Protecting the homeless and the private rented sector: MHCLG’s response to Covid-19 Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

IOC numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

138 Degrees (IOC0307)

2ARLA Propertymark (IOC0352)

3ARLA Propertymark (IOC0275)

4Ackland, Benjamin (IOC0161)

5Adkins (IOC0037)

6akt (IOC0350)

7Alabare Christian Care & Support (IOC0202)

8All Nottinghamshire local authorities (IOC0233)

9All Souls Church (IOC0150)

10Angel, David (IOC0038)

11Anonymous (IOC0102)

12Anonymous (IOC0097)

13Anonymous (IOC0101)

14Anonymous (IOC0046)

15Anonymous (IOC0014)

16Anonymous (IOC0015)

17Antebi (IOC0263)

18Arch, Miss Thea (IOC0073)

19Association of Community Organisations for Reform Now (ACORN UK) (IOC0142)

20Asylum Matters (IOC0304)

21Atherton, Mr. Paul (IOC0252)

22Atkins, Matt (Director, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum ) (IOC0255)

23BMA (British Medical Association) (IOC0353)

24Baines, Jenny (IOC0031)

25Barden, Ms Vanessa (IOC0036)

26Barker, Dr Stephanie; and Dr Nick Maguire (IOC0273)

27Basildon Borough Council (IOC0239)

28Bath & North East Somerset Council (IOC0231)

29Beasley, Mr Liam (IOC0175)

30Blake, Cllr Rachel (Member, LGA Environment, Economy, Housing and Transport Board, Local Government Association (LGA)) (IOC0367)

31Blumsohn, Dr Aubrey (IOC0280)

32Boocock, Ms Demaine (IOC0129)

33Bown, Flora Cullerne (IOC0148)

34Breward, Iris (IOC0057)

35Brighton & Hove City Council (IOC0241)

36British Property Federation (IOC0362)

37British Property Federation (BPF) (IOC0235)

38Brown, Professor Philip (Professor of Housing and Communities, University of Huddersfield) (IOC0319)

39Buckler, Luke (IOC0034)

40Butler, Mr Josh (IOC0051)

41Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (IOC0251)

42Central Bedfordshire Council (IOC0278)

43Centre for Homelessness Impact (IOC0223)

44Centrepoint (IOC0327)

45Centrepoint (IOC0058)

46Changing Lives (IOC0197)

47Chartered Institute of Housing (IOC0320)

48Citizen Housing (IOC0317)

49Citizens Advice (IOC0337)

50Citizens Advice (IOC0170)

51City Of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (IOC0099)

52Clenaghan, Mr Calum (IOC0077)

53Clerke, Rachael (IOC0094)

54Collective Voice (IOC0365)

55Commonweal Housing (IOC0339)

56Coombs-Berry, Lily (IOC0089)

57Cornwall Council (IOC0349)

58Cornwall Council (IOC0215)

59Cornwall Residential Landlords Association (IOC0105)

60Cosgrove, Ms Kathy (Supervising Solicitor, Greater Manchester Law Centre) (IOC0111)

61Coventry Citizens Advice (IOC0347)

62Coventry Citizens Advice (IOC0133)

63Coventry City Council (IOC0218)

64Coventry Frontline Network (IOC0361)

65Coventry Frontline Network (IOC0217)

66Crisis (IOC0345)

67Crisis (IOC0187)

68Croydon, Mr Charles (IOC0116)

69Cullum, Ann (IOC0061)

70Deakin, Zeph (IOC0118)

71de Londras, Professor Fiona (Professor of Global Legal Studies, COVID-19 Review Observatory, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham); and Daniella Lock (Research Fellow , COVID-19 Review Observatory, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham) (IOC0342)

72Devon County Council (IOC0173)

73District Councils’ Network (IOC0248)

74Dogs Trust (IOC0324)

75Dogs Trust (IOC0179)

76Drappier, Mr Boris (Founder, Rent Happily) (IOC0006)

