Benefit Sanctions Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

ANC numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Amanda Hammatt (ANC0023)

2Anthony Bain (ANC0013)

3Ben Geiger (ANC0089)

4British Psychological Society (ANC0061)

5Centrepoint (ANC0060)

6Child Poverty Action Group (ANC0056)

7Citizens Advice (ANC0067)

8Citizens Advice Derbyshire District (ANC0031)

9Citizens Advice Newcastle (ANC0051)

10Citizens Advice Rossendale & Hyndburn (ANC0058)

11Citizens Advice Scotland (ANC0076)

12Citizens Advice Staffordshire North and Stoke-on-Trent (ANC0052)

13Coventry Citizens Advice (ANC0049)

14Crisis (ANC0065)

15Crisis (ANC0092)

16David Morgan (ANC0004)

17David Taylor (ANC0010)

18Department for Work and Pensions (ANC0083)

19Depaul UK (ANC0070)

20Disability Rights UK (ANC0054)

21Dr Aaron Reeves (ANC0081)

22Dr Ben Geiger (ANC0063)

23Dr David Webster (ANC0019)

24Dr Rachel Loopstra (ANC0078)

25Ekklesia (ANC0038)

26Equality and Human Rights Commission (ANC0050)

27ERSA (ANC0066)

28Feeding Britain (ANC0072)

29First Choice Homes Oldham (ANC0024)

30Friends, Families and Travellers (ANC0030)

31Gingerbread (ANC0080)

32Gwent Welfare Reform Partnership (GWRP) (ANC0047)

33Homeless Link (ANC0032)

34Inclusion London (ANC0026)

35Jamie Hepburn (ANC0084)

36Joseph Rowntree Foundation (ANC0068)

37Law Society of Scotland (ANC0073)

38Leeds City Council (ANC0028)

39Luke O’Donnell (ANC0095)

40Mickey Taylor (ANC0020)

41Mind (ANC0064)

42Miss Samantha (ANC0085)

43MP Keith Brown (ANC0091)

44Mr Jagdish Chand (ANC0077)

45Mr peter humphreys (ANC0074)

46Mr Simon Ball (ANC0001)

47Mr Stephen Kerr (ANC0040)

48MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow (ANC0062)

49Ms Alice Walker (ANC0006)

50Ms Diana Trizna (ANC0011)

51Name Withheld (ANC0005)

52Name Withheld (ANC0014)

53Name Withheld (ANC0017)

54Name Withheld (ANC0018)

55Name Withheld (ANC0022)

56Name Withheld (ANC0075)

57Name Withheld (ANC0088)

58Name Withheld (ANC0090)

59Name Withheld (ANC0093)

60Name Withheld (ANC0094)

61NHS Health Scotland (ANC0045)

62North West Income Management Forum & Greater Manchester Housing Providers (ANC0035)

63Participation and Practice of Rights Project (ANC0033)

64Peabody (ANC0034)

65Portsmouth Tackling Poverty Strategy Steering Group (ANC0042)

66Presbyterian Church of Wales (ANC0057)

67Professor Michael Adler (ANC0025)

68Public Law Project (ANC0037)

69Royal Greenwich Welfare Rights Service (ANC0009)

70Royal Mencap Society (ANC0046)

71Salford Conditionality and Sanctions Task Force (ANC0071)

72SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) (ANC0069)

73Scope (ANC0021)

74SCOPE (ANC0087)

75SCOPE (ANC0096)

76Shaw Trust (ANC0086)

77St Mungo’s (ANC0044)

78Taxpayers Against Poverty (ANC0008)

79The Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and Church Action on Poverty (ANC0043)

80The Children’s Society (ANC0053)

81Thrive (ANC0012)

82University of Salford (ANC0036)

83Waltham Forest Stand Up For Your Rights (ANC0082)

84Welfare Conditionality Project (ANC0079)

85Welfare Rights and Money Advice Service (WRAMAS) (ANC0029)

86Young Women’s Trust (ANC0059)

87Your Homes Newcastle (ANC0039)

Published: 06 November 2018