Fireworks Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

FWS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1AF Pyro Ltd (FWS0179)

2Allen, Frank (FWS0164)

3Allen, Mrs Magda (FWS0260)

4Anderson, Mr Guy (FWS0004)

5Ankers, Mr Shaun (FWS0005)

6Aresta, Dr Rita (FWS0274)

7Argrave, Sarah (FWS0046)

8Armstrong, Miss Nicola (FWS0196)

9Arnold, Mrs Julie (FWS0203)

10Association of Convenience Stores (FWS0347)

11Association of Convenience Stores (FWS0363)

12Atkin, Mrs Kristine (FWS0222)

13Atkinson, Mr Timothy (FWS0276)

14Auerbach, Irene (FWS0023)

15Austin, H (FWS0301)

16Austin, Ms Anne (FWS0292)

17Awty, Mr John (FWS0093)

18Baldwin, Mrs Sally (FWS0206)

19Ballard, Mrs Glen (FWS0152)

20Balletta, Mrs Ulla (FWS0257)

21Barber, Mrs Elizabeth (FWS0304)

22Barcombe Bonfire Society Limited (FWS0325)

23Bateman, Rachel (FWS0027)

24Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (FWS0248)

25Benedict, Mr Peter (FWS0083)

26Benson, Mrs Anita (FWS0070)

27The Big Firework Shop (FWS0349)

28Black, Black Cat Fireworks Ltd Lawrence (FWS0322)

29Blunt, Catherine (FWS0157)

30Blyther, Mrs Cecily (FWS0087)

31Bogard, Mark (FWS0081)

32Bogstrup, Mr Roy (FWS0049)

33Bonneville, Thomas (FWS0272)

34Booth, Graham (FWS0101)

35Booth, Mr Craig (FWS0082)

36Booth, Mrs Lisa (FWS0352)

37Bostock, Vic (FWS0188)

38Bosworth, Ms Lesley (FWS0116)

39Boughton, Miss Hilary (FWS0266)

40Bowcock, David (FWS0193)

41Bowden, Mr Henry (FWS0092)

42Bowen, Anthony (FWS0057)

43Bowes, Mrs Dawn (FWS0078)

44Bowler, Mrs Catherine (FWS0034)

45Bowskill, Mrs Lyn (FWS0234)

46Bradbrook, Mr Nik (FWS0117)

47Bradley, Mrs Denise (FWS0177)

48Brash, Graham (FWS0211)

49Brewster, Dr Bernice (FWS0037)

50Bright Star Fireworks (FWS0250)

51British Horse Society (FWS0150)

52British Veterinary Association (FWS0323)

53Buckland Athletic Football Club (FWS0303)

54Bullen, Mrs Denise (FWS0063)

55Bunker, Mrs Rose (FWS0226)

56Bunting, Mr Carl (FWS0251)

57Burden, Miss Gemma (FWS0277)

58Burgess, Mrs Jemma (FWS0071)

59Burns, Mrs Rhoda (FWS0123)

60Cairns, Louise (FWS0280)

61Cameron, Miss Jenny (FWS0171)

62Carlton, Mr John (FWS0279)

63Carter, Shaun (FWS0066)

64Cashion, Miss Phillippa (FWS0058)

65Cats Protection (FWS0309)

66Cernuschi, Mr Clive (FWS0283)

67Chamberlain, Janet (FWS0169)

68Chapman, Kimberly (FWS0229)

69Charles, Chris (FWS0072)

70Chilvers, Mr Keith (FWS0142)

71Chinese SSA (FWS0302)

72Chorlton, Pamela (FWS0053)

73Christiensen, Ms Lynda (FWS0199)

74Clarke, Jane (FWS0120)

75Clarke, Lesley (FWS0097)

76Clarke, Ms Penny (FWS0205)

77Closeside Ltd T/A Bestbuys (FWS0103)

78Coles, Mrs Anna (FWS0130)

79Collins, Mr William (FWS0045)

80Combe, Miss Donna (FWS0217)

81Companion Animal Behavioural Services (FWS0044)

82Cooper, Mrs Claire (FWS0290)

83Corker, Mrs Virginia (FWS0186)

