Delivering core NHS and care services during the pandemic and beyond Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

DEL numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1AbbVie (Ms Laura Wetherly, Government Affairs Manager) (DEL0280)

2AbbVie UK Ltd (Dr Deborah Roebuck, Government Affairs Manager, Oncology) (DEL0072)

3Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (DEL0315)

4Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis (Mr Steve Jones, Chair of Trustees) (DEL0263)

5Action on Hearing Loss (Ms Ayla Ozmen, Head of Research and Policy) (DEL0193)

6Adams, Harriet (Associate Director, Policy and Communications at MSD) (DEL0339)

7Advanced Accelerator Applications (Mr Jeevan Virk, General Manager) (DEL0174)

8Advanced Accellerator Applications (Vivienne Beckett, Advocacy and Communications Lead) (DEL0059)

9Age UK (Robert Henderson, Senior Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0028)

10AHSN Network (Mr Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer, Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network) (DEL0178)

11The Air Ambulance Service (Miss Georgia Greaves, Public Affairs Consultant) (DEL0185)

12Alcohol and Health Alliance UK (Dr Kieran Bunn, Policy and Advocacy Officer) (DEL0332)

13All Party Parliamentary Group for Radiotherapy (Daniel Laing, Supporting the APPG as a member of the Radiotherapy4Life campaign) (DEL0067)

14All-Party Parliamentary Group on Axial Spondyloarthritis (Simon Whalley, Secretariat) (DEL0217)

15The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity (Mr Tom Doughty, Secretariat) (DEL0242)

16All.Can UK (Ms Natasha Silkin, Secretariat) (DEL0132)

17Alliance for Heart Failure, and16 Member organisations: (Mr Colin Hallmark) (DEL0262)

18Allied Health Professions Federation (AHPF Co-ordinator NIcolette Divecha, Chair) (DEL0209)

19Alzheimer's Society (Mr Jordan Clark, Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0049)

20Alzheimer's Society (Tom Redfearn, Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0115)

21Ambler, Mr Tim (DEL0307)

22Anthony Nolan (Miss Charlotte Wickens, Policy and Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0123)

23Anthony Nolan (Ms Amelia Chong, Senior Policy and Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0044)

24ARCO (Associated Retirement Community Operators) (Mr Sam Dalton, Policy & External Affairs Executive) (DEL0164)

25Arnold-Forster, Dr Agnes (DEL0103)

26Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance (Sue Brown, Chief Executive) (DEL0106)

27Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS) (Jo Dagustun, Volunteer) (DEL0230)

28Association of Anaesthetists (Jenny Gowen, Advocacy and Campaigns Manager) (DEL0140)

29Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) (Dr Dinesh Nagi, Chairman of the Association) (DEL0254)

30Association of British HealthTech Industries (Mr Richard Phillips, Director, Healthcare Policy) (DEL0119)

31Association of Child Psychotherapists (Nick Waggett, Chief Executive) (DEL0014)

32Association of Clinical Psychologists U.K. C.I.C. (Mr Bernard Kat, Director of Governance) (DEL0246)

33Association of Dental Groups (Lewis Robinson, Policy and Public Affairs Advisor) (DEL0276)

34The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) (Miss Vicky Whitehead, Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0052)

35Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (Ms Vicky Whitehead, Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0192)

36Astellas Pharma Ltd (Mrs Alison Whitford, Healthcare Access Manager) (DEL0200)

37Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Partnership (Sarah MacFadyen, Head of Policy and Public Affairs) (DEL0026)

38Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation (Jessica Eagelton, Policy and Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0155)

39AstraZeneca (Ms Naima Khondkar, Policy Lead - Government Affairs and Policy) (DEL0235)

40BACP, andB (Eve De Marchi) (DEL0331)

41Baldwin, Professor David R (DEL0291)

42BAPEN (Dr Trevor Smith, President) (DEL0227)

43Bayer (Kalata, Senior Government Affairs Manager) (DEL0210)

44Birthrights (Rebecca Brione, Research and Partnerships Officer) (DEL0025)

