Home Office preparedness for COVID-19 (coronavirus): management of the borders Contents




1 Government decisions on the border up to and during lockdown

COVID-19 border measures prior to 13 March

Incremental quarantine and self-isolation measures targeted at high-risk countries/areas

Other potential approaches at the border

COVID-19 border measures after 13 March

Withdrawal of travel advice and move to ‘delay’

International comparisons

Importation of the virus in the UK in March

Decision to withdraw measures for international arrivals

Scientific evidence and advice informing decision-making

The decision-making process

Appropriateness of Home Office calculations and analysis

2 The introduction of border quarantine requirements

Consideration and announcement of quarantine requirements

Introduction of measures on 8 June

International comparators

Analysis of quarantine measures

Practical implementation of the new measures

The introduction of travel corridors to and from the UK

Analysis of travel corridors

Reintroducing quarantine for Spain

Government use of science and analysis in quarantine and travel corridors policy

Departmental responsibility for border measures

Enforcement of the new measures

Conclusion: the future of border measures

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 5 August 2020