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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

FLO numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ADA (Association of Drainage Authorities) (FLO0049)

2Adaptation Committee of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) (FLO0018)

3Arla Foods UK (FLO0020)

4AXA UK (FLO0026) and (FLO0103)

5Anglian Water Services (FLO0047)

6Association of British Insurers (FLO0032) and (FLO0092)

7Barnes, Mr Paul and Harryman, Mr Keith (FLO0082)

8Barry, Raymond (FLO0115)

9Bell, Professor Sarah; Butler, Professor Adrian; Landstrom, Dr Catharina; and Mijic, Dr Ana (FLO0033)

10Bevan, Linda (FLO0002)

11Birkett, Joan (FLO0079)

12Blackburn, Julie (FLO0109)

13Bokhove, Professor Onno (FLO0074)

14Bracken, Professor Louise; Heckels, Mr Neil; Johnson, Professor Karen; and Reaney, Dr Sim (FLO0087)

15British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) (FLO0050)

16Brompton Flood Prevention Group (FLO0015)

17Brown, Dr Sally (FLO0022)

18Caterham Flood Action Group (FLO0013)

19Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (FLO0104)

20Cheshire Mid-Mersey (CMM) (FLO0065)

21Coastal Partnership East (CPE) (FLO0057)

22Creegan, Mr. Darragh (FLO0010)

23Cumbria Rivers Authority Governance Group. (FLO0102)

24Curtis, Mr Bryan (FLO0044)

25Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (FLO0042) and (FLO0116)

26Dhonau OBE, Ms Mary (FLO0031)

27Doncaster Council (FLO0075)

28Environment Agency (FLO0037)

29Fire Brigades Union (FLO0004)

30Firsby Group Parish Council (FLO0068)

31Flood Control NI (FLO0066)

32Flood Re (FLO0061), (FLO0097) and (FLO0106)

33Floodplain Meadows Partnership (FLO0070)

34Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (FLO0040)

35Gloucestershire Lead Local Flood Authority (FLO0036)

36Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE (FLO0085)

37Greater Manchester Combined Authority (FLO0062)

38Green, Professor Colin (FLO0051)

39Hampshire County Council (FLO0024)

40Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (FLO0059)

41Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES) (FLO0016)

42Jacobs, Steven (FLO0003)

43Keswick Flood Action Group (FLO0038) and (FLO0110)

44Lewis, Cllr Dr Erica (FLO0100)

45Local Government Association (FLO0017), (FLO0088) and (FLO0105)

46Local Government Association Coastal Special Interest Group (FLO0060)

47London Borough of Sutton and Royal Borough of Kingston (FLO0076)

48Markwick, John (FLO0005)

49Mayo, Nancy (FLO0055)

50Met Office (FLO0023)

51Mineral Products Association (FLO0028)

52Morse, Ali (Acting Chair of Blueprint for Water) (FLO0069)

53National Farmers Union (FLO0025), (FLO0091) and (FLO0114)

54National Flood Forum (FLO0045), (FLO0107) and (FLO0112)

55National Infrastructure Commission (FLO0067)

56National Trust (FLO0089)

57Natural England (FLO0041)

58North East Kendal Flood Action Group (FLO0048)

59Policy Connect (FLO0084)

60Priest, Dr Sally and Alexander, Dr Meghan (FLO0035)

61Royal Institute of British Architects (FLO0083)

62Sakai, Dr Paola (FLO0098)

63Simmonds CBE MP, Mr David (FLO0095)

64Smith, Dr Kate (FLO0043)

65St Michael’s-on-Wyre Flood Action Group (FLO0071)

66Stocks, Nikki (FLO0054)

67Strine Internal Drainage Board (FLO0001)

68Telford & Wrekin Council (FLO0008)

69The Blue Green Economy (FLO0086)

70The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (FLO0021)

71The Wildlife Trusts (FLO0101)

72The Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP) (FLO0019)

73Town & Country Planning Association (FLO0039) and (FLO0080)

74United Utilities (FLO0064)

75Upper Calder Valley Renaissance (FLO0027)

76UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (FLO0053)

77Water UK (FLO0056) and (FLO0113)

78West Yorkshire Combined Authority (FLO0052)

79Westminster Sustainable Business Forum (FLO0012)

80Whalley & Billington Flood Action Group (FLO0108)

81Willis Towers Watson (FLO0034)

82Witham Fourth District IDB (FLO0006)

83Witham & Humber Drainage Boards (FLO0007)

84Worcestershire County Council (FLO0029)

85Yorkshire Water (FLO0058)

86Zurich Insurance (FLO0046) and (FLO0090)

87Hoddinott, Keith (FLO0111)

88www.FloodEye.uk (FLO0094)

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