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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

CIE numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Parent (CIE0236)

2Member of the public (CIE0017)

3Clough, Mr Ian (CIE0055)

4Abdullah, Dr Shamsul Kamariah (CIE0057)

5Ability 2 Access charity (CIE0048)

6Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (CIE0205)

7Achievement for All (CIE0054)

8Action Cerebral Palsy (CIE0159)

9Action for Children (CIE0146)

10Action Tutoring (CIE0085)

11Action Tutoring (CIE0215)

12Adoption UK (CIE0165)

13Akehurst, Mrs Heather (CIE0033)

14Alghrani, Dr Amel (CIE0132)

15Ali, Ms Zaneb (CIE0020)

16All-Party Parliamentary University Group (CIE0277)

17Allerdale and Copeland Youth Council (CIE0032)

18Ambition Institute (CIE0023)

19AP/SEND CEO Network (CIE0180)

20Article 39 (CIE0290)

21Asbury, Dr Kathryn (CIE0089)

22Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (CIE0087)

23Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) (CIE0319)

24The Association of Directors of Children’s Services (CIE0178)

25Asylum Support & Immigration Resource Team (ASIRT) (CIE0147)

26Atkinson, Katherine (CIE0254)

27Ayadurai, Dr Charmele (CIE0057)

28Baars, Dr Sam (CIE0172)

29BAE Systems plc (CIE0282)

30Bagnall, Miss Charlotte (CIE0029)

31Bakes, Mrs (CIE0245)

32Bannister, Annie (CIE0289)

33Baxter, Kate (CIE0246)

34Become (CIE0130)

35The Bell Foundation (CIE0144)

36Bell, Mr Michael (CIE0213)

37Bell, Mr Michael (CIE0158)

38Black, Dr Michaela (CIE0052)

39Blackledge, Will (CIE0053)

40Boyle, Mr Anthony (CIE0198)

41Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery (CIE0035)

42The Brilliant Club (CIE0069)

43British Association for Early Childhood Education (Early Education) (CIE0096)

44British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (CIE0267)

45Burgess, Professor Simon (CIE0214)

46Business in the Community (CIE0108)

47Byrne, Mr Seamus (CIE0132)

48Caen Community Primary School (CIE0272)

49Cambridge Assessment (CIE0129)

50Career Development Institute (CIE0116)

51Careers England (CIE0018)

52Catch22 (CIE0090)

53Cathays High School (CIE0098)

54Catholic Education Service (CIE0097)

55Causeway Education (CIE0266)

56Centre for Education Policy and Equalising Opportunities, UCL Institute of Education (CIE0075)

57Challenge Partners (CIE0080)

58Chambers, Susannah (CIE0227)

59Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) (CIE0181)

60Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) (CIE0124)

61Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition, and The Partnership for Mental Health and wellbeing in Schools (CIE0251)

62Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England (Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner) (CIE0150)

63Children’s Food Campaign / Sustain (CIE0221)

64The Children’s Literacy Charity (CIE0037)

65Children’s Services Development Group (CSDG) (CIE0182)

66The Children’s Society (CIE0168)

67City & Guilds Group (CIE0151)

68Clayton, R (CIE0197)

69Cole, Anna (CIE0126)

70Comprehensive Future (CIE0091)

71Confederation of School Trusts (CST) (CIE0166)

72Constantinides, Professor George (CIE0073)

73Coram Family and Childcare (CIE0136)

74Council of Deans of Health (CIE0175)

75The Country Trust (CIE0106)

76County Councils Network (CIE0187)

77Crafts Council (CIE0021)

78Cuthbert, Professor Rob (CIE0193)

79D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership (CIE0278)

80Defeyter, Professor Greta (CIE0186)

81Defeyter, Professor Greta (CIE0042)

82Denny, Associate Professor Kevin (CIE0172)

83Digital Learning Lab and NUSTEM, Northumbria University (Professor Rebecca Strachan (CIE0161)

84Dimples Day Nursery (CIE0011)

85Dipper, Mr Daniel (CIE0276)

86Ditta, Mr Zahir (CIE0287)

87Dodd, Dr Alyson (CIE0186)

88Early Intervention Foundation (CIE0220)

89Edenred UK (CIE0118)

90Education and Employer Charity (CIE0284)

91Education Development Trust (CIE0297)

92Education Endowment Foundation (CIE0217)

93Education Endowment Foundation (CIE0212)

94Education Policy Institute (CIE0218)

95Education Policy Institute (CIE0038)

96Ellesmere Port Catholic High School (CIE0208)

