Drugs policy Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

DRP numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Addaction (DRP0034)

2Agenda (DRP0036)

3Association of Directors of Public Health (DRP0057)

4British Medical Association (BMA) (DRP0035)

5British Psychological Society (DRP0060)

6Build on Belief (DRP0022)

7Camurus (DRP0063)

8Cannabis Skunk Sense (DRP0013)

9Centre for History in Public Health LSHTM (DRP0015)

10The Centre for Social Justice (DRP0067)

11Change Grow Live (DRP0040)

12Collaborate Centre for Inclusion Health (UCL) and Find & Treat (University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) (DRP0048)

13Collective Voice (DRP0046)

14Department of Health and Social Care (DRP0065)

15Dhadley, Mr Sunny (DRP0014)

16Drug Equality Alliance (DRP0026)

17Drugs, Alcohol & Justice Cross-Party Parliamentary Group (DRP0050)

18DrugScience (DRP0056)

19East Riding of Yorkshire Council (DRP0011)

20Expert Faculty on Commissioning (DRP0023)

21Farmer, Connor (DRP0024)


23Frary, Ms Kavita (DRP0058)

24Gleeson, B.A. Lic. T.C.M. Frank (DRP0002)

25Hansom, Mr Steven (DRP0010)

26Harm Reduction Group (DRP0043)

27Harm Reduction Group (DRP0072)

28Harm Reduction Group (DRP0074)

29Health Poverty Action (DRP0071)

30The Hepatitis C Trust (DRP0049)

31HIV Scotland (DRP0055)

32Hogg, Mr Ron (DRP0027)

33Horsley, Dr Jason (DRP0025)

34Humphreys, Esther Ting Memorial Professor Keith (DRP0009)

35Humphreys, Mrs Hope (DRP0069)

36The International Drugs Policy Unit, LSE (DRP0059)

37Kelly, Mr James (DRP0001)

38Law Enforcement Action Partnership UK (LEAP UK) (DRP0033)

39LGBT Foundation (DRP0038)

40Local Government Association (DRP0042)

41London Friend (DRP0020)

42MacGregor, Honorary Professor Susanne (DRP0068)

43MacGregor, Honorary Professor Susanne (DRP0070)

44MacGregor, Professor Susanne (DRP0019)

45Marsden, Professor John (DRP0007)

46May, Dr Tom (DRP0031)

47Mentor UK (DRP0030)

48Metrebian, Dr Nicola (DRP0051)

49NAT (National AIDS Trust) (DRP0044)

50National Pharmacy Association (DRP0066)

51NHS Substance Misuse Providers Alliance (DRP0032)

52North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner (DRP0029)

53NPCC - National Police Chiefs Council (DRP0041)

54Office of Police and Crime Commissioner Devon and Cornwall (DRP0061)

55Public Health England (DRP0062)

56Release (DRP0045)

57Royal College of Psychiatrists (DRP0037)

58Royal Society for Public Health (DRP0052)

59Simmons, Mr Peter (DRP0005)

60St Mungo’s (DRP0054)

61Stevenson, Dr Richard (DRP0018)

62Sumnall, Professor Harry (DRP0016)

63Thames Valley Police (DRP0073)

64Transform Drug policy Foundation (DRP0008)

65Transform Drug Policy Foundation (DRP0047)

66Twomey, Mr Ben (DRP0064)

67University of East London (DRP0017)

68Volteface (DRP0028)

69West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (DRP0012)

70Westwell, Professor Andrew (DRP0039)

71Yates, Dr Judith (DRP0053)

Published: 23 October 2019