84Coulter, Sue (FWS0178)

85Cox, Miss Anne-Marie (FWS0090)

86Coyle, Mr William (FWS0074)

87Crawford, Mrs Emma (FWS0089)

88Cullen, Ms Yvonne (FWS0227)

89Dando, Miss Lisa (FWS0256)

90Danielson, Veronika (FWS0067)

91Davison, David (FWS0059)

92Dewar, Mrs Pamela (FWS0136)

93Dixon, Mr Chris (FWS0088)

94Dixon, Mrs Gill (FWS0307)

95Dixon, Mrs Sue (FWS0167)

96Dodd, Mr Richard (FWS0223)

97Doorne, Julie (FWS0145)

98Doughty, Tracy (FWS0273)

99Drakeley, Ms Julie (FWS0287)

100Dunne, Miss Katherine (FWS0324)

101Durham, Mrs Samantha (FWS0354)

102Durrant, Lucy (FWS0215)

103E&FHRA (FWS0102)

104Eccles, Mr David (FWS0029)

105Edmondson, Rodney (FWS0127)

106Everett, D (FWS0316)

107Fairbairn, Mr David (FWS0042)

108Farr, Claire (FWS0224)

109Fensome, Mrs Lydia (FWS0270)

110Ferguson, Neil (FWS0252)

111Firework Crazy Limited (FWS0357)

112Fleming, Trudy (FWS0108)

113Fletcher, Mrs Sally (FWS0112)

114Ford, Peter (FWS0109)

115Fox, Mr Michael (FWS0149)

116Frenkel, Dr Heather (FWS0096)

117Friends Of Baxter Animal Care (FWS0326)

118Friends of Burchetts Green School (FWS0253)

119Friendship, Mrs Sally (FWS0176)

120Galvin, Chris (FWS0001)

121Gambles, Mr David (FWS0041)

122Gardner, Ms Anne (FWS0190)

123Gaynor, Louise (FWS0317)

124Gledhill, Mr Anthony (FWS0017)

125Glew, Mrs Sophie (FWS0271)

126Golding, Mrs Helen (FWS0208)

127Grady, Mrs Jessica (FWS0094)

128Gray, Martin (FWS0187)

129Gregg, Mr David (FWS0104)

130Guest-Naharnowicz, Mrs Maria (FWS0338)

131Guiney, Ella (FWS0061)

132Guiney, Mrs Ella (FWS0155)

133Gulliver, Mr Jason (FWS0237)

134Gulliver, Mr Jason (FWS0314)

135Hall, Caroline (FWS0038)

136Hall, Mr David (FWS0332)

137Hallett, Mrs Joy (FWS0098)

138Hamid, Dr Fozia (FWS0333)

139Hanton, Ms Mandy (FWS0184)

140Harding, Mr Simon (FWS0068)

141Harris, Mrs Janet (FWS0269)

142Harrison, Lindsay (FWS0183)

143Hartley, Miss Estelle (FWS0225)

144Hawthorne, Mrs Tracy (FWS0293)

145Health and Safety Executive (HSE) (FWS0315)

146Health and Safety Executive (HSE) (FWS0361)

147Herriott, Mrs Karen (FWS0154)

148Hershaw, Mrs Catherine (FWS0165)

149Hillage, James (FWS0121)

150Hobson, Mr Michael (FWS0255)

151Holdsworth, Mrs Hayley (FWS0350)

152Holmes, Mrs Deborah (FWS0175)

153Horner, Miss Lindsay (FWS0003)

154Houghton, C. (FWS0249)

155Hubble, Andy (FWS0289)

156Hunt, Mr Tony (FWS0254)

157Hunt, Mrs Trudy (FWS0241)

158Hurley, Mr Phil (FWS0080)

159Huxley, Mr Martin (FWS0022)

160Ingham, Rosie (FWS0162)

161Ingleheart, Mrs Rachel (FWS0051)

162Ingram, Mrs Estelle (FWS0243)

163Jennings, Sam (FWS0310)

164Jirotka, Marina (FWS0182)

165Johnson, Mr Brian (FWS0355)

