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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

FRE numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete. (FRE0038) (FRE0022) (FRE0056)

4ABTA – The Travel Association (FRE0105)

5ABTA – The Travel Association (FRE0021)

6Advertising Association (FRE0071)

7Airport Operators Association (FRE0030)

8Ambassador of Austria to the United Kingdom (FRE0115)

9Ambassador of Belgium to the United Kingdom (FRE0137)

10Ambassador of Bulgaria to the United Kingdom (FRE0116)

11Ambassador of Croatia to the United Kingdom (FRE0117)

12Ambassador of Cyprus to the United Kingdom (FRE0118)

13Ambassador of Denmark to the United Kingdom (FRE0120)

14Ambassador of Estonia to the United Kingdom (FRE0121)

15Ambassador of Finland to the United Kingdom (FRE0122)

16Ambassador of France to the United Kingdom (FRE0135)

17Ambassador of Germany to the United Kingdom (FRE0123)

18Ambassador of Greece to the United Kingdom (FRE0124)

19Ambassador of Hungary to the United Kingdom (FRE0125)

20Ambassador of Ireland to the United Kingdom (FRE0140)

21Ambassador of Latvia to the United Kingdom (FRE0126)

22Ambassador of Lithuania to the United Kingdom (FRE0127)

23Ambassador of Malta to the United Kingdom (FRE0136)

24Ambassador of Poland to the United Kingdom (FRE0128)

25Ambassador of Portugal to the United Kingdom (FRE0129)

26Ambassador of Romania to the United Kingdom (FRE0130)

27Ambassador of Slovakia to the United Kingdom (FRE0131)

28Ambassador of Slovenia to the United Kingdom (FRE0132)

29Ambassador of Spain to the United Kingdom (FRE0133)

30Ambassador of Sweden to the United Kingdom (FRE0134)

31Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United Kingdom (FRE0119)

32Association for Innovation, Research and Technology (AIRTO) (FRE0111)

33Association of British Insurers (FRE0047)

34The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) (FRE0102)

35Aston Chemicals Ltd (FRE0143)

36Aston Chemicals Ltd (FRE0144)

37The Bar Council (Relationship Working Group Bar Council Future Relationship Working Group) (FRE0049)

38Barnes, Professor Richard (Associate Dean for Research, University of Hull) (FRE0069)

39BASF Group (FRE0100)

40Bore, Marian (FRE0061)

41Breinlich, Professor Holger (Professor of Economics, University of Surrey) (FRE0067)

42Brian, Dr Jill (FRE0080)

43Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) (FRE0141)

44British Council (FRE0110)

45British Food Importers and Distributors Association (FRE0091)

46British in Europe (FRE0014)

47British Medical Association (BMA) (FRE0084)

48British Red Cross (FRE0046)

49The British Retail Consortium (FRE0028)

50British Veterinary Association (FRE0078)

51Brooke, R (FRE0059)

52Campaign for Science and Engineering (FRE0094)

53Canada Europe Roundtable for Business (FRE0053)

54Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (FRE0068)

55Chartered Institute of Taxation (FRE0043)

56Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA) (FRE0057)

57The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) (FRE0139)

58Communities Inshore Fisheries Alliance (FRE0045)

59Confederation of British Industry (CBI) (FRE0029)

60Crown Prosecution Service (FRE0066)

61Customs Clearance Consortium (FRE0011)

62Dawar, Dr Kamala (Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law, University of Sussex) (FRE0009)

63DBA – The Barge Association (FRE0072)

64Erasmus Student Network UK (FRE0104)

65European Policy Centre (FRE0007)

66Farrand Carrapico, Dr Helena (Associate Professor in Criminology and International Relations, Northumbria University) (FRE0040)

67Fashion Roundtable (FRE0052)

68Faull, Sir Jonathan (FRE0004)

69Federation of Small Business Northern Ireland (FRE0016)

70Ferran, Professor Eilís (University of Cambridge) (FRE0107)

71Food and Drink Federation (FDF) (FRE0106)