45The Black Stork Charity (Ms Janet Morrison, Chief Executive) (DEL0283)

46Black, Dr Benjamin (DEL0218)

47Blind Veterans UK (Ms Helen Wheatley, Manager) (DEL0177)

48Bliss (Ms Josie Anderson, Campaign and Policy Manager) (DEL0247)

49Bliss (Ms Josie Anderson, Campaign and Policy Manager) (DEL0056)

50Blood Cancer Alliance (Mrs Katie Begg, Secretariat) (DEL0039)

51Blood Cancer UK (Christopher Walden, Head of Policy and Campaigns) (DEL0040)

52Boland, Samuel T. (DEL0218)

53Bowel Cancer UK (Dr Lisa Wilde, Director of Research and External Affairs) (DEL0179)

54Brake, the road safety charity (Brake, the road safety charity mary williams, chief executive) (DEL0289)

55Breast Cancer Now (Georgina Smerald, Senior Policy Officer) (DEL0144)

56Breast Cancer Now (Melanie Sturtevant, Policy Manager) (DEL0051)

57Bristol Myers Squibb (Fiona Campbell, Consultant at Hanover Communications contracted to BMS) (DEL0117)

58British and Irish Orthoptic Society (Rich Huzzey, Policy Officer) (DEL0112)

59British Association for Music Therapy (Mr Andrew Langford, Chief Executive) (DEL0016)

60British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care (Ms Tootie (Teofila) Bueser, President) (DEL0094)

61British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH), and British HIV Association (BHIV (Simon Whalley) (DEL0241)

62British Association of Social Workers (Liz Howard, Professional Officer) (DEL0274)

63British Dental Association (Ms Penny Whitehead, Head of Policy and Research) (DEL0252)

64British Dietetic Association (Mr Tom Embury, Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0154)

65British Geriatrics Society (Ms Sally Greenbrook, Policy Manager) (DEL0114)

66British Geriatrics Society (Ms Sally Greenbrook, Policy Manager) (DEL0021)

67British Heart Foundation (Dr Samual Dick, Policy Manager - Health and Care Systems) (DEL0240)

68British Medical Association (BMA) (Gemma Hopkins, Senior Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0205)

69British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (Mr James Byrne, Executive Treasurer) (DEL0272)

70British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Ms Rachael Clarke, Public Affairs and Advocacy Manager) (DEL0239)

71British Red Cross (Nil Guzelgun, Senior Health Policy and Influencing Officer) (DEL0196)

72British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) (Michael Corley, Head of Policy and Public Affairs) (DEL0298)

73British Society for Heart Failure (Ms Lynn Mackay-Thomas, Cheif Executive Officer) (DEL0149)

74British Society for Rheumatology (Mr John Hopgood, Head of Policy and Public Affairs) (DEL0180)

75British Society of Abortion Care Providers (Professor Sam Rowlands, Secretary) (DEL0216)

76British Specialist Nutrition Association (Mr Declan O'Brien, Director General) (DEL0265)

77The British Thoracic Society (Ms Ruth Ellenby, Head of Policy and Communications) (DEL0109)

78C the Signs (Dr Bhavagaya Bakshi, GP & Co-founder) (DEL0082)

79C the Signs (Dr Bhavagaya Bakshi, GP & co-founder) (DEL0047)

80Camurus (Yasmin Sheikh, Consultant) (DEL0189)

81Cancer Research UK (Mr Michael Cousins, Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0063)

82Cancer52 (Jane Lyons, CEO) (DEL0158)

83Cancer52 (Jane Lyons, CEO) (DEL0018)

84Care and Support Alliance (Mrs Anna Bailey-Bearfield, Policy and Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0142)

85Care England (Mrs Louisa Collyer-Hamlin, External Affairs) (DEL0195)

86Care Quality Commission (Mr Matthew Rose, Senior Parliamentary and Stakeholder Engagement Adviser) (DEL0299)

87Carlisle, cancer treatment patient, Daloni (DEL0322)

