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Fireworks Contents


79.E-petitions calling for greater restrictions on sales and use of fireworks have been motivated by people’s genuine concerns and, in many cases, substantial distress and harm they have suffered. We have heard about the appalling effects inconsiderate or irresponsible use of fireworks can have on animals and people, who deserve a determined effort across the relevant agencies to reduce the risks.

80.The most popular petitions have called for a ban on public sales and use, with support from hundreds of thousands of people. The call for this drastic action in recent years may have been motivated by the Government’s repeated complacent and dismissive responses to people’s concerns. While we do not support a ban on public sales and use of fireworks at this time, further inaction from Government and agencies could mean that it becomes the only option to reduce the harm caused by the misuse of fireworks.

81.Through better monitoring and increased public awareness of the harms caused by the misuse of fireworks, greater regulation of the marketing and sales of fireworks, and more protections for those most impacted, we have offered the Government reasonable and workable recommendations, on which we expect action rather than continued apathy. People rightly expect the Government to listen to them and take their concerns seriously. The Government’s response to this Report is its chance to finally do that.

Published: 5 November 2019