72The Freight Transport Association (FRE0015)

73Garner, Oliver (FRE0017)

74Glencross, Dr Andrew, Aston University (FRE0039)

75Global Britain Programme, Henry Jackson Society (FRE0064)

76Greener UK, and ClientEarth (FRE0113)

77Hayward, Dr Katy (Professor of Political Sociology, Queen’s University Belfast) (FRE0023)

78Henig, Mr David (Director of the UK Trade Policy Project) (FRE0062)

79Honda Motor Europe (FRE0050)

80Information Commissioner’s Office (FRE0079)

81Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (FRE0086)

82Department for International Development (FRE0087)

83Investment Association (FRE0095)

84Jerzewska, Dr Anna (FRE0024)

85Jones, Matthew (FRE0096)

86Karlsson, Dr Lars (Customs Services KGH) (FRE0020)

87Kent County Council (FRE0148)

88Kings College London (FRE0008)

89The Law Society of England and Wales (FRE0081)

90The Law Society of England and Wales (FRE0054)

91The Law Society of England and Wales (FRE0013)

92Local Government Association (FRE0098)

93Lydgate, Dr Emily (Senior Lecturer, Sussex Law School University of Sussex) (FRE0027)

94Make UK (FRE0006)

95Maritime UK (FRE0026)

96McCann, Professor Philip (Professor of Urban and Regional Economics, University of Sheffield) (FRE0089)

97McEwen, Professor Nicola (Centre on Constitutional Change) (FRE0035)

98Mitsilegas, Professor Valsamis (Deputy Dean for Global Engagement (Europe), Queen Mary University of London) (FRE0041)

99Murray, Colin (FRE0018)

100Musicians’ Union (FRE0093)

101National Farmers’ Union (FRE0082)

102The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (FRE0031)

103National Grid Electricity System Operator (FRE0073)

104National Grid Group (FRE0083)

105National Police Chiefs Council (FRE0058)

106Northern Ireland Retail Consortium (FRE0145)

107Northern Ireland Retail Consortium (FRE0142)

108Northern Ireland Retail Consortium (FRE0070)

109Nuclear Industry Association (FRE0077)

110Office of the City Remembrancer (FRE0146)

111Ofgem (FRE0076)

112Peers, Professor Steve (Professor of Law, University of Essex) (FRE0042)

113Peretz, Mr George (FRE0037)

114Phinnemore, Professor David (Professor of European Politics Dean of Education Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast) (FRE0023)

115The Police Service of Northern Ireland (FRE0055)

116Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP (FRE0112)

117Provision Trade Federation (FRE0032)

118Raess, Dr Damian (Assistant Professor in Political, World Trade Institute University of Bern) (FRE0036)

119Rice, Dr Clare (FRE0018)

120Road Haulage Association Ltd ((FRE0044)

121Royal Institute of British Architects (FRE0088)

122Saha, Syamantak (FRE0147)

123Scottish Centre on European Relations (FRE0025)

124Scottish Fisherman’s Federation (FRE0034)

125Scottish Government (Michael Russell MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Constitution, Europe and External Affairs) (FRE0114)

126Schilling de Carvalho, Pedro (University of Cambridge) (FRE0107)

127Seraphus Solicitors (FRE0010)

128Singham, Mr Shanker (FRE0003)

129Smith, Professor Fiona (Professor in International Economic Law, University of Leeds) (FRE0103)

130Starling, Michael (FRE0060)

131TechUK (FRE0138)

132the3million (FRE0048)

133TheCityUK (FRE0108)

134UK Chamber of Shipping (FRE0012)

135UK Finance (FRE0109)

136UK Intellectual Property Office (FRE0065)

137UK Seafood Industry Alliance (FRE0033)

138UK Trade Policy Observatory (FRE0063)

139Ulster Farmers’ Union (FRE0090)

140Universities UK (FRE0099)

141Usherwood, Professor Simon (FRE0005)

142Wellcome (FRE0092)

143Welsh Government (FRE0085)

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