Agriculture Bill

Written evidence submitted by Feeding Britain (AB56)

Submission to the Public Bill Committee on the Agriculture Bill

To Whom It May Concern,

Might you please accept the following points as a submission from Feeding Britain, to the Public Bill Committee on the Agriculture Bill:

1. There are three aspects of the food security clause which, if amended, could represent a significant advance in identifying the drivers of hunger, malnutrition, and household food insecurity in the UK.

2. First, Feeding Britain recommends that the Bill should confirm that household food security 'will' or 'must' be included in the Secretary of State's report to Parliament. At present, the explanatory note says it 'may' be included in that report.

3. Second, Feeding Britain recommends that the analysis within this report should break down household food security by income decile, so we can see how broader trends in incomes and prices affect poorer households' ability to access and afford adequate food.

4. Third, Feeding Britain recommends that this analysis, either within or separate from the rest of the food security report, should be presented to Parliament more frequently than every five years.

With best wishes,

Andrew Forsey
National Director
Feeding Britain

February 2020


Prepared 3rd March 2020