Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Bill

Written evidence submitted by Brian M Dodd FNEA, Managing Director, Glawood Limited (TIB02)

Telecoms Leasehold Property Bill proposals

Good afternoon

I have been the managing director of this property investment company since 1974. Some forty-five years of experience dealing with telecoms businesses and request for consent. Plus prior to that I was senior partner of a busy and successful estate agency practice for twenty-three years. 

My main reason for refusing consent is continual broken promises to remove equipment if the tenant requiring the equipment moves on. Previous to being let down in particular by one company we would grant consent.

May I suggest if consent cannot be refused by the building’s owner then the company requesting automatic consent, upon receiving it, pays into a Government central fund or the building owner a deposit? This is only returned when the building’s owner confirms the equipment has been removed when it is no longer required or if it has to be temporarily removed for essential building works.

Do please contact me if I can be of any further assistance to the committee.

Kind regards,


Brian M Dodd FNEA
Managing Director
Glawood Limited

February 2020


Prepared 12th February 2020