77Dudhia, Ms Priscilla (Policy & Research Coordinator (Destitution) , Women for Refugee Women ) (IOC0303)

78Dunnett, Sam (IOC0156)

79Eagleton, Mr Oliver (IOC0093)

80East London Housing Partnership (IOC0306)

81Essex, Mr Rob (IOC0090)

82Ethical Lettings (IOC0174)

83Expert Link (IOC0184)

84Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health (IOC0122)

85Fair Housing Futures (IOC0224)

86Fitzpatrick, Mr Oscar (IOC0048)

87Fitzpatrick, Sean (IOC0052)

88Forey, Paul (IOC0264)

89Fraser, Ms E (IOC0069)

90Friend, Mr Callum (IOC0078)

91Fulfilling Lives South East (IOC0271)

92Fuller, Naomi (IOC0229)

93Gann, Naomi (IOC0316)

94Garden Court Chambers (IOC0355)

95Garden Court Chambers Housing Team (IOC0221)

96Generation Rent (IOC0359)

97Generation Rent (IOC0242)

98Goodlord (IOC0211)

99Graham, K (IOC0096)

100Greater Manchester Combined Authority (IOC0283)

101Greater Manchester Homelessness Action Network (IOC0143)

102Griffiths, Billy (IOC0113)

103Groundswell (IOC0300)

104HFIS PLC t/a Hamilton Fraser (IOC0203)

105Hackney Community Law Centre (IOC0209)

106Halpin, Mr Kieran (IOC0098)

107Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre (IOC0298)

108Hanson, Isaac (IOC0166)

109Haringey Migrant Support Centre (IOC0220)

110Harrison, Mr Mark (IOC0250)

111Harrow Council (IOC0301)

112Hawes, Mr Nick (IOC0259)

113Hayward, Mr Simon (IOC0152)

114Henson, Mx Felix (IOC0075)

115Herefordshire Council (IOC0335)

116Higgs, Mr Don (IOC0012)

117Hindosh, Mr Saad (IOC0281)

118Hinson, Mr Tim (IOC0083)

119Homeless Link (IOC0354)

120Homeless Link (IOC0286)

121Homes for Cathy (IOC0236)

122Housing Law Practitioners Association (IOC0212)

123Howarth, Arvind (IOC0107)

124Hughes, Miss Nancy (IOC0131)

125Hughes-Evans, (IOC0181)

126Humankind (IOC0334)

127Hunt, Mr Ed (IOC0249)

128Hunters Group Plc (IOC0017)

129Hunters Property Group Harrogate and Wetherby (IOC0021)

130Islington Council (IOC0356)

131Jack, Mr (IOC0138)

132Jenkins, Mr (IOC0144)

133Johnson, Mr Jake (IOC0059)

134Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (IOC0302)

135Jones, Mr Thomas (IOC0124)

136Just for Kids Law (IOC0207)

137Justlife Foundation (IOC0238)

138Kent Housing Group (IOC0230)

139Kettlety, Ms Carys (IOC0044)

140Key, Mr Daniel (IOC0028)

141Khan, Mr T (IOC0265)

142Kidd, Claire (IOC0042)

143Kindersley, Dr Nicki (IOC0104)

144Kingston Council (IOC0285)

145Kirk, Mr Ken (IOC0026)

146Kon, Rohan (IOC0178)

147Kutas, Mr David (IOC0272)

148Lenwell Property Services (IOC0204)

149LSE London (IOC0313)

150LSE London, London School of Economics (IOC0363)

151Labour Homelessness Campaign (IOC0260)

152Lang, Mrs Sophie (Director, Lewis Haughton Wills) (IOC0295)

153Large Agent Representation Group (IOC0159)

154Lasenby, Mrs Sarah (IOC0115)

155Lear, Mr Ben (IOC0141)

156Lester, Mr David (IOC0008)

157Lewis, Mr P (IOC0019)

158Liverpool City Council; Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC); Sefton MBC; Wirral MBC; St Helens MBC; and Halton MBC (IOC0196)

159Liverpool Guild of Students (IOC0128)

