The UK’s support to the African Development Bank Group: report from the Sub-Committee on the Work of ICAI Contents


66.Our evidence session confirmed the impression given by the ICAI review of UK support to the African Development Bank Group—that the Bank was a generally effective institution and that UK support and engagement had made a good contribution to that effectiveness. Whether that positive assessment is maintained in the future depends on a number of factors, including the quality of ADB’s response to the continuing pandemic with its impact on Africa’s economies and the lives of its people, especially the poorest. Future success depends also on whether the UK Government manages to combine effectively its wider international aspirations as expressed in the Integrated Review and its ongoing commitment to poverty reduction. We will be monitoring that closely in relation to Africa and elsewhere.

67.Based on the findings presented in the review and the evidence we heard during our oral evidence session, we feel that a Green/Amber rating was an appropriate assessment of the UK’s support to the African Development Bank Group.

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