Broadband and the road to 5G



1 Introduction

A changing picture

Fixed broadband connectivity

Mobile connectivity

The impact of COVID-

2 The case for gigabit connectivity

The case for gigabit-capable broadband

The case for 5G

3 The Government’s targets and funding for digital connectivity

Gigabit-capable broadband

Nationwide gigabit-capable broadband by 2025: an unrealistic aim

How much more realistic is 85% coverage by 2025?

Funding for hardest-to-reach areas

Majority 5G coverage by

A continuation of the digital divide?

The impact of the Telecoms Supply Chain Review

4 Demand for gigabit connectivity

The consumer case for gigabit-capable broadband

Tackling confusion about gigabit-capable broadband

Keeping costs down

Tackling digital exclusion

The consumer case for 5G

The business case for gigabit connectivity

Connectivity Taskforce

5 Delivering gigabit connectivity at pace

Procurement for the gigabit programme

Challenges for the design of the programme

Creating the right competitive and regulatory environment

Duct and Pole Access

Regulation that incentivises investment

Switching off the copper network

Legislating to remove barriers to roll-out

Unresponsive landlords and new build properties

Ensuring an adequate labour supply

Addressing the business rates regime

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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