Economic Crime: Consumer View Contents


Conduct of the inquiry

1.On 29 March 2018, we launched an inquiry into Economic Crime. We announced that the inquiry would be organised into two strands:

2.We published a Report covering the anti-money laundering and the sanctions regime in March 2019.2 The Government responded in May 2019.3

3.This Report covers consumers and economic crime. While we again examine the law, this time we focus on how legislation affects consumers, both directly and indirectly, who have experienced financial crime during their interactions with financial services firms. We define financial services firms as banks, building societies and payment system providers.

4.As well as receiving wide ranging written evidence, we held the following oral evidence sessions:

We would like to thank all those who provided written and oral evidence during this phase of the inquiry.

1Economic crime inquiry launched’, Treasury Committee press release, 29 March 2018

Published: 1 November 2019