Universal Credit: natural migration Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

UCN numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Aster Group (UCN0069)

2Charles Elinson (UCN0008)

3Charter Housing (UCN0028)

4Child Poverty Action Group (UCN0059)

5Citizens Advice (UCN0062)

6Citizens Advice Craven Harrogate & Districts (UCN0034)

7Citizens Advice Peterborough (UCN0052)

8Citizens Advice Scotland (UCN0020)

9Citizens Advice Stafffordshire North and Stoke-on-Trent Citizens Advice (UCN0041)

10Crisis (UCN0058)

11Curo (UCN0066)

12Derbyshire County Council Welfare Rights Service (UCN0023)

13Derek Bates (UCN0005)

14Disability Rights UK (UCN0056)

15Entitledto (UCN0080)

16Gingerbread (UCN0022)

17Glasgow City Council (UCN0054)

18Homeless (UCN0048)

19Inclusion London (UCN0061)

20Islington Council (UCN0053)

21Law Centre NI (UCN0067)

22London Councils (UCN0024)

23Macmillan Cancer Support (UCN0057)

24Mind (UCN0045)

25Laura Pidcock MP (UCN0070)

26Mr Mr Hadwen (UCN0035)

27Mrs Vanessa Bowen (UCN0012)

28Mrs Vanessa Bowen (UCN0015)

29Ms Jane Halliday (UCN0038)

30MS Society (UCN0049)

31Name Withheld (UCN0007)

32Name Withheld (UCN0011)

33Name Withheld (UCN0013)

34Name Withheld (UCN0036)

35Name Withheld (UCN0068)

36Name Withheld (UCN0078)

37NAWRA (UCN0033)

38NHS Health Scotland (UCN0060)

39None None (UCN0004)

40One Housing (UCN0055)

41Oxfordshire Welfare Rights (UCN0046)

42Peabody (UCN0077)

43Policy in Practice (UCN0019)

44Policy in Practice (UCN0079)

45Resolution Foundation (UCN0081)

46Riverside (UCN0064)

47Royal Mencap Society (UCN0050)

48Scope (UCN0017)

49Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (UCN0051)

50Shelter (UCN0076)

51Single Financial Guidance Body (UCN0047)

52T. Rees. (UCN0003)

53Tax and Welfare Rights Advice Service, Equity Trade Union (UCN0025)

54The Highland Council (UCN0071)

55The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (UCN0040)

56The National Housing Federation (UCN0063)

57The Scottish Governement (UCN0075)

58Trussell Trust (UCN0073)

59UNISON (UCN0021)

60United Welsh (UCN0074)

61Usdaw (UCN0031)

62Vanessa Bowen (UCN0006)

63Your Homes Newcastle (UCN0027)

64Zacchaeus 2000 Trust (UCN0072)

Published: 23 July 2019