88Centre for Mental Health (Andy Bell, Deputy Chief Executive) (DEL0130)

89Chan, Dr Otto (DEL0301)

90Change Grow Live (Mr Tahmid Chowdhury, Spokesperson) (DEL0260)

91Chartered Insititute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) (Dr Eleanor Roy, Policy Manager - Health and Social Care) (DEL0134)

92Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (Ms Rachel Newton, Head of Policy) (DEL0229)

93Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (Robert Yeldham, Director - Strategy, Policy & Engagement) (DEL0048)

94Checkland, Professor Kath (DEL0279)

95Checkland, Professor Kath (DEL0244)

96The Children's Society (Charlotte Rainer, Policy Officer) (DEL0086)

97CLIC Sargent (Mrs Helen Gravestock, Associate Director - Policy, Influencing and Voice) (DEL0080)

98Clinks (Zahra Wynne, Health and Justice Policy and Development Officer) (DEL0297)

99Collaborative Mental Health Taskforce, and Positive Practice in Mental Health Collaborati (Mrs Angie Russell) (DEL0128)

100Collective Voice (Oliver Standing, Director) (DEL0197)

101The College of Optometrists (Olivier Deneve, Head of Policy and Public Affairs) (DEL0133)

102The College of Podiatry (Mr Lawrence Ambrose, Head of Policy and Public Affairs) (DEL0143)

103Compassion in Dying (Ms Davina Hehir, Director of Policy) (DEL0223)

104Connolly, Dr Anne (DEL0157)

105The Contact Group (Mrs Anna Owen, Project Officer) (DEL0169)

106Crohn's & Colitis UK (Ruth Wakeman, Director of Information and Support Services) (DEL0251)

107Crossman, Dr Sue (DEL0305)

108The Cystic Fibrosis Trust (Michaela Regan, Clinical Affairs and Commissioning Adviser) (DEL0201)

109Daiichi-Sankyo UK (Laura Tantum, Public affairs agency) (DEL0088)

110Davies, Mr Luke John (DEL0342)

111Dawson, Dr Sarah (DEL0008)

112Department for Health and Social Care (DEL0294)

113Diabetes UK (Mr Tom Nightingale, Senior Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0150)

114Dignity in Dying (Ms Davina Hehir, Director of Policy and Legal Strategy) (DEL0253)

115Disability Rights UK (Fazilet Hadi, Policy Manager) (DEL0124)

116Disabled People Against Cuts (Ms Ellen Clifford, National steering group member) (DEL0275)

117Embracing Complexity (Ms Georgia Harper, Embracing Complexity Lead) (DEL0090)

118Epilepsy Action (Mr Samuel Mountney, Senior Policy & Campaigns Officer) (DEL0156)

119Equality and Human Rights Commission (Erika Schmidt, Senior Associate) (DEL0190)

120Equality and Human Rights Commission (Erika Schmidt, Senior Associate) (DEL0078)

121Esmail, Professor Aneez (DEL0222)

122Essex County Council (Mrs Francesca Day, Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0183)

123Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) (Camila Azevedo, External Affairs Manager) (DEL0175)

124Farrar, James (DEL0326)

125FODO, and NC (Harjit Sandhu) (DEL0270)

126Forces in Mind Trust (Caroline Cooke, Head of Policy) (DEL0101)

127Foundation for Liver Research (Professor Roger Williams, Director) (DEL0091)

128Frontline Collaboration against COVID-19 (DEL0285)

129Gainty, Dr Caitjan (DEL0103)

130GAMA Healthcare (DEL0328)

131General Osteopathic Council (Mr Matthew Redford, Acting Chief Executive and Registrar) (DEL0204)

132Glaukos UK Ltd (DEL0320)

133Goodman, Helen (DEL0333)

134Gray, Mr David (DEL0113)

135The Guinness Partnership (Head of External Affairs Alistair Smyth, Head of External Affairs) (DEL0172)

136Hallett, MBE, Mr Richard (DEL0031)

