The Armed Forces Bill




The Armed Forces Bill

The Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill

Our Inquiry

Engagement with the Ministry of Defence

This Special Report

The Armed Forces Covenant

Background to the Armed Forces Covenant


A Duty of Due Regard

Policy areas within scope of the Bill

Public bodies within scope of the Bill

Statutory guidance

Outcomes and enforcement

The Service Justice System

Background to the Service Justice System

The Service Justice System Review (Lyons review)

Clauses relating to the Service Justice System

Concurrent Jurisdiction

The Defence Serious Crime Capability

The Service Complaints System

Background to the Service Complaints System

The Wigston review


Additional Areas of Scrutiny

Diversity in the Armed Forces

Service complaints

Experience of veterans



Conclusions and recommendations

Annex: Survey Results

Full list of questions and options asked in the survey

Qualitative Analysis of Survey results

Overview of key findings

Introduction of a duty to have due regard

Practical problems

Application of Armed Forces Covenant

Specified bodies

Impact on serving personnel and veterans

Handling of serious crimes

Additional comments

Word cloud

Qualitative survey results

Formal Minutes


Parliamentary Debates

Published written evidence

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