97Elliot-Major, Professor Lee (CIE0173)

98Embracing Complexity (CIE0207)

99Equality and Human Rights Commission (CIE0139)

100European Children’s Rights Unit, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool (CIE0231)

101Fair Education Alliance (CIE0176)

102Family Action (CIE0131)

103Feeding Britain (CIE0061)

104First 1001 Days Movement (CIE0170)

105FosterTalk Ltd (CIE0135)

106Fujita, Dr Taro (CIE0172)

107Furey, Dr Sinéad (CIE0186)

108Gatsby Charitable Foundation (CIE0117)

109Girlguiding (CIE0078)

110Graham, Mrs Rebecca (CIE0240)

111GTA England (CIE0229)

112Hackney Council (CIE0235)

113Hackney Migrant Centre (CIE0081)

114The Heathers Nursery (CIE0031)

115Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy, UCL Institute of Education (CIE0192)

116Helen’s Place Educational Consultancy (CIE0077)

117Holdsworth, Mrs Marion (CIE0206)

118Home for Good (CIE0119)

119Hussain, Mr Qais (CIE0006)

120Hussey, Ms Josephine (CIE0058)

121ICT & Digital at RCCS (CIE0271)

122Impetus (CIE0086)

123Institute of Health Visiting (CIE0294)

124Institute of Physics (CIE0071)

125Institute of School Business Leadership (CIE0265)

126The Institution of Engineering and Technology (CIE0120)

127Jacobs, D (CIE0250)

128Joneidy, Dr Sina (CIE0057)

129Jones, Dylan (CIE0167)

130Just for Kids Law (CIE0202)

131Just for Kids Law (CIE0232)

132Kent, Dr Carmel (CIE0143)

133Kingsley Academy (CIE0036)

134Large, Sarah (CIE0253)

135Laura Russell (CIE0043)

136Law, Dr Jeremy (CIE0068)

137Leeds Trinity University (CIE0197)

138Local Government Association (CIE0104)

139London Councils (CIE0164)

140London Borough of Camden (CIE0140)

141Long, Dr Michael (CIE0186)

142Lowe, Mr Tim (CIE0022)

143Luckin, Professor Rose (CIE0143)

144Lundie, Dr David (CIE0068)

145Lupton, Professor Ruth (CIE0190)

146Magic Breakfast (CIE0142)

147Mann, Dr Emily (CIE0186)

148Marine Society and Sea Cadets (MSSC) (CIE0225)

149The Martin James Foundation (CIE0262)

150McDonagh, Siobhain (CIE0154)

151Middlesex University (CIE0067)

152Mind (CIE0260)

153Moment, Mr Gary (CIE0184)

154Morgan, Dr Michelle (CIE0063)

155Muslim Engagement and Development (CIE0259)

156Muthukrishnan, Mr Dayaanan (CIE0041)

157NAHT (CIE0191)

158NASUWT (CIE0163)

159National Association for Hospital Education (CIE0083)

160National Association for Hospital Education, AP/SEND CEO National Network, and PRUs (Mrs Cath Kitchen) (CIE0156)

161National Autistic Society (CIE0112)

162National Deaf Children’s Society (CIE0101)

163National Education Opportunities Network (CIE0079)

164National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) (CIE0283)

165National Literacy Trust (CIE0138)

166National Network of Parent Carer Forums (CIE0113)

167National Star (CIE0134)

168Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers, and Independent Children’s Homes Association (CIE0123)

169Natspec (CIE0162)

170New Schools Network (CIE0127)

171No More Exclusions (CIE0155)

172Norman, Mrs Katherine (CIE0019)

173Northern Powerhouse Partnership (CIE0024)

174Nottingham Centre for Children, Young People and Families, Nottingham Trent University (CIE0095)

175NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) (CIE0209)

176Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England (Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner) (CIE0216)

177Open University (CIE0066)

178Open University Students Association (CIE0046)

179Out of School Alliance (CIE0211)

180Outwin Finders (CIE0022)

181Paediatric Continence Forum (CIE0049)

182PaJeS (Partnership for Jewish Schools) (CIE0092)

183Parentkind (CIE0107)

184Parentkind (CIE0008)

185Parsons, Mrs Jaki (CIE0252)

186Paul, Miss Niharika (CIE0100)

187Pearson (CIE0026)

188Phoenix Education Consultancy Ltd (CIE0082)

189Pimentel de çetin, Dr Elizabeth (CIE0111)

190Porteous, Dr Debbie (CIE0186)