137Hannington, Amy (DEL0006)

138The Health Foundation, The King's Fund and Nuffield Trust (DEL0292)

139Health Tech Alliance (Mr Neeraj Shah, Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0181)

140HealthWatch England (Mr Shueb Ansar, Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0070)

141Healthwatch Islington (Miss Emma Whitby, Chief Executive) (DEL0120)

142HealthWatch UK (Dr Roger Fisken, Executive Committee member) (DEL0009) (Ms Katherine Ward, Policy and Communications agency) (DEL0013)

144HEART UK- The Cholesterol Charity (Mr Simon Williams, Head of Communications and Policy) (DEL0105)

145Help for Heroes (Ted Arnold, Senior Public Affairs and Policy Manager) (DEL0296)

146The Hepatitis C Trust (DEL0317)

147HomeLink Healthcare (DEL0325)

148Hospice UK (Mr Dominic Carter, Head of Advocacy) (DEL0259)

149Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Mr Jeremy Porteus, Chief Executive) (DEL0089)

150Imperial College, and Haldenby Woodfo (Professor Nick Bosanquet and Andrew Haldenby) (DEL0330)

151Independent Healthcare Providers Network (Megan Cleaver, Senior External Affairs Manager) (DEL0159)

152The Industry Vision Group (Mr Lloyd Tingley, Secretariat) (DEL0161)

153Institute of Health Visiting (Dr Robert Nettleton, Education Lead) (DEL0249)

154Ipsen (Chris Rowland, Policy Lead England & Wales) (DEL0162)

155Janes, Professor Samuel (DEL0291)

156Jarrett, Mrs Suzanne (DEL0031)

157Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust (Miss Kate Sanger, Head of Communications and Public Affairs) (DEL0102)

158Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust (Miss Kate Sanger, Head of Communications and Public Affairs) (DEL0023)

159Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies (Lavinia Trehane, Government Affairs and Policy) (DEL0131)

160Johnson, Ms Emma (DEL0031)

161Kami, Kim (DEL0316)

162Keep Up With Cancer (KUWC), and Keep Up With Cancer (KUW (Mr Stephen Kiely) (DEL0055)

163Keep Up With Cancer, and Keep Up With Cancer (Mr Stephen Kiely) (DEL0184)

164Kidney Care UK (Fiona Loud, Kidney Care UK) (DEL0278)

165Kidney Care UK (Ms Samantha Sharp, Senior Policy Officer) (DEL0042)

166Kyriakides, Dr Klearchos A. (DEL0037)

167Lambert, Dr Michael (DEL0071)

168Langford, Andrew (Chief Executive at British Association for Music Therapy) (DEL0340)

169LDC Confederation (Dr Martin Skipper, Head of Policy) (DEL0248)

170Leary, Professor Alison (DEL0001)

171Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce (Noah Froud, Secretariat) (DEL0050)

172Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce, Pancreatic Cancer UK, The Brain Tumour Charity, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, British Liver Trust, Guts UK, and Action Against Heartbu (Ms Jane Cox) (DEL0286)

173LIVI (Mr Declan Mullaney, Public Affairs Lead) (DEL0243)

174Local Government Association (Miss Jade Hall, Public Affairs and Campaigns Adviser) (DEL0111)

175Loeffler, Dr Renato Thomas (DEL0093)

176MacCarthy, Prof Philip (DEL0257)

177Macmillan Cancer Support (Mr Andy McGuinness, Senior Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0238)

178Macmillan Cancer Support (Mr Andy McGuinness, Senior Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0079)

179Marie Curie (Mr Scott Sinclair, Head of Policy & Public Affairs) (DEL0163)

180Marie Stopes UK (Ms Franki Appleton, Advocacy and Public Affairs Advisor) (DEL0125)

181Marriott, Dr Mike (DEL0007)

182Martin, Dr Faith (DEL0008)

183Martinez, Rob, joint replacement patient (DEL0323)

184Mayhew, Professor Susannah Harding (DEL0218)

