Protecting the homeless and the private rented sector: MHCLG’s response to Covid-19 Contents



Protecting the homeless

Protecting the private rented sector


Protecting the homeless

The first stage of Everyone In

The next stage of Everyone In

How many people in emergency accommodation are subject to no recourse to public funds?

What assistance are local authorities allowed to offer people suffering from homelessness and subject to no recourse to public funds?

The impact of individual discretion on the local government response

Falling through the gaps

Ending rough sleeping by 2024: the manifesto commitment

Lessons from Everyone In

No recourse to public funds

Increasing affordable housing

Temporary accommodation

Protecting the private rented sector

The ‘eviction ban’ has changed over time

The rent arrears crisis

How many tenants are in arrears and how significant are the arrears?

The impact of increased rent arrears

How many extra evictions might there be due to covid-19?

Impact on renting in the future

Impact on landlords

How to solve the growing problem of rent arrears

Local housing allowance

The Renters’ Reform Bill

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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