Universal Credit: childcare Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

UCR numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Accord (UCR0021)

2Administrator Nicholas Berry (UCR0213)

3Aiden Cameron (UCR0064)

4Albyn Housing Society (UCR0009)

5Albyn Housing Society (UCR0056)

6Alex Sheffield (UCR0159)

7Assn of British Insurers (UCR0206)

8Asylum Matters (UCR0125)

9BCHA Preston (UCR0027)

10Birmingham City Council (UCR0132)

11Bradford University (UCR0006)

12Bright Blue (UCR0194)

13Bristol University / Women’s Budget Group (UCR0215)

14British Association of Social Workers (UCR0108)

15Centre for Social Justice (UCR0133)

16Centre for Social Justice (UCR0266)

17Centrepoint (UCR0011)

18Chesterfield Borough Council (UCR0012)

19Child Action Poverty Group (UCR0020)

20Child Poverty Action Group (UCR0096)

21Child Poverty Action Group (UCR0107)

22Child Poverty Action Group (UCR0202)

23Child Poverty Action Group (UCR0233)

24Child Poverty Action Group (UCR0263)

25Christians Against Poverty (UCR0130)

26CIH (UCR0019)

27Citizens Advice (UCR0141)

28Citizens Advice (UCR0201)

29Citizens Advice (UCR0238)

30Citizens Advice (UCR0268)

31Citizens Advice Craven and Harrogate Districts office (UCR0079)

32Citizens Advice Derbyshire Districts (UCR0088)

33Citizens Advice Scotland (UCR0029)

34Citizens Advice Scotland (UCR0221)

35Citizens Advice Sheffield (UCR0047)

36Citizens Advice Waltham Forest (UCR0178)

37City of Lincoln Council (UCR0016)

38City of Lincoln Council (UCR0173)

39Community (UCR0134)

40Community Housing Cymru (UCR0124)

41Community Housing Cymru (UCR0181)

42Name Withheld (UCR0161)

43COSLA (UCR0053)

44Cottsway Housing (UCR0015)

45Coventry Citizens Advice (UCR0090)

46Davido Ltd (UCR0162)

47Deaf Connections (UCR0001)

48Department for Work and Pensions (UCR0186)

49Department for Work and Pensions (UCR0216)

50Department for Work and Pensions (UCR0240)

51Department for Work and Pensions (UCR0267)

52Department of Work and Pensions (UCR0279)

53Disability Rights UK (UCR0249)

54Donna (UCR0060)

55Dr Christine Davies (UCR0062)

56Dr Christine Davies (UCR0193)

57Dr J. Gene Gristock (UCR0195)

58East Lothian Housing Assn (UCR0003)

59Eastern Landlords (UCR0031)

60Engender and Scottish Women’s Aid (UCR0224)

61Equality and Human Rights Commission (UCR0231)

62Equity (UCR0128)

63Equity Tax and Welfare Rights Team (UCR0191)

64Equity Trade Union (UCR0046)

65ERSA (UCR0166)

66Families Need Fathers (UCR0061)

67Feeding Britain (UCR0111)

68Financial Mutual (UCR0208)

69First Point Basingstoke, The You Trust (UCR0145)

70Geoff Fimister (UCR0002)

71Gingerbread (UCR0106)

72Gingerbread (UCR0112)

73Gingerbread (UCR0198)

74Gloucester City Homes (UCR0024)

75Green Square Group (UCR0041)

76Gwent Welfare Reform Partnership (UCR0223)

77Gwent Welfare Reform Partnership (GWRP) (UCR0189)

78Gwent Welfare Support (UCR0022)

79Halton Housing Trust (UCR0008)

80Halton Housing Trust (UCR0120)

81Halton Housing Trust (UCR0211)

82Haren Visavadia (UCR0264)

83Hastings & Rother Credit Union (UCR0109)

84Helen Bamber Foundation (UCR0129)

85Homeless Link (UCR0091)

86Housing Justice (UCR0086)

87Housing Systems (UCR0182)

88Hugh Hamilton (UCR0052)

89Inclusion London (UCR0117)

90Institute for Fiscal Studies (UCR0192)

91Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation (UCR0122)

92IPSE (UCR0174)

93IPSE (UCR0219)

94Islington Council (UCR0025)

95J Wallis-Martin (UCR0170)

96John Robinson (UCR0037)

97Jol Wardle (UCR0169)

98Joseph Rowntree Foundation (UCR0136)

99Joseph Rowntree Foundation (UCR0258)

100Knowsley Council (UCR0026)

101Lambeth Council (UCR0099)

102Lancashire County Council (UCR0013)

103Layla Moran (UCR0156)

104Liverpool City Council (UCR0068)

105Local Government Association (UCR0237)

106Local Government Association (UCR0242)

107London Borough of Hounslow (UCR0105)

108London Borough of Lambeth (UCR0179)

109London Borough of Tower Hamlets (UCR0243)

110London Councils (UCR0030)

111London Councils (UCR0250)

112Low Income Tax Reform Group (UCR0260)

113Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (UCR0196)

114Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) (UCR0200)

115Marc Welham (UCR0147)

116Mark Ingram (UCR0164)

117Mind (UCR0137)

118Mind (UCR0253)

119Miss Amina Khatun (UCR0073)

120Miss CLARE GORST (UCR0177)

121Miss Hannah Krepski (UCR0165)

122Miss michelle newbold (UCR0157)

123Miss Siobhan O’Connor (UCR0044)

124Motor Neurone Disease Association (UCR0270)