185McKay, Gillian (DEL0218)

186Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS) (Ms Alison Hardie, Head of Public Affairs and Strategic Communication) (DEL0234)

187The Medical Technology Group (Mr Toby Bevan, The Secretariat) (DEL0138)

188Mencap (Mr Matthew Harrison, Public Affairs & Parliamentary Manager) (DEL0219)

189Mental Health Network, NHS Confederation (Emma Paveley, Policy Manager) (DEL0064)

190Mental Health Nurse Academics UK, Royal College of Nursing, and Unite the Uni (Professor Ben Hannigan) (DEL0036)

191Mesothelioma UK (Mrs LIz Darlison, Head of Charity) (DEL0085)

192Midwifery Unit Network Ltd (C Winstanley, Director and Lead for Midwifery Unit Academy) (DEL0019)

193Mind (Rhea Newman, Senior Parliamentary Officer) (DEL0165)

194Mind (Rhea Newman, Senior Parliamentary Officer) (DEL0066)

195Moore, Ms Jane (DEL0311)

196Moran, Professor Paul (DEL0008)

197Morgan, Dr Sally (DEL0061)

198MS Society, and MS Tru (Mr Joseph Brunwin) (DEL0208)

199MSD (Mr James Hargrave, Associate Director - Policy and Communications - Oncology) (DEL0074)

200Mughal, Rosie (DEL0157)

201Murphy, Professor Peter (DEL0104)

202Murray, John (Director at Federation of Specialist Hospitals) (DEL0343)

203Myeloma UK (Head of Patient Advocacy Shelagh McKinlay, Making sure that the voice of myeloma patients, families and carers counts with decision makers.) (DEL0060)

204NAT (National AIDS Trust) (Kat Smithson, Director of Policy) (DEL0228)

205The National Autistic Society (Mrs Anna Bailey-Bearfield, Policy and Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0075)

206National Axial Spondyloarthritis Society (NASS) (Jill Hamilton, Head of Policy and Health Services) (DEL0108)

207National Maternity Voices (Hannah Lynes, administrator) (DEL0043)

208National Mental Health & Learning Disability Nurse Directors Forum (Melanie Coombes, Chairman) (DEL0024)

209National Network of Designated Healthcare Professionals for Children (NNDHP) (Dr Peter Green, Chair) (DEL0277)

210National Physical Laboratory (Sarah Dalmedo, Policy Manager) (DEL0100)

211National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (Samuel Lawes, Policy and Communications Manager) (DEL0261)

212National Voices (DEL0329)

213National Voices (DEL0266)

214Neurological Alliance (Judith Abel, Policy and External Affairs Manager) (DEL0186)

215Newburn, Ms Mary (DEL0045)

216Newman, Mrs Pamela (DEL0310)

217NHS Confederation (Niall Dickson, Chief Executive) (DEL0198)

218NHS Providers (DEL0318)

219NHS Providers (Ms Susan Bahl, Head of Policy and Public Affairs) (DEL0137)

220NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) (Mr Neil Drake, External Communications Manager (Public Affairs)) (DEL0188)

221Nobles, Dr James (DEL0008)

222Northern Health Science Alliance (Ms Hannah Davies, Head of External and Public Affairs) (DEL0127)

223Novo Nordisk (Sarah Whitehead, External Relations and Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0187)

224Obesity UK (Ms Sarah Le Brocq, Director) (DEL0268)

225Olympus Medical (Mr Graham Popham, Head of Market Access) (DEL0062)

226Oncimmune (Mrs Jessica Mann, Government Relations) (DEL0084)

227OSOBA, Dr David Oyewole (DEL0264)

228PAGB, the consumer healthcare association (Donna Castle, Senior Director of Public Affairs and Communications) (DEL0148)

229Palutikof, Matt (Senior Account Officer at Philips UKI) (DEL0334)

230Pancreatic Cancer UK (Mr Peter De Rosa, Policy and Intelligence Team) (DEL0058)