191Pothukuchi, Mr Srikrishna (CIE0059)

192Potter, M (CIE0197)

193Power to Connect (CIE0196)

194Prisoner Learning Alliance (CIE0128)

195Prisoners’ Education Trust (CIE0099)

196Private sector IT company (CIE0295)

197Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) (CIE0109)

198Project 17 (CIE0001)

199Promote-ed (CIE0223)

200Prospect Union (CIE0115)

201Protection Approaches (CIE0185)

202The PSHE Association (CIE0125)

203Publishers Association (CIE0030)

204Publishers Association (CIE0025)

205Pupils 2 Parliament (CIE0093)

206Purchase, Ms Gill (CIE0239)

207Pyramid Project at the University of West London (CIE0004)

208The Quality in Careers Consortium (CIE0264)

209Rainbow Parents Carers Forum (CIE0133)

210Reaching Families (CIE0056)

211Reading Recovery Europe (CIE0065)

212Rescue Our Schools (CIE0160)

213Reynolds, Dr Christian (CIE0186)

214Ridderbeekx, Mr & Mrs Ron & Louise (CIE0248)

215Rivers Academy West London (CIE0270)

216Robinson, Professor Carol (CIE0110)

217Rose, Mr Tim (CIE0039)

218Rowe, Adam (CIE0268)

219Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (CIE0153)

220Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (CIE0145)

221Royal Society of Biology (CIE0201)

222Royal Statistical Society (CIE0199)

223Russell Group (CIE0293)

224Save the Children (CIE0064)

225The School and Nursery Milk Alliance (CIE0088)

226School Food Matters (CIE0074)

227The Seeds of Change UK Ltd (CIE0045)

228Sense (CIE0169)

229Sherwood, Dennis (CIE0256)

230Sherwood, Dennis (CIE0007)

231Shield, Dr Will (CIE0172)

232The Silver Bullet Machine Manufacturing Company Limited (CIE0288)

233Simon, Simple (CIE0114)

234The Skylark Partnership (CIE0044)

235Small Steps Big Changes (CIE0122)

236Social Finance, Gloucestershire County Council, and Cheshire West and Chester County Council (CIE0188)

237All-Party Parliamentary Group for Childcare and Early Education, Cache, The Early Years Alliance, The Foundation Stage Forum, The National Day Nurseries Association, and Tops Day Nurseries (CIE0177)

238St Christopher’s Fellowship (CIE0084)

239The St Martin’s Group (CIE0152)

240Stonewall (CIE0149)

241Stretesky, Mrs Christine (CIE0186)

242Stretesky, Professor Paul (CIE0186)

243The Sutton Trust (CIE0219)

244Sutton Trust (CIE0194)

245Swansea University, School of Education (Dr Cathryn Knight, Lecturer of Education) (CIE0286)

246Swansea University, School of Education (Dr Janet Goodall, Associate Professor of Education) (CIE0286)

247Swansea University, School of Education (Professor Tom Crick, Professor of Digital Education and Policy) (CIE0286)

248Teach First (CIE0034)

249TeachVac (CIE0003)

250Team Up (CIE0148)

251Thomas Pocklington Trust (CIE0275)

252Thomas Pocklington Trust, RNIB, RSBC, and Guide Dogs (CIE0230)

253Thomson, Dr Stephanie (CIE0190)

254Toseeb, Dr Umar (CIE0089)

255Townshend, Dr Cathy (CIE0261)

256The Traveller Movement (CIE0137)

257Triple P UK (CIE0226)

258Turner, Mrs Emma (CIE0233)

259UNICEF UK (CIE0174)

260Universities UK (CIE0200)

261University of Bristol (Professor Simon Burgess, Professor of Economics) (CIE0195)

262University of Bristol, School of Education (Professor Richard Watermeyer, Professor of Education) (CIE0286)

263University of Central Lancashire, Cumbria County Council, and Cumbria Youth Alliance, (Suzanne Wilson) (CIE0121)

264University of Exeter (Professor Anna Mountford-Zimdars, Centre for Social Mobility) (CIE0172)

265Unwin, Professor Lorna (CIE0190)

266Velthuis, Dr Sanne (CIE0190)

267VIEW (Rory Cobb, Chair) (CIE0183)

268Voice the Union (CIE0076)

269Walters (CIE0189)

270Walters (CIE0015)

271Whitehead-Ross Education (CIE0028)

272Women’s Aid Federation of England (CIE0102)

273YMCA England & Wales (CIE0141)

274YoungMinds (CIE0094)

Published: 11 July 2020