166Jonathan's Fireworks Ltd (FWS0230)

167Jones, Miss Linzi (FWS0295)

168Jones, Mr Adrian (FWS0258)

169Jones, Mrs Vivienne (FWS0284)

170Jones, Natalie (FWS0238)

171Jubilee Fireworks (FWS0311)

172Judson, Miss Emma (FWS0132)

173Kearey, Mr Michael (FWS0161)

174Kelly, Ms Jane (FWS0163)

175Kerr, Susan (FWS0014)

176Kerslake, Karen (FWS0018)

177Ketley, Miss Debbie (FWS0342)

178King, Leanne (FWS0024)

179Kuribara, Chieko (FWS0281)

180Laing, Susan (FWS0306)

181Larner, Ms Caroline (FWS0207)

182Larrigan, Nicola (FWS0214)

183Lewis, Mr Gerald (FWS0297)

184Lewis, Paul (FWS0114)

185Lewis, Ruth (FWS0285)

186Lindsay, Mr kevin (FWS0015)

187Linning, Mrs Louise (FWS0194)

188Lombard, Ms Lindsey (FWS0288)

189Longbottom, Hannah (FWS0011)

190Lord, Vanessa (FWS0173)

191Luck, William (FWS0086)

192MacLeod, Ms Valerie (FWS0020)

193MacMillan, Mrs Brigitta (FWS0192)

194Malby, Ms Penelope (FWS0119)

195Mannion, Mr Michael (FWS0010)

196Marshall, Mrs Mary (FWS0035)

197Marshall, Ms Jan (FWS0172)

198McGrail, Ms Marcia (FWS0040)

199McInally, Mrs Susan (FWS0056)

200McTaggart, Andrew (FWS0091)

201Melville, Mr Iain (FWS0195)

202Mills, Ms Deborah (FWS0213)

203Mitchell, Mrs Heidi (FWS0131)

204Moneta, Mrs Luigia (FWS0308)

205Moorby, Mr Simon (FWS0319)

206Morgan, Marisa (FWS0320)

207Morgan, Mr Iain (FWS0204)

208Murphy, Mr Thomas (FWS0148)

209Murphy, Mrs Amanda (FWS0185)

210Murphy, Samantha (FWS0228)

211National Centre for Atmospheric Science (FWS0348)

212National Fire Chiefs Council (FWS0358)

213Norman, Miss Nikita (FWS0265)

214Nuttall, Mrs Denise (FWS0128)

215O'Neill, Mr John (FWS0106)

216Over, Mrs Kate (FWS0244)

217Owen, David (FWS0245)

218Page, Ms Annie (FWS0012)

219Page, Ms Michelle (FWS0134)

220Page, Ms Michelle (FWS0158)

221Palmer, Mr Mark (FWS0231)

222Parslow, Miss Bridget (FWS0262)

223Party World Cardiff LTD (FWS0100)

224PDSA (FWS0351)

225Pearce, Mr Christopher (FWS0298)

226Pearson, Mr Glen (FWS0321)

227Pentelow, James (FWS0235)

228Phillipson, Mr Frank (FWS0191)

229POB's Pyro Ltd. (FWS0278)

230Porter, Ms Rosalind (FWS0359)

231Povall, Michael (FWS0286)

232Presteigne and Norton Town Council (FWS0141)

233Price, Mr Michael (FWS0019)

234Price, Ms C (FWS0168)

235Prince, Mrs Sue (FWS0025)

236Procter, Ian (FWS0111)

237Pryce, Ms Lois (FWS0021)

238Ragan, F (FWS0105)

239Read, Mr Paul (FWS0159)

240Redwings Horse Sanctuary (FWS0337)

241Reed, L.C. (FWS0339)

242Reeves, Mrs Hannah (FWS0202)

243reisner, colin (FWS0060)

244Remy, Mrs Catherine (FWS0210)

245Reynolds, Mrs Zoe (FWS0329)

246Rickett, Ms Linda (FWS0065)

247Roberts, Mrs Marion (FWS0135)

248Robertson, Anne (FWS0050)

249Robertson, Mr Robert (FWS0052)