231Pancreatic Cancer UK (Ms Emily Waller, Public Affairs and Policy Manager) (DEL0118)

232Pape, Dr Sarah (DEL0300)

233Parent-Infant Foundation, and First 1001 Days Movement (over 110 charities and professional bodies (Mrs Sally Hogg) (DEL0224)

234Parkinson's UK (Laura Cockram, Head of Policy and Campaigns) (DEL0147)

235Patient Safety Learning (Helen Hughes, Chief Executive Officer) (DEL0250)

236Patient Safety Learning, and CECO (Helen Hughes) (DEL0110)

237Patient Transport Action Group (Ms. Anna Wolffe, Adviser.) (DEL0293)

238The Patients Association (Ms Rachel Power, Chief Executive) (DEL0221)

239Pfizer (Cristina Sarb, Policy and Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0073)

240Pfizer (Miss Cristina Sarb, Policy and Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0146)

241Pharmacy2U (Laura Tantum, Public Affairs) (DEL0099)

242Primary Health Properties PLC (Mr Mark Leftly, Public affairs consultant to Primary Health Properties) (DEL0107)

243Prostate Cancer UK (Mr Tim Windle, Policy Manager) (DEL0281)

244Prostate Cancer UK (Mr Tim Windle, Policy Manager) (DEL0225)

245Pumping Marvellous Foundation (Mr Nick Hartshorne-Evans, CEO) (DEL0182)

246Quanta Dialysis Technologies (Mr Michael Latham, This evidence is submitted on behalf of John Milad, Chief Executive Officer, Quanta Dialysis Technologies) (DEL0097)

247The Queen's Nursing Institute (The Queen's Nursing Institute Matthew Bradby, Head of Communications) (DEL0152)

248RAIRDA (Rare Autoimmune Rheumatic Disease Alliance) (Mr Noah Froud, Coordinator) (DEL0245)

249RBR Active Limited (Mr Paul Westerman, Director) (DEL0002)

250Rethink Mental Illness (Mr Alex Kennedy, Head of Campaigns and Public Affairs) (DEL0077)

251Rethink Mental Illness (Rethink Mental Illness Jonathan Moore, Head of Social Policy) (DEL0194)

252The Richmond Group of Charities (Mr Neil Tester, Director) (DEL0135)

253Roche Diabetes Care (Mr Conn O'Neill, Public Affairs Lead) (DEL0095)

254Roche Diabetes Care Limited (Mr Conn O'Neill, Public Affairs Lead, UK & Ireland) (DEL0295)

255Roche Products Ltd (Roche Products Ltd Emma Pritchard, Public Affairs) (DEL0029)

256Roche Products Ltd (Roche Products Ltd Emma Pritchard, Roche Products Ltd) (DEL0141)

257The Royal British Legion (Elizabeth Colliety, Policy Officer (Health & Care)) (DEL0168)

258Royal College of Emergency Medicine (Dr Katherine Henderson, President) (DEL0081)

259The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (Mr Theo Chiles, Policy Research Manager) (DEL0288)

260Royal College of General Practitioners (DEL0327)

261Royal College of Midwives (Sean O'Sullivan, Head of Health and Social Policy) (DEL0027)

262Royal College of Midwives (Stuart Bonar, Public Affairs Advisor) (DEL0255)

263Royal College of Nursing (Knight-Yamamoto, Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0284)

264Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (Jenny Priest, Director of Policy and Public Affairs) (DEL0199)

265Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (Mr Stephen Hall, Political Adviser to the President and Chief Executive) (DEL0041)

266Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (Caitlin Plunkett-Reilly, Public Affairs and Campaigns Lead) (DEL0237)

267The Royal College of Pathologists (Janine Aldridge, Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0034)

268The Royal College of Pathologists (The Royal College of Pathologists Janine Aldridge, Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0211)

269The Royal College of Pathologists’ Cytopathology Sub-Committee (Ms Janine Aldridge, Public Affairs Officer) (DEL0213)

270Royal College of Physicians (DEL0319)