160Living Rent (IOC0140)

161Llamau (IOC0158)

162Local Government Association (IOC0323)

163Local Government Association (IOC0165)

164Lockwood, Sam (IOC0208)

165Lodger Landlords Association (IOC0256)

166London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (IOC0297)

167London Borough of Camden (IOC0287)

168London Borough of Enfield (IOC0194)

169London Borough of Hackney (IOC0366)

170London Borough of Hackney (IOC0198)

171London Borough of Hillingdon (IOC0180)

172London Borough of Newham (IOC0246)

173London Borough of Redbridge (IOC0358)

174London Borough of Redbridge (IOC0253)

175London Borough of Sutton (IOC0227)

176London Borough of Tower Hamlets (IOC0245)

177London Councils (IOC0340)

178London Councils (IOC0171)

179London Renters Union (IOC0153)

180McCarthy, Laura (IOC0001)

181MEDACT (IOC0254)

182MacTaggart, Ms L (IOC0055)

183Macgregor-Fairlie, Mr Michael (IOC0022)

184Magee, Mr (IOC0020)

185Making Every Adult Matter (IOC0291)

186Matas, Dziugas (IOC0056)

187Matuleviciute, Ms Guste (IOC0041)

188Matusavage, (IOC0060)

189Mayor of London (IOC0364)

190Mayor of London (IOC0314)

191McCourt, Lauren (IOC0039)

192McDonnell, Miss Sabrina (IOC0074)

193McKee, Dr Kim (IOC0123)

194Mcgearty, Michael (IOC0149)

195Mid Sussex District Council (IOC0119)

196Migrants Rights Network; and Just Fair (IOC0183)

197Miller, Miss Kathy (IOC0005)

198Mind (IOC0114)

199Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (IOC0351)

200Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (IOC0308)

201Mohammed, Mr Shabaaz (IOC0112)

202Moore, Chris (IOC0049)

203Munro, Dr Nell; Ms Carla Reeson; and Professor Aoife Nolan (IOC0226)

204Museum of Homelessness; Streets Kitchen; The Outside Project; and The Magpie Project (IOC0145)

205Musgrove, Ms Ellen (IOC0087)

206NACCOM - the No Accommodation Network (IOC0222)

207NACRO (IOC0299)

208NRPF Network, Islington Council (IOC0346)

209NRPF Network, Islington Council (IOC0214)

210National Federation of ALMOs (NFA) (IOC0318)

211National Housing Federation (IOC0325)

212National Housing Federation (IOC0137)

213National Residential Landlords Association (IOC0336)

214National Residential Landlords Association (IOC0315)

215National Residential Landlords Association (IOC0127)

216National Union of Students (IOC0106)

217Nationwide Building Society (IOC0292)

218Nesbitt, Andy (IOC0125)

219New Economics Foundation (IOC0237)

220New Hope (IOC0086)

221New Horizon Youth Centre (IOC0305)

222Noble, Mr David (IOC0010)

223North London Housing Partnership; and Association of Housing Advice Services (IOC0176)

224Northern Housing Consortium (IOC0201)

225Nwogbo, Mr Johnbosco (IOC0053)

226Oakes-Monger, Anna (IOC0084)

227O’Donoghue, Lauren (IOC0130)

228Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England (IOC0270)

229Oxford City Council (IOC0279)

230P.A.T.H. (Plymouth Access To Housing) Ltd (IOC0082)

231Peaker, Giles (Partner, Anthony Gold Solicitors) (IOC0310)

232Pettefar, Mr James (IOC0065)

233Phizacklea-Cullen, Mr Jordan (IOC0095)

234Phoenix Futures (IOC0192)

235PlaceShapers (IOC0182)

236Plymouth Alliance for Complex Needs; and Plymouth City Council (IOC0219)

237Porchlight (IOC0177)

238Possession Friend (IOC0146)

239Private Rented Sector Professionals (IOC0240)

240Procter and Co Limited (IOC0018)

241Project 17 (IOC0135)