125Mr alexander brown (UCR0131)

126Mr Anthony BEXLEY (UCR0127)

127Mr Daryn Manchip (UCR0059)

128Mr Dave Stockley (UCR0187)

129Mr Jim Harrington (UCR0033)

130Mr Julian Jackson (UCR0172)

131Mr Kenneth Evans (UCR0058)

132Mr Michael Wood (UCR0072)

133Mr Neil Harrison (UCR0152)

134Mr Paul Archer (UCR0049)

135Mr Richard Lock (UCR0212)

136Mr Roger Godsiff MP (UCR0217)

137Mrs Gillian Putterill (UCR0101)

138Ms Fiona Kirton (UCR0153)

139Ms Fran Bennett (UCR0222)

140Ms Sally Beadle (UCR0155)

141Ms Suzy Currell (UCR0183)

142Musselburgh Citizens Advice Bureau (UCR0110)

143Name withheld (UCR0070)

144Name withheld (UCR0074)

145Name Withheld (UCR0035)

146Name Withheld (UCR0036)

147Name Withheld (UCR0038)

148Name Withheld (UCR0040)

149Name Withheld (UCR0042)

150Name Withheld (UCR0045)

151Name Withheld (UCR0063)

152Name Withheld (UCR0065)

153Name Withheld (UCR0066)

154Name Withheld (UCR0067)

155Name Withheld (UCR0071)

156Name Withheld (UCR0076)

157Name Withheld (UCR0081)

158Name Withheld (UCR0085)

159Name Withheld (UCR0100)

160Name Withheld (UCR0119)

161Name Withheld (UCR0121)

162Name Withheld (UCR0126)

163Name Withheld (UCR0138)

164Name Withheld (UCR0143)

165Name Withheld (UCR0144)

166Name Withheld (UCR0146)

167Name Withheld (UCR0148)

168Name Withheld (UCR0150)

169Name Withheld (UCR0151)

170Name Withheld (UCR0154)

171Name Withheld (UCR0158)

172Name Withheld (UCR0163)

173Name Withheld (UCR0175)

174Name Withheld (UCR0204)

175Name Withheld (UCR0207)

176Name Withheld (UCR0244)

177Name Withheld (UCR0254)

178Name Withheld (UCR0269)

179National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers (UCR0262)

180National Housing Federation (UCR0218)

181NAWRA (UCR0018)

182NAWRA (UCR0113)

183New Charter Group (UCR0004)

184NFU (UCR0199)

185North East Homeless Think Tank (UCR0168)

186Onward Homes (UCR0034)

187Orbit (UCR0209)

188Papworth Trust (UCR0087)

189PCS Union (UCR0247)

190Peabody (UCR0075)

191Peopleplus (UCR0180)

192Plymouth Community Homes (UCR0102)

193Plymouth Community Housing (UCR0023)

194Policy in Practice (UCR0160)

195Public and Commercial Services Union (UCR0118)

196Radian (UCR0115)

197RCH Accord (UCR0104)

198Refuge (UCR0234)

199Refugee Action (UCR0140)

200Residential Landlords Association (UCR0028)

201Resolution Foundation (UCR0229)

202Richard Chisnall (UCR0176)

203Royal Greenwich Welfare Rights Service (UCR0048)

204Royal Mencap Society (UCR0184)

205Runnymede Trust (UCR0116)

206SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) (UCR0080)

207Save the Children (UCR0257)

208Save the Children (UCR0278)

209Scope (UCR0057)

210Scope (UCR0197)

211Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (UCR0092)

212Scottish Women’s Aid (UCR0236)

213Shaw Trust (UCR0255)

214Shelter (UCR0093)

215Shelter (UCR0203)

216South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (UCR0188)

217Southampton Advice and Representation Centre Limited (UCR0055)

218Southwark Council (UCR0103)

219Southwark, Hounslow and Tower Hamlets (UCR0010)

220Sovereign (UCR0007)

221St Mungos (UCR0032)

222St Mungo’s (UCR0077)

223St. Augustine’s Centre (UCR0139)

224StepChange Debt Charity (UCR0050)

225StepChange Debt Charity (UCR0261)

226Surviving Economic Abuse (UCR0230)

227Surviving Economic Abuse (UCR0241)

228Tax Reform Group (UCR0220)

229The Childrens Society (UCR0248)

230The Children’s Society (UCR0094)

231The Children’s Society (UCR0171)

232The Children’s Society (UCR0245)

233The Fostering Network (UCR0082)

234The Highland Council (UCR0185)

235The Prince’s Trust (UCR0190)

236Together Liverpool/Just Finance (UCR0078)

237Torus (UCR0005)

238Trussell Trust (UCR0017)

239Trussell Trust (UCR0083)

240Turn2us (UCR0123)

241UK Women’s Budget Group (UCR0214)

242UNISON (UCR0095)

243University of Birmingham (UCR0259)

244VIVID (UCR0135)

245Wakefield and District Housing (UCR0014)

246WDH (UCR0054)

247Welfare Conditionality Project (UCR0098)

248Wigan Council (UCR0228)

249WinVisible (women with visible & invisible disabilities) (UCR0226)

250Wirral Foodbank (UCR0043)

251Women’s Aid Federation of England (UCR0225)

252Women’s Aid Federation of England (UCR0235)

253Women’s Budget Group (UCR0227)

254Women’s Budget Group (UCR0239)

255Women’s Budget Group (UCR0246)

256Women’s Budget Group (UCR0265)

257Your Homes Newcastle (UCR0084)

Published: 23 December 2018