271Royal College of Physicians (Rory Murray, Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0160)

272Royal College of Psychiatrists (Mr Jonathan Blay, Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0139)

273Royal College of Psychiatrists (Mr Jonathan Blay, Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0038)

274The Royal College of Radiologists, and The Society and College of Radiographers (Mr Paul Alexander) (DEL0030)

275The Royal College of Radiologists, The Society and College of Radiographers, andThe Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medici (Mr Paul Alexander) (DEL0121)

276Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (Ms Claire Moser, Policy Adviser) (DEL0215)

277Royal College of Surgeons of England (Tamora Langley, Head of Policy Media and Public Affairs) (DEL0258)

278Royal College of Surgeons of England, and Royal College of Emergency Medicine (DEL0308)

279Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) (Ms Helen Lee, Policy and Campaigns Manager) (DEL0236)

280Royal Osteoporosis Society (Mr Craig Jones, CEO) (DEL0233)

281Royal Pharmaceutical Society (Mr John Lunny, Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0282)

282Sandbach, Mr David (DEL0306)

283Sandbach, Mr David (DEL0303)

284Sands - the stillbirth and neonatal death charity (Ms Kate Mulley, Director of Research, Education and Policy) (DEL0092)

285Sands, stillbirth and neonatal death charity (Ms Jessica Reeves, Public Affairs and Campaigns Manager) (DEL0011)

286Sarcoma UK (Mr Bradley Price, Policy and Public Affairs Manager) (DEL0020)

287Savovic, Dr Jelena (DEL0008)

288Schafheutle, Professor Ellen (DEL0212)

289Scottish Veteran Care Network, National Services Scotland, and Veterans First Point Lothi (Dr Lucy Abraham) (DEL0256)

290SEED Health Alliance (Dr Liz Mear, Chief Executive, Innovation Agency) (DEL0126)

291Shared Lives Plus (Dr Rebecca Viney-Wood, Policy Officer) (DEL0122)

292Sheard, Professor Sally (DEL0267)

293Sheffield Care Association (DEL0314)

294Shull, Ms Jessica (DEL0207)

295Society for Acute Medicine (Dr Scriven, Immediate Past President) (DEL0309)

296The Society of Sports Therapists (Professor Graham Smith, Chairman) (DEL0136)

297Spire Healthcare (Paul Lehmann, Head of External Communications) (DEL0151)

298St John Ambulance (Martin Houghton-Brown, Chief Executive) (DEL0176)

299Statica Research Ltd t/a PEP Health (Dr Mark Lomax, CEO) (DEL0191)

300SUDEP Action (Sammy Ashby, Deputy Chief Executive) (DEL0098)

301Sue Ryder (DEL0324)

302Sue Ryder (Elinor Jayne, Head of Influencing) (DEL0012)

303Sue Ryder (Ms Elinor Jayne, Head of Influencing) (DEL0171)

304Target Ovarian Cancer (Rachel Downing, Head of Policy and Campaigns) (DEL0226)

305Taskforce for Lung Health (Rachael Hodges, Secretariat) (DEL0145)

306Tata, Mrs Jenny (DEL0031)

307Teenage Cancer Trust (Louise Soanes, Director of Services) (DEL0065)

308Terrence Higgins Trust (Debbie Laycock, Head of Policy and Public Affairs) (DEL0116)

309Trusler, Julia (British Orthopaedic Association) (DEL0338)

310Turning Point (Mr Peter Lloyd, External Affairs Advisor) (DEL0167)

311UNISON (Guy Collis, Policy Officer) (DEL0046)

312Urology Trade Association (DEL0321)

313Versus Arthritis (Jonathan Canty, Policy Officer) (DEL0173)

314Veterans First Point (Dr Lucy Abraham, Clinical Lead, Veterans First Point Lothian) (DEL0206)

315Wise, Mrs Patricia (DEL0220)

316Wood, Sarah (DEL0232)

317Young Minds (Charlotte Watson, Policy and Parliamentary Officer) (DEL0096

Published: 1 October 2020