242Public Interest Law Centre (PILC); and Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth (HASL) (IOC0274)

243R-Rouse, Rev (IOC0076)

244Rapley, Mr Edward (IOC0027)

245Rebecca (IOC0266)

246Renters’ Rights London (IOC0360)

247Renters’ Rights London (IOC0157)

248Rentstart (IOC0332)

249Roberts, Miss Zoe (IOC0023)

250Robertson, Mrs Mary (IOC0033)

251Robertson, Ms Michelle (IOC0284)

252Robinson, Mr Will (IOC0163)

253Roslin-Sprason, Miss E (IOC0067)

254Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (IOC0244)

255Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (IOC0268)

256Royal College of Physicians (IOC0120)

257Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (IOC0190)

258Ryedale District Council (IOC0169)

259safeagent (IOC0225)

260Salford City Council & Manchester City Council (IOC0288)

261Sanghera, Ellen (IOC0064)

262Scarborough, Michael (IOC0185)

263Schaick, Mr Roger van (Vice-Chair, trustee, Host Nottingham) (IOC0109)

264Scott, Ben (IOC0025)

265Scott, Mrs Sue (IOC0172)

266Shelter (IOC0348)

267Shelter (IOC0234)

268Sibley, Mr George (IOC0290)

269Simcock, Dr Tom (Research Fellow, Edge Hill University) (IOC0357)

270Sims, Mr Jamie (IOC0213)

271Skelton, Mr Jim (IOC0267)

272Smith, Mr Mark Crampton (Managing Director, College and County Letting Agency) (IOC0004)

273Smith, Ms Maisie (IOC0132)

274Somerset County Council (IOC0294)

275Somerset West and Taunton Council (IOC0092)

276South Tyneside Council (IOC0276)

277Southampton City Council (IOC0232)

278Southwark Council (IOC0228)

279Southwark Law Centre (IOC0080)

280St Martin’s Frontline Network (IOC0199)

281St Mungo’s (IOC0328)

282St Mungo’s (IOC0258)

283St Petrock’s Exeter Ltd (IOC0126)

284St Petrocs (IOC0117)

285Steffen, Miss Roseanne (IOC0147)

286StepChange Debt Charity (IOC0341)

287Stepping Stone Projects (IOC0050)

288Stockton Borough Council (IOC0085)

289Sullivan, Ms Susan (IOC0261)

290Surviving Economic Abuse (IOC0188)

291TFP Online Ltd t/a Training for Professionals (IOC0007)

292Tenants Union UK; Garden Court North; and Greater Manchester Law Centre (IOC0155)

293The Chartered Institute of Housing (IOC0160)

294The Law Society of England and Wales (IOC0277)

295The Nationwide Foundation (IOC0321)

296The Nationwide Foundation (IOC0164)

297The Riverside Group (IOC0326)

298The Riverside Group Ltd. (IOC0200)

299The Salvation Army (IOC0329)

300The Salvation Army (IOC0216)

301Thomas, Callum (IOC0091)

302Thorne, Judy (IOC0079)

303Trafford Council (IOC0100)

304Train-Brown, Ms Elizabeth (IOC0040)

305UNISON (IOC0322)

306UNISON (IOC0195)

307Unipol Student Housing (IOC0070)

308University of Birmingham (IOC0243)

309Valdini, Lou (IOC0003)

310Walmsley, Pat (IOC0066)

311Wassell, Billy (IOC0032)

312Welburn, Jade (IOC0257)

313West London Housing Partnership (IOC0296)

314Westminster City Council (IOC0330)

315Williams, Shelley (IOC0062)

316Williams, Mr Paul (IOC0024)

317Williams, Ms Laura (IOC0262)

318Wilson, Ms Sophie (IOC0136)

319Woods, Revd Tim (IOC0081)

320Wordsworth, Mrs Judith (IOC0289)

321Wycombe Homeless Connection (IOC0009)

322Z2K (IOC0189)

323Z2K (Zacchaeus 2000 Trust) (IOC0333)

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