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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

INR numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ActionAid UK (Ms Isabelle Younane, Senior Advocacy Manager) (INR0022)

2Adam Smith International (ASI) (Mr Jonathan Pell, Chief Executive Officer) (INR0051)

3All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drones (Ms. Aditi Gupta, Coordinator) (INR0054)

4The Asia Foundation (INR0084)

5Athena (INR0070)

6BBC World Service (INR0092)

7Bond (Paul Abernethy, Government Relations and Public Affairs Adviser) (INR0036)

8British Council (MR David Thompson, Head of Political Affairs) (INR0040)

9The British Foreign Policy Group (INR0071)

10Campaign against Arms Trade (Ann Feltham, Parliamentary Coordinator) (INR0015)

11CBM UK (INR0076)

12Centre for Britain and Europe (CBE), University of Surrey (Professor Amelia Hadfield, CBE Director, Head of Department of Politics, University of Surrey) (INR0039)

13Chatham House (Dr Tim Summers, Senior Consulting Fellow, Asia-Pacific programme) (INR0068)

14City of London Corporation (INR0094)

15Clarke, Professor Michael (INR0018)

16CND (Sara Medi Jones, Campaigner) (INR0021)

17Coalition for Genocide Response (INR0064)

18Committee, Committee Foreign Affairs (INR0078)

19Convetion of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) (Dr Serafin Pazos-Vidal, Head of Brussels Office) (INR0006)

20Cunliffe, Dr Emma and Stone, Professor Peter (INR0034)

21Dayant, Mr Alexandre and Pryke Mr Jonathan (INR0077)

22Diplomatic Studies Programme, University of Oxford (INR0045)

23Downer, UK foreign policy in Asia Alexander (INR0061)

24European Council on Foreign Relations (Nick Witney, Senior Policy Fellow) (INR0031)

25European Merchants (Anthony Salamone, Managing Director) (INR0066)

26Foreign and Commonwealth Office (INR0082)

27The Foreign Policy Centre (Mr Adam Hug, Director) (INR0019)

28Foxall, Dr Andrew (INR0058)

29Francis, Diana, Gabriel, Jane and Glass, Gordon (INR0012)

30Gilmore, Dr Jonathan (INR0028)

31Grube, Mr Claus (INR0062)

32The HALO Trust (Mr Chris Loughran, Senior Policy & Advocacy Advisor) (INR0041)

33Harvard University (Dr William James, Postdoctoral Fellow) (INR0065)

34Independent Commission for Aid Impact (INR0072)

35Institute for Government (Miss Georgina Wright, Senior Researcher) (INR0075)

36Institute of Development Studies (Ms Sophie Robinson, External Affairs Officer) (INR0023)

37International Alert (Mr Julian Egan, Director of Advocacy & Communications) (INR0059)

38International Committee of the Red Cross (Ms Rachael Cox, Policy and Public Affairs Adviser) (INR0063)

39Jones, Sally (INR0089)

40Keatinge, Tom (INR0046)

41Keio University, Japan (Dr Michito Tsuruoka, Associate Professor Faculty of Policy Management) (INR0091)

42Keio University, Japan (Dr Yuichi Hosoya, Ph.D, Professor of International Politics, Faculty of Law) (INR0093)

43London, Mr James (INR0085)

44Malaria No More UK (Mr Ross Bailey, Senior Advocacy Manager) (INR0025)

45McCorquodale, Professor Robert (INR0003)

46McDonagh, Former Ambassador Bobby (INR0005)

47Mercy Corps (Miranda Hurst, Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor) (INR0037)

48Mines Advisory Group (Michael Boyce, Humanitarian Policy Advisor) (INR0038)

49Molloy, Dr Sean (INR0042)

50Movement for the Abolition of War (Hilary Evans, Vice Chair) (INR0010)

51Oliver, Dr Timothy J. (INR0017)

52ONE Campaign (ONE Campaign Nasim Salad, Policy and Advocacy Coordinator) (INR0026)

53Onslow, Dr Sue (INR0024)

54Osorio Londoño, Ambassador Néstor (INR0060)

55Oxfam GB (Mr Sam Nadel, Head of Government Relations) (INR0052)

56Oxford Research Group (Mr Liam Walpole, Research and Policy Officer) (INR0016)

57Peace Direct (Ms Rosemary Forest, Senior Advocacy Officer) (INR0011)

58Pierson, Dr Claire and Thomson, Dr Jennifer (INR0009)

59Policy@Manchester, University of Manchester (Professor Peter Lawler, Honorary member of university staff) (INR0027)

60Porter, Dr. Robin (INR0030)

61Protection Approaches, and United Nations Association - UK (INR0087)

62Roberts, Dr David B (INR0013)

63Rogers, Mr James (INR0050)

64Roy-Toole, Mr Christopher (INR0001)

65Saferworld (Lewis Brooks, UK Policy and Advocacy Coordinator) (INR0053)

66Salam for Democracy and Human Rights (INR0073)

67Save the Children (Liz Bradshaw, Senior Public Affairs Adviser) (INR0014)

68SecurityWomen (INR0074)

69SecurityWomen (Dr Juliet Colman, Director) (INR0032)

70Sikh Press Association (INR0090)

71Sky, Emma (INR0044)

72Strachan, Sir Hew (INR0049)

73Transparency International UK (Ms Rachel Davies, Head of Advocacy) (INR0029)

74UK in a Changing Europe (Matthew Bevington, Public policy and foreign affairs analyst) (INR0069)

75UN Women UK (INR0088)

76United Nations Association - UK (INR0086)

77Veterans for Peace (VfP) (INR0067)

78Westminster Foundation for Democracy (Anthony Smith, CEO) (INR0035)

79Willis, Ben (INR0020)

80Wright, Dr Nicholas (INR0033)

Published: 22 October 2020