Impact of business rates on business Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

IBR numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Accessible Retail (IBR0038)

2ACM Projects Ltd (IBR0024)

3All-Party Parliamentary Group on Land Value Capture (IBR0034)

4The Alligator's Mouth (IBR0091)

5Altus Group (IBR0094)

6Altus Group (IBR0139)

7Association of Accounting Technicians (IBR0014)

8Association of Convenience Stores (IBR0064)

9Association of Town and City Management in partnership with The BID Foundation (IBR0105)

10Bacta (IBR0039)

11Barette, Mr Paul (IBR0111)

12Barney Bears Nursery's Ltd (IBR0003)

13Barrels Public House Hereford (IBR0036)

14The Bath Pub Company Ltd (IBR0117)

15bira (IBR0106)

16Blake Penfold (IBR0027)

17BNP Paribas Real Estate (IBR0061)

18Boots (supplementary) (IBR0138)

19The Booksellers Association (IBR0068)

20The Booksellers Association (IBR0142)

21Breckland Council (IBR0058)

22Brighton & Hove Licensees Association (IBR0119)

23British Beer and Pub Association (IBR0028)

24British Beer and Pubs Association (IBR0132)

25British BIDs (IBR0093)

26British Chambers of Commerce (IBR0099)

27British Institute of Innkeeping (IBR0056)

28British Property Federation (IBR0088)

29British Property Federation (IBR0134)

30British Property Federation (IBR0141)

31British Retail Consortium (IBR0057)

32British Takeaway Campaign (IBR0059)

33Broadland District & South Norfolk Councils (IBR0114)

34Camden Town Unlimited (IBR0070)

35Camden Town Unlimited, Euston Town, Captial Enterprise, ATCM and WorkWILD (IBR0071)

36Campaign for Real Ale (IBR0102)

37CBI (IBR0100)

38CBRE Limited (IBR0076)

39Centre for Cities (IBR0067)

40The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) (IBR0050)

41Child First Nurseries (IBR0021)

42The Clubhouse London Limited (IBR0063)

43Colliers International (IBR0073)

44The Company Chemists' Association Ltd (IBR0083)

45Country Land and Business Association Ltd (CLA) (IBR0010)

46Countryside Alliance (IBR0140)

47Crossman, Mr Paul (IBR0049)

48Crossman, Mr Paul (IBR0152)

49District Council's Network (IBR0090)

50Early Years Alliance (IBR0081)

51Energy and Utilities Alliance (IBR0029)

52Enterprise Inns (IBR0144)

53Enterprise Nation (IBR0098)

54The Entrepreneurs Network (IBR0051)

55Federation of Small Businesses (IBR0042)

56Field MP, Frank (IBR0153)

57Gerald Eve LLP (IBR0013)

58GL Hearn Limited (IBR0062)

59Gregory Moore Property Ltd (IBR0011)

60Griffiths, Matthew, Chartered Surveyor (IBR0017)

61Groupe PSa (IBR0078)

62The Heritage Alliance (IBR0097)

63Hewson Books Ltd (IBR0095)

64Historic Houses (IBR0060)

65ICAEW (IBR0080)

66Imagined Things Ltd./Imagined Things Bookshop (IBR0005)

67Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBR0130)

68Institute for Fiscal Studies (IBR0115)

69Institute of Directors (IBR0040)

70Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation (IBR0109)

71Internet Services Providers' Association (IBR0122)

72intu properties plc (IBR0035)

73The John Lewis Partnership (IBR0101)

74The John Lewis Partnership (IBR0133)

75John Lewis Partnership (IBR0145)

76Jolly Jumpers Play Zone (IBR0015)

77Kett's Books (IBR0019)

78Kingston University (IBR0126)

79Lawnswood Childcare Ltd (IBR0031)

80Learn Tuition Centre Limited (IBR0006)

81Lichfield District Council (IBR0046)

82Lindum Books (IBR0008)

83Local Government Association (IBR0054)

84Local Government Association (IBR0136)

85London Councils (IBR0108)

86London First (IBR0044)

87Love Wimbledon BID Ltd (IBR0037)

88Lyon, Julian (IBR0066)

89Make UK (IBR0128)

90MC & SH Cawley Ltd (IBR0020)

91McCartan’s Ltd (IBR0065)

92National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) (IBR0112)

93National Farmers' Union (IBR0074)

94National Federation of Retail Newsagents (IBR0026)

95National Hairdressers Federation (IBR0012)

96The National Trust (IBR0048)

97New West End Company (IBR0079)

98Newcastle City Council (IBR0110)

99North East Lincolnshire Council (IBR0052)

100North Norfolk District Council (IBR0089)

101NoteMachine Group (IBR0127)

102Openreach (IBR0129)

103Paul Crossman (IBR0125)

104Petrol Retailers Association & Car Wash Association (IBR0116)

105Portland Nurseries (IBR0004)

106Powis Hughes Ltd (IBR0055)

107Pubs Advisory Service Ltd (IBR0107)

108Puffins of Exeter Ltd (IBR0022)

109R3Intelligence/Northumbria University (IBR0103)

110Rating Surveyors Association (IBR0047)

111Rating Surveyors Association (IBR0137)

112Revo (IBR0096)

113Revo (IBR0143)

114River Island Clothing Company Ltd (For and on behalf of the Retailers Rates Action Group) (IBR0032)

115Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (IBR0075)

116Royal Society for Public Health (IBR0053)

117Save UK Pubs (IBR0118)

118Shop Direct (IBR0072)

119The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited (IBR0124)

120Solar Trade Association (IBR0146)

121St Clements Nursery (IBR0025)

122Storengy UK (IBR0016)

123Surrey County Council (IBR0092)

124Talbot Park Nursery (IBR0018)

125Tesco (IBR0087)

126Tesco (IBR0131)

127Treasury Committee (IBR0135)

128UK Cinema Association (IBR0086)

129UK Music (IBR0041)

130UKHospitality (IBR0077)

131Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (IBR0085)

132University of Bedfordshire (IBR0084)

133Virgin Media Limited (IBR0113)

134Vtesse Harlow Limited (IBR0082)

135Walgreens Boots Alliance (IBR0120)

136Walgreens Boots Alliance (Supplementary) (IBR0138)

137Woodhaven Trust (IBR0043)

Published: 31 October 2019