Keith Vaz Contents




The Commissioner’s inquiry

The Commissioner’s conclusions

The Committee’s consideration of the case

Credibility of Mr Vaz’s version of events

The incident on 27 August 2016

Reliability of the audio-recording and transcript

Purpose of the encounter and alleged ‘steering’ of the conversation

The claim of amnesia

Alleged willingness to buy drugs

The events of 27 August 2016: conclusions

Other arguments adduced by Mr Vaz in his defence

Interpretation of Paragraph 16 of the 2015 Code

“Purely private and personal life”

Parliamentary role / public confidence and trust in Parliament


Mr Vaz’s conduct during the inquiry

Comments on the Commissioner’s findings

Recommended sanction

Mitigating factors

Aggravating factors


Appendix: Memorandum from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards—Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP



Introduction: the reason for this Memorandum, its structure and content

The role of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Background to the Inquiry

Summary of key steps in the inquiry

Evidence - arranged in chronological order of events since 27 August 2016


The Commissioner’s remit

The Evidence provided by Trinity Mirror plc

The medical evidence

Mr Vaz’s account

What happened on 27 August 2016?

Mr Vaz’s conduct during this inquiry

Mr Vaz’s comments on the draft Memorandum


Formal minutes

Published oral and written evidence

Oral evidence

Written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 28 October 2019