter Scotland (WSN0045)

88Social Metrics Commission (WSN0084)

89Southampton Anti-Poverty Network (WSN0073)

90St Mungo’s (WSN0070)

91St Vincent de Paul Society in Harrogate (WSN0034)

92StepChange Debt Charity (WSN0059)

93Stephen Baxter (WSN0011)

94Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming (WSN0047)

95T Rees (WSN0041)

96Taxpayers Against Poverty (WSN0009)

97Teesside University (WSN0060)

98The Equality Trust (WSN0039)

99The Highland Council (WSN0093)

100The Local Government Association (WSN0094)

101The Matthew Tree Project (WSN0019)

102The Prince’s Trust (WSN0103)

103The Royal British Legion (WSN0090)

104The Trussell Trust (WSN0105)

105Thomas Pocklington Trust (WSN0021)

106Tim Merricks (WSN0118)

107UK Women’s Budget Group (WSN0024)

108Ulster University (WSN0068)

109Understanding Society, the UK Household Longitudinal Study (WSN0051)

110Univerity of Essex (WSN0110)

111University of York (WSN0117)

112WASPI (WSN0032)

113Wheatley Group (WSN0085)

114Women’s Aid Federation of England (WSN0049)

115YMCA England & Wales (WSN0035)

116Young Women’s Trust (WSN0071)

117Zacchaeus 2000 Trust (WSN0115)

Published: 31 July 2019