Electronic Waste and the Circular Economy Contents

Our Report

We want an electronics industry that inspires innovation, improves quality of life and contributes to the prosperity of the UK and sustainable development abroad. One where valuable technology has a long-life that befits the cutting-edge design, manufacture and precious materials that electronics and electrical equipment contains. Rare and precious materials contained in these products are vital to decarbonising our economy and protecting our country and must be re-used and recycled without polluting or harming our health and environment.

The current linear tech company business model is reliant on continuous consumption, a throwaway culture and short-lived products often impossible or expensive to repair. This is increasingly unsustainable given rising global consumption. It is contributing to significant environmental damage during the extraction of rare and finite materials; the carbon emitted throughout product lifetimes; and the dumping and polluting of materials and chemicals toxic to human and wildlife health.

Technology companies, so often at the forefront of revolutionary ideas, should now take the lead in creating sustainable and environmentally friendly business models that do not rely on the over-exploitation of nature and natural resources. This growing problem must be acknowledged and brought to an end, replaced by creating a truly circular economy for electronics.

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