Pre-appointment hearing for the Chair-Designate of the Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) Contents

Appendix F: Dame Glenys Stacey’s declaration of interests and political activity

Part 1: Conflicts of Interest

If you have any interests that might be relevant to the work of the ALB, and which could lead to a real or perceived conflict of interest if you were to be appointed, please provide brief details below.

Do you consider yourself to have a real or perceived conflict of interest in relation to the role you are applying for?


Part 2: Conduct

If there is anything relevant to your suitability as a public appointee—for example any criminal convictions, bankruptcy or anything which could impact on public confidence on your suitability, please provide brief details below.


Part 3: Political Activity

Significant political activity is defined as being employed by a political party, holding significant office in a party, standing as a candidate for a party in an election, having publicly spoken on behalf of a political party or having made significant donations or loans to a party. Significant loans and donations are those of a size which are reported to the Electoral Commission, in line with a central party’s reporting threshold.

Have you undertaken any political activity for a political party in the past five years?


Declaration: G Stacey

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