Coastal flooding and erosion, and adaptation to climate change: Interim Report Contents

4Land use planning policy

47.We received evidence that local authorities are not effectively using their land use planning powers to prevent inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding or erosion, or to support adaptation measures or planned realignments of the coastline in SMPs.96 The National Trust suggested that some local authorities were not designating areas at risk of coastal change over the next 100 years as Coastal Change Management Areas in their local plans, which would restrict development, because it would prevent them meeting their targets for house building.97 Although the Environment Agency is a statutory consultee on local plans, and many applications for planning permission, Aiden Kerr from Flood Re suggested that often its advice is not followed, leading to inappropriate development.98

48.The Environment Agency should explain what actions it is currently taking to ensure it is effective in its role as a statutory consultee for proposed Coastal Change Management Areas, or if its role needs to be strengthened or other policy changes made, to ensure the system can prevent inappropriate development in areas at risk of coastal flooding or erosion.

49.Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Ministers should respond to concerns that their housebuilding targets may be leading to councils allowing inappropriate development in areas at risk from flooding or erosion; and to what extent the planning system as a whole is currently prioritising managing the risks from coastal flooding and erosion or needs strengthening.

96 National Trust (FCC0009) & Qq25–27

97 National Trust (FCC0009)

Published: 1 November 2019