Universal Credit: tests for managed migration Contents

Annex: Proposed tests of readiness for managed migration ‘at scale’

1)These tests are based on the NAO’s compilation of data relevant to managed migration, outlined in correspondence from the Comptroller and Auditor-General.40 They have been updated in line with comments from stakeholders.



Data used or expected

Departmental performance

Payment timeliness

Number of people paid in full and on time

Number of people paid in part and on time

Length of delay before people paid in full and on time

The total time taken to make a successful claim, from registration to first full payment.

The total time taken from registration to acceptance

Work Coach/case manager performance

Work Coach and case manager caseload

Number of outstanding actions for Work Coaches and case managers

Number of claimants holding the expected number of meetings with their Work Coach

Number of appointments per Work Coach

Average waiting times for routine appointments

Timeliness in responding to journal requests

Systems performance

How many referrals are made to HMRC to resolve issues with RTI

% of automated processes, of those that are intended to be automated


Cost per claim

Cost per claim

Number of people successfully using Verify

Impact on claimants

Claimant satisfaction

Satisfaction surveys (including suitability of claimant commitments)

Internal claimant satisfaction scores

Average wait time for telephone calls

% of telephone calls unanswered

Proportion of appeals and Mandatory Reconsideration requests over UC claim decisions

Upheld rates of MRs and appeals

Number of cancelled migration notices

Financial duress

Foodbank referrals

% of claimants in financial hardship

% of claimants in bill or rent arrears

% of claimants accepting an advance

% of claimants able to repay their Advance within 12 (soon to be 16) months

% with other debt deductions (eg. local authority or utility debts) and rate of accumulation of debt

Number of Alternative Payment Arrangements in place

% of claimants receiving a sanction

Claimant dropout

Number of claimants whose claims are closed, how many closed claims are reinstated, how many claimants go on to make a new claim

Number of claimants who made contact but did not claim UC

Number of claimants who did not make contact following a migration notice

Number of claimants who made a claim but were not found eligible for UC

Number of claimants whose legacy benefits are terminated without making a valid UC claim

Number of claimants making a claim during the ‘grace’ period

Number of claimants making a claim during the ‘warm-up’ period but before receiving a migration notice

Vulnerable claimants

Number of claimants considered “vulnerable”

Use of Help to Claim

Amount and type of additional support provided

Number of claimants requesting an extension, how many accepted/denied, and reasons for request

Demand for non-digital claim routes

Impact on third parties

Financial impact on third parties

Additional costs created by Universal Credit (eg. for local government and the third sector)

Published: 1 May 2019