250Rook, Mrs Debbie (FWS0261)

251Ros, Will (FWS0318)

252Rothermel, Anita (FWS0239)

253RSPCA (FWS0336)

254RSPCA (FWS0362)

255Russell, Mrs Anne (FWS0146)

256Ryan, Diane (FWS0267)

257Salyers, Mrs Sara (FWS0033)

258Sanderson, Miss Lauren (FWS0174)

259Sargent, Imogen (FWS0002)

260Scales, Mr Ernie (FWS0013)

261Scott, Mrs Vivienne (FWS0047)

262Shepherdson, Mr Mark (FWS0107)

263Sillence, Ms Jennifer (FWS0233)

264Silverstone, Ms Desiree (FWS0209)

265Sinclair, Miss Nicola (FWS0153)

266Skinner, Sue (FWS0305)

267Slack, Miss Alison (FWS0115)

268Smith, Adam (FWS0076)

269Smith, Mrs Berenice (FWS0129)

270Smith, Mrs Jan (FWS0043)

271Smith, Mrs Jane (FWS0189)

272Smith, Mrs Leonora (FWS0232)

273Smith, Mrs Michelle (FWS0247)

274Smyth, Tracey (FWS0147)

275Snowdonia Fireworks (FWS0084)

276Spong, Keith (FWS0028)

277Starley-Grainger, Jill (FWS0007)

278Stuart, Mrs Shirley (FWS0166)

279Sunderland, Dr Michael (FWS0331)

280Sunderland, Mrs Hefina (FWS0330)

281Swaine, Miss Lisa Maxine (FWS0197)

282Taggart, Mrs Susanne (FWS0031)

283Tammy's Dog Training (FWS0125)

284Taylor, Claudine (FWS0143)

285Tebbs, Dr Caroline (FWS0054)

286Thomas, Mrs Christine (FWS0221)

287Thomas, Ms Vicky (FWS0340)

288Thompson, Fiona (FWS0113)

289Thompson, Mr Justin (FWS0026)

290Timmerman, Mrs Lisa (FWS0126)

291Tomsett, Sandra (FWS0144)

292Tosh, Mr Matthew (FWS0291)

293Trendall, Mr Michael (FWS0095)

294Trollope, Patrick (FWS0032)

295Vance, Dr Amanda (FWS0356)

296Waddup, Jane (FWS0296)

297Wadeson, Mr Dieter (FWS0299)

298Walker, James (FWS0016)

299Wallace, Laurina (FWS0085)

300Walsh, Stuart (FWS0198)

301Walton, Miss Rachel (FWS0220)

302Walton, Mr Lawrence (FWS0236)

303Wells, Dr Daniel (FWS0219)

304Wells, Vivienne (FWS0036)

305Wenger, Roland (FWS0343)

306Wenzerul, Mrs Rosemary (FWS0201)

307West Somerset Local Group (FWS0039)

308West, Jonathan (FWS0242)

309Weston, Miss Sarah (FWS0069)

310Weston, Mrs Rosalind (FWS0282)

311Wheway, Mr Simon (FWS0212)

312Whitby, PJ (FWS0313)

313White, Mr Paul (FWS0346)

314Wilkins, Mrs Susan (FWS0240)

315Wilkins, Richard (FWS0139)

316Williams, John Hywel (FWS0294)

317Williams, Miss Nicky (FWS0170)

318Williams, Mr Kevin (FWS0137)

319Williams, Ms Jan (FWS0009)

320Williams, Ms Rita (FWS0218)

321Willmot, Mr Stuart (FWS0140)

322Willmot, Mrs Debbie (FWS0124)

323Winfield, Mr Frank (FWS0268)

324Wood Green, The Animals Charity (FWS0327)

325Wood, Dr Brian (FWS0160)

326Wood, Miss Helen (FWS0328)

327Wood, Mrs Claire (FWS0156)

328Woolven, Fay (FWS0216)

329World Horse Welfare on behalf of the British Horse Council (FWS0335)

330Wright, Gabrielle (FWS0200)

331Wright, Mr Carl (FWS0133)

332Young, Mrs Jackie (FWS0118)

Published: 5 November 2019